Deep Desert

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"Burried in the Sand"
Deep Desert
General Data
*Production number: CNH-RP003
*Initiated: 120805
*Ended: 120805
*Year: 2387
*Aliens: Avianis
*Forum Thread: [1]
*Previous Mission: Beachcombing
*Next Mission: All That Glitters...
*SIM Concept: Lan Nakajima
*Historian: Lan Nakajima


Current Location: Deep Space, Sector 004C, 12ly trailing Pinastri

Captain's Log,

Repairs, transfers and upgrades to the Cochrane-A have been completed, and we are currently enroute to the Mu Draconis System at Warp 9.2. We've been ordered to proceed with our original investigation into the Avanis, which I haven't been fully able to disclose to my crew, but there's plenty of time before we arrive to do so. So far the new Cochrane has performed wonderfully, of course that's the benefit of having a... "worn in" ship, is that there aren't too many bugs to work out when you leave dock.

Regardless, we're underway again, and have been ordered to stop in at Pinastri for crew replacements before continuing to the Mu Draconis System where we've recently lost contact with Outpost Alpha. Arrakis is also a previous home of the Avanis Species, which have ties to the Canian species evolution, and belonging to the Tkon Empire, in their history. Previous research conducted by myself as a science officer is the only basis we have of the Avanis Colony on Planet Arrakis, but ths time with the support of a Nebula Class Starship, research is expected to be more thorough.

Crew participation

Commanding Officer Commander Lan Nakajima

Chief Engineer Yuzuki Ultsch

Vice Chief Engineer Voludo Porthos

Chief Operations Officer Melina Firehawk

Chief Medical Officer Meynara Leogala (Resident)

Marine Bradalexander resident

Guests: Talon - Pavlov Winterwolf Ens. Vulpix Gant - Josie Sauber


Stardate: 120805 Location: Arrakis, Mu Draconis System

Mission Report:

After a brief stop off at Tranquility to pick up our new Chief Science Officer, we set course for the Mu Draconis System, namely Arrakis, to investigate a prolonged loss of contact with Outpost alpha, and to get a start on investigating the Avianis Species that are, according to lore, responsible for the advanced evolution of my species, and supposed members of the Tkon Empire eons ago.

We arrived in orbit of Arrakis, and took one of our Argo Shuttlecraft to the surface, landing at the local spaceport. we then proceeded on foot to the coordinates of the outpost where we found nothing but an empty plot, and traces of Federation materials in the surrounding structures. I then ordered our group to split off and scan the local area to confirm our earlier readings. Commander Ultsch, Lt Commander Dover, and myself proceeded to the local spice refinery where we located what was confirmed as a component of the outpost's fusion generator as apart of the spice hopper. Other scans by the away team recorded parts of the outpost were used to create residential structures, and critical areas for the support of life on the planet. There was no trace of the crew or the Runabout attached to the outpost, and according to the locals, the outpost was left abandoned several months ago.

After we concluded our scans I ordered the crew to meet back at the Argo, where we proceeded to the other side of the planet to the Avianis Ruins. We transported to an antechamber where a holographic data terminal was located, and found to be too corrupted. While the CSO and Vice Chief Engineer attempted to recover the corrupted data, several of us with higher range hearing hear a loud groaning sound, and moved deeper into the ruins to investigate. On the lower level we located what appeared to be a cybernetic avian species sitting on the cavern floor. Dr DeShaw approached to offer assistance, causing the creature to ask for species identification. The creature stood up, noticed me, and got excited, talking about my being one of it's "children". From it's appearance and mentioning me as one of it's children, I was able to come to the shocking conclusion that it was a member of the Avianis Species. While the Avianis gave me a look over, commenting on it's happiness of how far my species has come, LtCmdr Dover was able to activate another holo-terminal and retrieve a log that gave us spatial coordinates of another Avianis colony world. Our Avianis friend who we identified as Talon, announced that he wasn't much longer for life, and that he was happy to have lived to see my species come so far before sitting back on the ground and solidifying into a metallic statue version of himself. At that point the cave started to collapse and we all managed to beam back to the Argo, and return to the ship.

Upon my report to Starfleet on the status of Outpost Alpha, it is my plan to set course for the next Avianis Colony world.

Commander Lan Nakajima CO - USS Cochrane