Darkness into Light

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Darkness into Light
General Data
*Production number: 031
*Initiated: 080622
*Ended: 080623
*Year: 2383
*Aliens: Imperials
*Previous Mission: Rest for the Weary
*Next Mission: Vaanduar vs UFS
*SIM Concept: Chase Quinnell
*Historian: MilesPrower Dagger


The USS Redeemer's sensors detect a faint, but recognizable signal during a routine patrol. Their sensors are detecting two Terran Empire ships; leftover from the Terran Empire Campaigns after the inter-universe portal was destroyed. (One is a Galaxy class, the other is a Nebula class). The order is given to intercept the vessels and to call for any available assistance.

Even though the two vessels are badly in need of a space-dock quality repair, they still outgun their normal universe counterparts, albeit with a few extra weakspots.


Captain’s Log



Ship CO: Lt. Chase Quinnell
Ship XO: Lt. Michaels Toshi
Tactical Officer: Lt. Vinnie Lei
Helm Officer: Ensign Diemme Morane
Operations Officer: Cadet Lewisse Sak
Science Officer: Lt. Jg Orion Pastorelli
Engineering Officer: Cadet Arkaniad Exonar

During a routine patrol, the USS Redeemer's sensors detect two ships of Terran Empire configuration. When it arrives to investigate, it finds two fairly banged up vessels. Both have most of their internal lighting systems offline and their warp nacelles were deactivated. Lifesigns were detected on the ships and on the planet's surface.

The Redeemer hailed the Imperial vessels and asked what their reason was for being there. They answered that they were there due to being trapped in our universe when the portal to the Mirror Universe was destroyed. They found an uninhabited planet and scrapped two of their ships for building materials, so they could build a settlement. Due to the fact that their replicators were in poor condition, food and medical supplies were beamed over in efforts to help out.

One of the ships decided to leave orbit, and ordered the Redeemer to move out of the way. Since the ship's shields were down, it would have been potentially fatal for the people onboard the Imperial ship. The Redeemer let them leave without a fight, but ordered all nearby outposts to monitor their movements.

The ISS Brexin's warp core was being fueled with raw dilithium, which was making it unstable and also caused some problems with the core's integrity. An engineering team was beamed over to assist in repairing it. Some dilithium was also sent over to replace the raw unstable mix. The core became too unstable and was on the verge of a collapse when the Redeemer decided to evacuate as many people as possible.

Engineering Chief Marone was killed in the explosion, he was in mid-transport when the ship exploded. His pattern was only partially formulated and was irretrievable. Only about 3/4th's of the ship's crew were rescued. The people on the planet were picked up by the USS Benton and the USS Colossus. The three ships returned to Pinastri to deliver the ex-Imperial officers to a new home.

Mission Logs

[13:13] Chase Quinnell: I hate patrol duty..
[13:14] Lewisse Sak: Captain. I have two ships on LR sensors, identifying...
[13:14] Diemme Morane verifies headings and speed
[13:14] Vinnie Lei: I hate Nightmare mode in DooM.
[13:14] Diemme Morane: On course captain
[13:14] Chase Quinnell: Vinnie! I told you not to play DooM while on duty.
[13:14] michaels Toshi prods the off switch on vinnie's console
[13:14] Chase Quinnell: Ark, stand down. Engine controls are handled by Helm.
[13:14] Vinnie Lei: And I told you to use better algorithms to encrypt the game *grins*
[13:15] Diemme Morane: En route to Delpharis sir
[13:15] Lewisse Sak: They identify as Nebula class and Galaxy class sir, but a bit different, continuing scan...
[13:15] Diemme Morane: ETA 2 minutes
[13:15] Vinnie Lei: Captain, I recommend yellow alert, this feels wrong.
[13:15] Chase Quinnell: looks at Lewisse, with a twisted face.
[13:15] Arkaniad Exonar: i second that
[13:15] Chase Quinnell: Agreed.. Vinnie.
[13:15] Vinnie Lei: raising shields.
