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General Data
*Production number: AST-RP073
*Initiated: 120722
*Year: 2387
*Forum Thread: [1]
*Previous Mission: Lockout
*Next Mission: Chasing Toocool
*SIM Concept: Poison Toocool
*Historian: Poison Toocool


Commanding Officer Poison Toocool - Log, Stardate 120914:

Location: Class L Planetoid, 6 ly trailing SS Astraios -- Our mission is to rendezvous with USS Huitzilopochtli, on route from the Pinastri system, and escort her to Astraios Sector. We estimated 3 to 4 weeks travel time to meeting her. Signals have been intermittent, but that is to be expected given the Astraios effect and the proximity of the Takaar Nebula.

The USS Huitzilopochtli is no more. It was reported destroyed on stardate 120908.1243. The USS Argonaut had been evacuating the Huit crew. Deaths: 20. The remaining 350 are alive and aboard, however, there are some serious injuries currently being treated. A service will be held for those lost as soon as our current mission allows. I cannot yet inform the families due to our situation at present and the inability to use long range communications.

I am still concerned about the false messages and readings that have plagued us during this conflict.

Whilst we are billeting survivors and treating the wounded, we also still have to deal with the remaining pirate vessel. Scans show it has landed on the planet, badly damaged, and lifesigns of 20 humanoids are reported at its location.

We have taken the Argonaut through the ShoValla planet grid again, and have landed on the surface not far from the Klingon Bird of Prey. Away teams are preparing to board the vessel and take the crew into custody.

On the one hand, I hope this is indeed Zhieela's Bird of Prey, and that she is one of those who have lost their lives during battle. On the other hand... if it is her ship, can the rest of her confederates be far behind?

And where is our Task Force?

Crew participation

Captain Poison Toocool - CO

Cmdr Genny7 Markus - XO, Medical

LTCmdr David7 Bravin - Science

Cmdr Karl Quar - Helm, Engineering

LTCmdr Breydon Lane - OPs, Medical

LTjg Fire Spingflower - Medical, Science

LTCmdr Dolfke Barbosa - Security

Ens Peter Python - Tactical/Intel

Ens Saraleah Sands - Tactical/Intel


Reporting: Captain Poison Toocool, USS Argonaut, Stardate 120916.1244 - Location: 6 ly trailing Astraios

I am about to disembark the ship with my Bridge Team. Security and Marines were deployed to the Klingon Bird of Prey on the surface of the ShoValla planet, no life signs. I am taking science, intel and engineering down. Intel reports questioning of the rescued civilians confirms the pirates have access to Federation technology. Science says the false signals and communications seemed authentic because Federation technology was used to mask them. We need to find out more. Toocool out.


Reporting: Commander Genny7 Markus, USS Argonaut, Stardate 120916.1301 - Location: 6 ly trailing Astraios

We have landed safely on the planet thanks to Cmdr Quar's expert handling of the helm, he also reports that the ship is secure and the systems are OK plus we are ready in case of an emergency lift off. Engineering teams are still at work doing final repairs, and Red and Green Security teams are standing by waiting for the Captain's order to begin their trek to the bird of prey to check out the crew of that ship. The Captain orders Ops to have two shuttle crafts standing ready in case we need to pull the security out quickly.

Dr Lane reports that the civilians from the bird of prey have passed their medical check ups and the Captain ask Intel to start questioning them. Because of all the false messages and pictures we have been sent science is asked to look into how the pirates have been able to do this. It is discovered that they have some how accessed our communication probe, did they have help? I ask Ops to look at all communication going from our ship, wondering if we have some one on board who is helping the pirates. OPs reports no success with that.

Slowly the security teams have been working their way under cover towards the downed bird of prey only to discover that there is no crew aboard. Once they have completely searched the ship and given the all clear, the Captain leads an away mission to the ship, we split into two groups and begin to search further out from the ship, when Ensign Python reports that he is feeling light-headed and suddenly collapses. Dr Lane and I go to his assistance and after Dr. Lane treats him with his hypospray we manage to get him back on his feet. Suddenly som one from the other group calls out for us to look at the Captain: Ensign Python says "I think this was a trap" as the Captain begins to shimmer and disappear....