Dark Reflections

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Dark Reflections.png
Dark Reflections
General Data
*SIM Type: USS Shogun Missions
*Production number: SHO-RP097
*Initiated: 110126
*Ended: 110126
*Year: 2386
*Forum Thread: Dark Reflections
*Previous Mission: Incursions
*Next Mission: False Reflections
*SIM Concept: Ulrich Bechir, Valerius Swansong
*Historian: Valerius Swansong, Teresa Firelight

The ISS Scimitar investigates an unknown starliner, and prepares to follow Imperial Protocol and seize her!


Fleet Captain's Log

Stardate: 110119

Location: 149.24 LY Trailing Pinastri System

We are on the trail of the Calteltas ship. They have the temporal technology necessary to defeat the Snake and restore the Empire Colonies that he has attacked. Once we kill the crew and take the technology we will also use it to destroy the Snake by ripping him through time. This will be our greatest victory.

The crew is performing well, all except Skytower, who continues to mourn over the surgical alterations Swansong has done to him. Let him cry. I will drink his tears. I do enjoy his screams though. I want Baxton to ensure he makes a recording.

Hail the Empire!


The ISS Scimitar crew boarded the Calteltas ship to take the temporal technology and salvage anything else of potential value. The mission was cut short because a salvage vessel approached and tried to lay claim to the Calteluas ship. As per standard protocol, the away teams returned to the Scimitar to deal with the salvage vessel. There was a delay and issue in beaming back the Alpha Away Team, lead by Captain Bechir.

XO Valerius Swansong took command of the bridge and began making preparations to destroy the salvage vessel, as per standard protocol. It was unarmed and therefore an easy target. Just as XO Swansong was about to give the fire order, the captain arrived the bridge. Captain Ulrich Bechir countermanded the destruction of the vessel, permitting it to escape.

XO Valerius Swansong relieved the captain of duty for his failure to comply with standard protocol. But the captain beamed off of the Scimitar to the Calteltas vessel, along with the full complement of his Alpha Team landing party. XO Swansong assumed command of the Scimitar and commanded tactical to open fire and destroy the vessel. However the weapons systems had been sabotaged, along with several other primary systems. Captain Bechir and his team were able to escape on the Calteltas ship while the Scimitar crew dealt with the sabotaged systems.


Crew Manifest