[13:15] Chase Quinnell: Yellow alert, Michaels.
[13:15] Lewisse Sak: Captain! These are Terran Empire ships!
[13:16] Chase Quinnell: Make that red alert..
[13:16] Diemme Morane runs diagnostics.
[13:16] michaels Toshi finds his red alert button
[13:16] Vinnie Lei: Yessir. Weapons armed and ready to your disposal, sir.
[13:16] Chase Quinnell: Must be leftovers from the Terran Empire campaigns
[13:16] Diemme Morane: Helm reporting all clear.
[13:16] Lewisse Sak: I have them in orbit around an M-class planet in the Delpharis system sir.
[13:17] Chase Quinnell: Helm, set course for those coordinates and engage at warp 6.
[13:17] Diemme Morane: Aye sir,
[13:17] Arkaniad Exonar is monitoring the warp drives
[13:17] Diemme Morane: ETA to Delpharis 30 seconds, sir
[13:17] Chase Quinnell: nods.
[13:17] Vinnie Lei: Captain, I recommend a vectoric approach, they're most vulnerable that way.
[13:17] Chase Quinnell: Agreed.
[13:17] michaels Toshi looks nervous after their last encounter with the empire
[13:17] Lewisse Sak: Answering Red alert sir. Offensive and defensive system controls routed to Tactical.
[13:17] Diemme Morane adjusts the course accordingly
[13:18] Chase Quinnell: Helm, adjust course appropriately.
[13:18] Chase Quinnell: Noted, Ops.
[13:18] Arkaniad Exonar: Warp drives and thrusters are fine, shields full and well, hull integrity max,
[13:18] Diemme Morane: Aye sir.
[13:18] Chase Quinnell: Drop us out of warp, let's see what we've got.
[13:18] Vinnie Lei: Well, I got 5 pennies in my pockets, but I doubt' you'd wanted to know that.
[13:18] Diemme Morane engages impulse engines
[13:18] Diemme Morane: out of warp sir.
[13:18] Lewisse Sak: Captain. Intensive scans have detected major damage to the Empire ships.
[13:19] Arkaniad Exonar: Sir, the impulse engines are a bit warm.
[13:19] Chase Quinnell: I gathered they were a bit under the weather
[13:19] Lewisse Sak: They can still outgun us though sir.
[13:19] Chase Quinnell: Life signs? I don't see many lights on on either ship
[13:19] Vinnie Lei: Finally, a challenge.
[13:19] Chase Quinnell: And the warp nacelles appear to be off.
[13:19] Lewisse Sak: Continuing scans...
[13:19] Arkaniad Exonar presses a couple keys,
[13:20] Lewisse Sak: I'm detecting life signs on the ships...AND on the planet sir.
[13:20] michaels Toshi: but this system is labeled uninhabited
[13:20] Chase Quinnell: The planet? What are they doing on... oh!
[13:20] Diemme Morane: Almost looks like a badly put together ship...
[13:20] Vinnie Lei: I recommend going in with warp, go to impulse, fire, go back to warp. they would have much more difficulties to lock onto us.
[13:20] Diemme Morane: I can outmaneuver them, I believe.
[13:20] Chase Quinnell: Open a channel to the lead ship.
[13:21] michaels Toshi: Empire Ships are superior in every way
[13:21] Arkaniad Exonar: eh, the engines are just a little bit warm. not very close to overheating.
[13:21] michaels Toshi: other than their crew
[13:21] Chase Quinnell: Yea, I want to see if there's any alternative to fighting.
[13:21] Chase Quinnell: Thanks, Engineering. Keep us informed.
[13:21] Lewisse Sak: Hailing Captain.
[13:22] Arkaniad Exonar: other than that, all systems are normal sir.
[13:22] Diemme Morane goes easy on the gas...
[13:22] Chase Quinnell: Imperial vessel, this is the captain of the Federation starship, USS Redeemer.
[13:22] Chase Quinnell: What are your intentions in this area?
