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Cybanta (AKA Cryoban)
General Data
*Home System: [Unknown
*Home Planet: Unknown
*First Contact: 2385, Stardate 100401
*First Contact By: USS Shogun
*Faction: N/A – Appear to function as a collective
*Government: N/A – Created by an extinct race
*Violence: Appear benevolent
*Primary Language: Name unknown, mechanical in nature, Universal Translator is effective.
Biological Information
*Scientific Name: N/A – Non-biological
*Scientific Family: Cybernetic/Robotic
*Scientific Order: N/A – Non-biological
*Skin: N/A – Non-biological
*Hair: N/A – Non-biological
*Eyes: N/A – Non-biological
*Auditive: Electronic
*Emphatic: None apparent at this time
*Telepatic: None apparent at this time
*Intelligence: Appear to be sentient, but function as a collective
*Genders: N/A – Non-biological
Other Information
A cybernetic/robotic race, created by an unknown and extinct humanoid race, they Cybanta predate the Borg in the Delta Quadrant, and may either be an early victim, or even the beginning of, the Borg collective.


First encountered by the USS Shogun while lost in the past, the exact chronological date of contact isn’t known, but ship’s chronometers indicate an approximate Stardate of 100401, Pinastri real time, when the USS Shogun investigated a unique signal and encountered a vessel of unknown design, crewed by a cybernetic race calling themselves Cybantans, also know as Cryoban.

Few facts were gained by Shogun away teams, although the Cybantans revealed they were originally created by a humanoid race, only identified as “Cybantese Humanoids”, however this progenitor race had been extinct for some time. The only explanation offered by the Cybantan host was “Cybantese no longer function.”

Evidence gathered by Shogun away teams indicated a remarkable similarity to Borg technology. The discovery of a second Cybantan ship on Stardate 100417 (Pinastri real time) and later a bunker on Stardate 100424 confirmed suspicions that either the Cybantans were assimilated by early Borg, known as protoborg, or may even have been the origin of the Borg.


Origin and timeline of the Cybantan race is unknown, limited details obtained on their humanoid creators. Encountered by the USS Shogun approximately 1885 chronological, 2385 by ships chronometer.


Unknown, appears that the Cybantan functioned as a collective, very similar to Borg in current times.


Cybantan technology appears to be similar but more primitive than most known Borg technology, and most likely the original source of current Borg technology.


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Authored by Fender Sparta, Stardate 101021