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Chief of Starfleet Operations Log, Stardate 100807

It was what I would characterize a typical day down on Pinastri IV. If there even is such a thing as typical. However upon waking up I noticed something heading down to the surface. It was an unknown object and by all reports unleashed a type of mayhem. All officers planet-side were called to investigate with Pathfinder taking lead on the case. It appeared the Crystalline structure was taking objects from our galaxy into another dimension eventually they returned and the Crystal appears to be dormant, but we cannot be sure. What follows is a summary of reports received regarding this event thus far.

Computer, End Log.

United Federation Starfleet Sector 001 & 002 Pinastri Surface


To: Cmdr. Jadia Triellis cc: All Branch Commanders

Stardate 100806

Pinastri Surface Coordinates 178,152,21

The Entity seems to be a giant electromagnetic collector and needed constant power, converting organic matter into energy. Lt. Dorchester and myself scanned the Entity but didn't get any knowledge. As the entity needs energy to survive it maybe could work to use energy to communicate, so I suggested to try to communicate with the entity using graviton impulses. We started with 2 pulses/sec. but had no response so we increased to 4 pulses/sec. As we don't wanted to stress this lifeform we stopped the pulses after this level, but further test are recommended.

We need to have Engineering work on a forcefield what can be used to protect us from this entity without collecting all the energy out of it.

As the Entity is unable to convert rock containing , this can be more than useful for us. Maybe if they contain kelbonite and fistrium, which are some strong metals, they can refract Entity's absorption power.

As the Entity isn't posing a direct treat we should make sure that nobody enter the beach till we know more. Advise to seal off the beach was given by Lt. jg. Dorchester to Fleet Command.

Each Branch is required to do further research.

Lt. Cmdr. Piper John UFSA Vice Commandant

From: Lieutenant JG H.Dorchester, UFS Intelligence, Deputy Subdirector I2A2, Stardate: 100806 To: Lt Cmdr Wolfton Foulsbane, UFS Intelligence CC: Lt Cmdr Tim Feriszke Security Branch Director, Capt. Kevin Fremont Science Branch Director, Lt Cmdr Tai Galicia Medical Branch Director Re: Crystalline Entity at 178.152.21

WHO: Crystal Entity, unknown origin

WHAT: Entity appeared out of nowhere, remained stationary and didn't react on communications

WHERE: on coordinates 178,152,21

WORN: Doesn't apply

WHEN: 100809.0612

WHIT: Unknown. Object was resisted to scans and didn't show any equipment but some readings indicated that it was converting organic matter into energy.


The crystalline Entity was scanned by Lt. Dorchester as well as by Commander Piper John. Those scans didn't reveal much but the Entity seemed to convert any organic matter into energy. As of now it isn't for sure if it is conscious or not. It didn't react on direct communication attempts towards it. It also didn't react on tries to scan and examine it. It also couldn't be determined where the Entity was coming from. Later a try with low energy graviton impulses was made as an attempt to communicate. The USS Aviator was sending those impulses from low orbit. Impulses were sent at a rate up to 4 impulses per second. No reaction was detected.

CONCLUSION: The Entity wasn't posing a direct threat to UFS and its personnel but the advice to seal of the beach was given to Fleet Command by Lieutenant JG H. Dorchester shortly after his first scans. We also recommend further test from Science Branch in the direction of the graviton impulses. Just in a more accurate environment then a space ship from orbit.

In Service,

Lieutenant JG H.Dorchester Deputy Subdirector I2A2 Subdirectorate UFS Intelligence HQ

From: LTCMDR Scott Salmson, CO USS Aviator To: CMDR Jadia Triellis, Chief of UF Starfleet Operations

Stardate 100806 I arrived in the welcome center to discover that there was an incident on the beach. A Crystal of unknown origin had appeared. Lt.Cmdr Piper John was there and we started to send low level gravaton pulses starting at 2 pulses per minute then raising 2 pulses intermitantly we got up to 10 when it started to pulsate at this point we are not sure if it's trying to communicate or just reacting to the pulses the I've ordered the Aviator Science team to work with PRF Team to monitor it

UF STARFLEET - Sector 001 & Sector002 Pathfinder Research Facility Medical Dept.


UFS and Medical Command have give Pathfinder Medical a task to work with for now. Today (100806) , a crystalline Entity was discover on the beach on 001.

On both report, is all we know till now. We need to find out what we can on this Crystalline Entity , and need to find out if any affect is have on ground personel at this time. Send all reports to me.

In Service ,

Lt Sounj Winslet, M.D. CMO - Pathfinder

Crystalline investigation By ;

D.M.O. Ensign Wraith Fride Dr.

Received request to investigate a strange appearance of a crystalline Entity on beach area sector001~ location ~ 178,152,21

Attended site `20100806.18;25;00slt

Did routine scans and found that entity is in dormant state at the time questioned several cadets in area as to what they knew about the appearnce of this entity some knew it was there others didn't . Those that did i questioned further and found that they thought it was a energy substance that fed on organic matter.

This may explain the incident earlier in the day when the good part of the welcome area in sector 001 was melting away.

Nothing further could be learned from these life forms , i approached the area indicated and did my own routine scans .

Readings were of no use as this is an energy entity not much differant than myself just chooses to manifest it's self in a crystal visible form . << I sent message to my fellow wraiths to come to my assistance as to determine more information and sent a report to the wraith high counsel of my findings of a new energy entity. >> They were most intruiged by this news and discovery. We incircled this form and communicated with it on a sonic level and we found it to be of a base nature and of limited intelligence, much like carbon based units keep as pets and grow quite fond of them , we determined the entity was familiar with one Jadia Triellis and that she for got to close it's containment container and had forgot to feed it .

It was feeling neglected and decided to explore and see if it could find anything to eat and a new freind .

We wished it well and asked it to not feed on any more of the station it agreed and went back to dormant state to wait for freind Jadia to find it and reclaim it .

My fellow wraithes bid me well and good hunting and every success in my new endevours at UFS and departed to continue their duties through out the neither regions .

I returned to medical department at Pathfinder research centre to file my findings and logg incident and end to appropriate departments of our findings

Signed :

D.M.O. Ensign

Wraith Fride

Medical Dept. Pathfinder

Research Station

computer : End report

To: Head of UF Starfleet Operations, Branch Commanders cc: CO, XO, CSO PRF, All Science Officers in and around Pinastri IV

Subject: Crystalline Entity

This electromagnetic being or machine may be of a space type of cleaning device that clears away orbiting debris.

Why it is on the surface of the planet or where it came from is what we need to determine.

Why it only feeds on Organic matter is another question to answer. The pulse rate should be monitored.

As matter and/or energy cannot be created nor destroyed but can be transformed it seems the object is using Organic material to transfer into energy emissions perhaps as a way to power the organism.

Biologists and Physicists are called to look into this matter.

Captain Kevin Fremont Science Branch Commander

Pathfinder Research Facility Commanding Officer Lt.Cmdr. Nabuleone Rhode Stardate 100808

to : Head of Operations , Cmdr. Triellis cc : all Branch Commanders, CO stations and ships

Pathfinder Crew (all Departments ) is ordered to support the investigations under every aspects.

Lt.Cmdr. Rhode, CO