[13:23] Imperial Officer: =A= Federation ship, we are here because we have no link to our universe, thanks to you. We've settled on this planet and have resorted to scrapping two of our ships for building materials. =A=
[13:24] Chase Quinnell: Do you need any assistance..?
[13:24] Imperial Officer: =A= Not from you. Please leave.. =A=
[13:24] Diemme Morane whispers.... friendly sorts..
[13:24] Lewisse Sak frowns.
[13:24] Vinnie Lei: Indeed *whispers back to Diemme*
[13:25] michaels Toshi: even if they are peaceful now, if they repair their ships they could do a lot of damage
[13:25] michaels Toshi: can we let them go so easily?
[13:25] Chase Quinnell: Well, The way I see it is they have only two ships
[13:25] Diemme Morane: Well are they allowed to be here?
[13:25] Vinnie Lei: destroy their capabilities to go away then? practically maroon them?
[13:25] Chase Quinnell: And there's no way they can get reinforcements
[13:26] Chase Quinnell: Their link to their own universe was severed when the array was destroyed.
[13:27] Chase Quinnell: I think our best bet is to open a peaceful dialogue.
[13:28] michaels Toshi: yes, i didn't mean shooting them, just trying to establish they won't try and conquer us again
[13:28] Arkaniad Exonar taps some keys, just monitoring the systems
[13:28] Chase Quinnell: With what Army, Michaels?
[13:28] Chase Quinnell: They've got two banged up ships
[13:28] Lewisse Sak: Captain. We COULD disable their ship's warp nacelles.
[13:28] Chase Quinnell: It'd take them a long time to even boot them up if they wanted them.
[13:29] michaels Toshi: even with 2 banged up ships they can do a lot of damage
[13:29] Diemme Morane: I'm with you Captain, I think we should first attempt diplomacy
[13:29] Chase Quinnell: Alright, re-open the channel.
[13:29] Lewisse Sak: Or perhaps I should say, destroy their nacelles. Sir.
[13:29] Vinnie Lei: But don't show any weakness on our part, they wille exploit it, sir.
[13:29] michaels Toshi: Talk to them and get a promise that they won't try anything
[13:30] Arkaniad Exonar: a peaceful approach is better in most cases.
[13:30] Chase Quinnell: Imperial vessel, we're here to help in any way possible. The Campaigns are behind us.. it's time for peace between us. We will assist you so long as you don't pull anything stupid.
[13:31] Imperial Officer: =A= I can assure you, captain Quinnell, that we are far from able to launch an attack on the Federation without help from our...distant friends. As long as *you* don't do anything stupid, we'll cooperate. =A=
[13:32] Chase Quinnell: Quinnell out.
[13:32] michaels Toshi: should we try and formulate a way of getting them back to their universe?
[13:32] Vinnie Lei: I doubt they'll join us with a cup of Earl Gray.
[13:32] Chase Quinnell: Stand down red alert.
[13:32] Lewisse Sak: Channel closed sir.
[13:32] Chase Quinnell: I don't think so Michaels
[13:32] Chase Quinnell: It's too risky
[13:33] Diemme Morane: I don't know how that would be possible
[13:33] Chase Quinnell: We could risk opening another entry-way for an invasion force.
[13:33] Diemme Morane: Not without reopening the link
[13:34] michaels Toshi: if we could define the point we sent them, we could shove them into an unpopulated sector and close the portal before any others show up, however i doubt we'll be able to develop that technology anyway
[13:34] Chase Quinnell: Ops, send a comm asking for relief assistance. Beam down any available supplie we have.
[13:34] Vinnie Lei mutters whispering "darn you Imp... I'll get you with my BFG9000"
[13:34] Chase Quinnell: Michaels, you're forgetting. In their universe, they've conquered the entire galaxy.
[13:34] Lewisse Sak: Understood Captain.
[13:35] Chase Quinnell: It's why they wanted to move into our little neighborhood.
[13:35] michaels Toshi thinks the empire needs to try a diet
[13:35] Diemme Morane: There goes the property values...
[13:35] Vinnie Lei: Sorry, but the immigration services will be stopping these Mexicans this time *snickering*
[13:35] Chase Quinnell: chuckles.
[13:35] Diemme Morane laughs!!
[13:36] Lewisse Sak: Supplies ready sir. Beaming them to the surface.
[13:36] michaels Toshi: haha
[13:37] Lewisse Sak: Captain? Was that relief assistance from the Federation sir?
[13:37] Lewisse Sak: I didn't understand your order Captain.
[13:37] Chase Quinnell: nods. "They *are* fending for themselves. They have replicators, but they're in poor condition"
[13:38] Arkaniad Exonar is just minding his business looking at the readings
[13:38]  ::the Nebula class starship breaks orbit and plots an intercept course with the Redeemer, it's shields are non-functional but weapons are active::
[13:39] michaels Toshi: and i was so wrong now?
[13:39] Diemme Morane prepares for evasive maneuvers....
[13:39] Vinnie Lei: They're nuts with no shields.... *keeps his tactical display ready*
[13:39] Chase Quinnell: What is he doing?
[13:39] Chase Quinnell: Hail that ship.
[13:39] Arkaniad Exonar: Shields Full
[13:39] michaels Toshi: we don't know what they're doing yet, but be alert
[13:39] Lewisse Sak: Hailing sir.?
[13:39] Diemme Morane uploads her newly created maneuvers..
[13:39] Lewisse Sak: Channel open Captain.
[13:39] Arkaniad Exonar: Weapons fully stocked
[13:39] Chase Quinnell: Imperial vessel, what are your intentions?
[13:40] Diemme Morane thinks Yellow Alert at the very least is in order right now....
[13:40] Chase Quinnell: Yellow alert, agreed.
[13:40] Vinnie Lei: Raising shields.
[13:41] Chase Quinnell: Imperial vessel, respond.
[13:41] Imperial Officer: =A= we're trying to get off this planet, the planet we landed on is very inhospitable, we would like to reach a populated civilization =A=
[13:41] Chase Quinnell: Welcome to the bridge, Orion.
[13:41] michaels Toshi: =A= so stand down your weapons =A=
[13:42] Diemme Morane raises her eyebrows... Populated?
[13:42] Chase Quinnell: Imperial vessel, it appears you have your weapons charged. Why are you aiming for us?
[13:42] michaels Toshi: well, they're probably "lonely" and very bored by now
[13:42] Chase Quinnell: nods.
[13:42] Lewisse Sak: Looking for someone to conquer, I'll bet.
[13:42] Arkaniad Exonar jabs some keys
[13:43] Arkaniad Exonar: our engines are behaving weirdly
[13:43] Imperial Officer: =A= because we expected a fight from you, we know what you’d do to us if we turned our back for a second =A=
[13:43] Orion Pastorelli: thank you sir, though this seems the experiment on romulan psudo-turtles rapped up just in time...
[13:44] Arkaniad Exonar (over ship Comm) I need our most qualified engineers to check up on the engines. Exonar out.
[13:44] Chase Quinnell: You're welcome as Federation citizens, so long you obey the laws and directives of our society. We have no intention of forcing you to stay.
[13:44] Arkaniad Exonar jabs a couple of keys
[13:45] Imperial Officer: =A= we agreed to that already, so why are you still bothering me you pedantic drone? =A=
[13:45] Arkaniad Exonar: He just insulted you, Captain.
[13:45] Lewisse Sak: Grrrr.
[13:45] michaels Toshi: we can tell
[13:45] Vinnie Lei: Friendly.... *raises eyebrow*
[13:45] Diemme Morane: A real people person, huh.
[13:46] Diemme Morane: No wonder he's lonely
[13:46] michaels Toshi: lol
[13:46] Chase Quinnell: sighs. "Helm, move us out of their way"
[13:46] Vinnie Lei: Next time, on Jerry Springer...
[13:46] Diemme Morane adjusts course
[13:46] Diemme Morane: Aye sir
[13:46] Arkaniad Exonar rolls over laughing
[13:46] Diemme Morane: Course modified
[13:46] Chase Quinnell: wonders how they'll get out of here with their warp drive offline.
[13:47] Vinnie Lei: I wouldn't be suprised if they did hazardous things to enable warpdrive captain. I suggest caution.
[13:47] michaels Toshi watches as blue lights start to flicker on their engines
[13:47] Orion Pastorelli: jerry springer, very clever LT. vinning a reference to 20th century popular culture...
[13:47] Vinnie Lei grins to Orion "Hey, another 20th century fan, how cool", teasing.
[13:48] Chase Quinnell: Let them go, but inform all nearby Federation outposts to keep an eye
out for trouble.
[13:48] Chase Quinnell: He seemed like he wasn't in a good mood.
[13:48] Diemme Morane doesn't get the appeal that that era has
[13:48] michaels Toshi: we still have one of their ships
[13:48] michaels Toshi: maybe we could examine the technology
[13:48] Arkaniad Exonar taps a lot of keys and looks at some complex readings
[13:48] Chase Quinnell: I don't think the people on that ship want to leave.
[13:49] Chase Quinnell: And I still read life-signs on the planet.
[13:49] Diemme Morane: Sir, shouldn't we contact the planet?
[13:49] Diemme Morane: See if THEY need supplies?
[13:49] michaels Toshi: i suppose we could just settle for some intesnive scans when we leave *sigh*
[13:49] Chase Quinnell: taps a couple buttons on his CONN, "Hail them."
[13:49] Lewisse Sak: Captain? I'm detecting a warp field from that ship sir. It's slightly unbalanced, but capable of warp 2 or 3 sir.
[13:50] Lewisse Sak: Hailing sir.
[13:50] Chase Quinnell: This is the Federation starship, USS Redeemer. We're beaming down more supplies. Further assistance is on its way and will arrive shortly.
[13:50] Lewisse Sak: Captain, they have raw dilithium in their intermix chamber. It's very unstable sir.
[13:51] Imperial Officer: =A= Noted.. captain. Thank you. =A=
[13:51] michaels Toshi: our teams will soon fix that
[13:51] Chase Quinnell: Unstable?
[13:51] Orion Pastorelli: the cadet is right, sir, they are a flying time bomb
[13:51] Diemme Morane gets the feeling she's going to need to move this badboy out of the way.....
[13:51] Lewisse Sak: Aye sir. I'm reading imbalances. It looks like their maintaining it manually sir.
[13:51] michaels Toshi: Raw Dilithium needs to be heavily Refined before use
[13:52] Arkaniad Exonar pulls up some readings on Dilithium
[13:52] michaels Toshi: or a core breach is generally the result, a rather large one
[13:52] Orion Pastorelli: aye
[13:52] Arkaniad Exonar: looking bad...
[13:52] Diemme Morane prepares to engage warp drive and evasive maneuvers
[13:52] Imperial Officer: =A= The Brexin's warp core is unable to properly handle dilithium, captain. =A=
[13:52] Lewisse Sak: Rerouting power to the shields Capt. If that ship blows...
[13:53] Imperial Officer: =A= We have been un-able to properly process the dilithium, nor have we been able to get the warp-core to handle it properly.
[13:53] michaels Toshi: perhaps we could get some engineers to take a look?
[13:54] Imperial Officer: =A= That would be very much appreciated... =A=
[13:54] Lewisse Sak: And give them warp drive Commander?
[13:54] Arkaniad Exonar: ahh.
[13:54] Chase Quinnell: Their ship is on the verge of having an explosion.
[13:54] michaels Toshi: the other one just warped out, i don't see a problem with letting them go
[13:55] Lewisse Sak: Aye sir. And it would affect us too. Understood.
[13:55] Diemme Morane: I'm ready to get us out of here in a flash sir.
[13:55] Chase Quinnell: Mr Exonar, have the chief take an away team to the ISS Braxin to look at their warp core.
[13:56] Arkaniad Exonar (on comm) to engineer chief, please take an away team to the Brexin. thank you
[13:56] Chase Quinnell: Ops, has the away team beamed over?
[13:56] Lewisse Sak: Beaming now sir.
[13:57] Vinnie Lei: Raising shields again.
[13:58] Chase Quinnell: Redeemer to chief Marone, how are the repairs coming?
[13:58] Orion Pastorelli purses this lips, " captain, what they need is refined dilithium, its remarkable, its remarkable they have not had the core breach, I would have cadet Exonar bring Refined dilithiam from our hold, would be the best solution.
[13:59] Arkaniad Exonar: i can do that.
[13:59] Chief Marone: =A= Sir, we're in a bit of a crunch here. Not only is their warp core using the raw dilithium, I can barely make sense of their systems.. they're so different. It appears their core is on the verge of a collapse, but I'm not certain. =A=
[14:00] Chase Quinnell: Orion, get that stuff beamed over that ASAP.
[14:01] Diemme Morane: sir, recommend moving us away to the limit of our transporter range....
[14:01] Chase Quinnell: Alright Chief, we'll try sending you some spare dilithium we have, try to keep the warp core stable until then.
[14:02] Chase Quinnell: I've got a team over there, and I don't want to risk being that far from them if I need to beam people out.
[14:02] Diemme Morane: I mean remaining WITHIN range, but getting us a little breathing room...
[14:02] Lewisse Sak: Captain, they'll have to take their core offline to access the dilithium chamber.
[14:03] Chief Marone: =A= Marone to Redeemer.. I can't keep it stable! *Computer voice in background: Warp core collapse in 15 seconds..* Sir, we've got to evacuate this ship! =A=
[14:03] michaels Toshi: All transporter rooms emergency beam out!
[14:03] Diemme Morane prepares to get us out of here fast
[14:04] Vinnie Lei drops the shields.
[14:04] Chase Quinnell: Ops, beam as many people off there as you can, helm standby for emergency warp out.
[14:04] Lewisse Sak: Energizing sir.
[14:04] Vinnie Lei keeps his fingers at the shieldgrid activation LCARS.
[14:04] Diemme Morane buckles her seatbelt.
[14:04] Arkaniad Exonar: sir, there is some problems with the transporter network.
[14:04] Arkaniad Exonar: one transporter keeps losing pattern buffers.
[14:05] Chase Quinnell: Try to compensate.
[14:05] Arkaniad Exonar: roger.
[14:05] Arkaniad Exonar taps some keys "there. should be fine. i re-routed them"
[14:06] Chief Marone: =A= Marone to Redeemer, we're losing warp core stability! *computer voice: Warp core collapse in 3 seconds* Sir.. there's..############# =A=
[14:06] Chase Quinnell: ::The ship begins to explode::
[14:06] Chase Quinnell: Get us out of here, Helm!
[14:06] Diemme Morane engages emergency warp
[14:06] Vinnie Lei: Shields up!
[14:06] Diemme Morane: Hold on folks, it's gonna get bumpy!!!
[14:06] michaels Toshi holds tight to the arm of his chair
[14:06] Arkaniad Exonar braces his hands against his seat
[14:06] Lewisse Sak grabs her console.
[14:07] Arkaniad Exonar is panicked "some Moderatre Damage,,,,"
[14:07] Diemme Morane twists and turns the ship to avoid shockwaves as much as possible...
[14:07] Chase Quinnell: Are we clear of the shockwave, Ensign?
[14:07] Chase Quinnell: Nailer's going to have a field day with this one
. [14:07] Arkaniad Exonar: our hull is breached on deck two
[14:07] Vinnie Lei: Minor damage to secondary shieldgrid. Shields at 97%.
[14:07] Diemme Morane restabilizes the ship
[14:07] Diemme Morane: All clear now sir
[14:07] Lewisse Sak: That took a lot of shield power sir. Compensating.
[14:07] Diemme Morane: Those were some really bad ones....
[14:07] Arkaniad Exonar: engaging bulkheads on deck two at breach.
[14:07] Chase Quinnell: Take us back and look for survivors. Also, get the people off that planet.
[14:07] Diemme Morane: they could have torn us to shreds
[14:08]  ::The USS Benton and the USS Colossus drop out of warp::
[14:08] Diemme Morane is glad she programmed the new maneuvers...
[14:08] Arkaniad Exonar: just a minor breach, i threw a bulkhead closed at it. didnt block off anything
[14:08] Chase Quinnell: Good, NOW they arrive. *sighs*
[14:08] michaels Toshi facepalms
[14:08] Arkaniad Exonar sighs.
[14:08] Vinnie Lei: Figures...
[14:08] Lewisse Sak grins at the inevitable late arrival of help.
[14:09] Chase Quinnell: How many did we get off the ship?
[14:09] Arkaniad Exonar looks at stuff, "looks like a bit of life support damaged. engaging emergency oxygen scrubbers
[14:09] Lewisse Sak: 217 sir.
[14:09] Chase Quinnell: 217 out of..?
[14:09] Diemme Morane hopes the Chief got out... he was a friend...
[14:09] Diemme Morane: Is??
[14:09] Lewisse Sak: Unknown sir.
[14:10] Chase Quinnell: Computer, what is the location of Chief Marone?
[14:10] Arkaniad Exonar looks at science readings from earlier. *sighs* you dont want to know how many were aboard...
[14:10] Computer: =A= Chief Marone is not aboard. =A=
[14:10] Vinnie Lei: darn.
[14:10] Diemme Morane slumps in her chair...
[14:10] Diemme Morane: another one lost
[14:11] Diemme Morane wipes a tear....
[14:11] Lewisse Sak: Sir? Have we checked the pattern buffers?
[14:11] michaels Toshi looks down in despair
[14:11] Arkaniad Exonar: hey, ill check real quick
[14:11] Chase Quinnell: You can check them, but even if we got his pattern, it's likely he was in mid-transport and only half the pattern was retrieved.
[14:11] Arkaniad Exonar searches for Morane
[14:11] Arkaniad Exonar: your not going to believe it
[14:11] Lewisse Sak: Da---, sorry sir.
[14:12] Diemme Morane: Morane's here. It's Marone you're looking for
[14:12] Arkaniad Exonar: ahh.
[14:12] Arkaniad Exonar: Marone,
[14:12] Arkaniad Exonar: well your not gonna believe it.
[14:12] Diemme Morane: We were always joking about that...
[14:12] Arkaniad Exonar: his buffer is complete, but the shockwaves surged the transporters
[14:12] Arkaniad Exonar: bringing transporters back online
[14:13] Computer: =/c\= Pattern retrieval failed =/c\=
[14:13] Diemme Morane isn't very optimistic... these things only happen in holovids.
[14:13] Arkaniad Exonar: ...
[14:13] Computer: =/c\= Pattern retrieval Failed =/c\=
[14:13] Arkaniad Exonar is steaming
[14:14] Arkaniad Exonar tries a different command
[14:14] michaels Toshi: Cadet, leave him, let his memory lie
[14:14] Lewisse Sak: Uhm...confirmed Captain. There's not enough in the buffer.
[14:14] Arkaniad Exonar: yeah..
[14:14] Diemme Morane: Oh man....
[14:14] Arkaniad Exonar rubs his eyes..
[14:14] Lewisse Sak closes her eyes.
[14:14] Diemme Morane clears her throat.... it's the nature of the job.
[14:14] Chase Quinnell: sighs.
[14:14] Diemme Morane sits up straighter... Course sir?
[14:15] Diemme Morane has had her share of tragedies... knows better than to dwell on it.
[14:15] Chase Quinnell: Set in a course for Pinastri. We'll drop the survivors off there.
[14:15] Vinnie Lei: Lt. Vinnie to security, escort the survivors to their quarters.
[14:15] Diemme Morane: Course laid in sir.
[14:15] Chase Quinnell: engage, warp 7.
[14:15] Diemme Morane: Warp 7, Engaged.
[14:15] Diemme Morane is a little rough on the panel