Dire Straits

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Dire Straits
General Data
*Production number: AST-RP053
*Initiated: 120325
*Ended: 120513
*Year: 2387
*Forum Thread: [1]
*Previous Mission: An Unexpected Journey
*Next Mission: The Debt
*SIM Concept: Poison Toocool, Dolfke Barbosa
*Historian: Poison Toocool


Commanding Officer Poison Toocool - Log, Stardate 120406: We have reached an unknown binary system and have attempted to put the ship in orbit around what seems to be a small, uninhabited planet. We reached here by using one of our shuttles to guide us since external sensors are completely gone. Although there is supposedly only minor damage to the communications array we have not been able to contact the fleet on secure channels. Shuttle sensor sweeps show no ships in the vicinity but this system is nowhere on our charts... with no sensors, minimal shields, limited weapons, and the need to repair the hull... we'd be a tempting target for any hostile force.

The shuttle crew is now reporting: USS Mak'ala is slipping out of orbit and is in danger of entering planet atmosphere without full shields to protect vessel and crew.

Crew participation

USS Mak'ala:

Captain - Cptn Poison Toocool

Engineering/Helm - Cmdr Karl Quar

CMO /Acting XO - LT Genny7 Markus

Science Officer - Cadet Fire Spingflower


Helm / Chief Science - LT David7 Bravin

Chief Security - LTcmdr Dolfke Barbosa

Alien Intruder - LT Alia Soulstar


Reporting: Commanding Officer USS Mak'ala (Poison Toocool):

The Mak'ala, damaged from the trip through the Takaar Nebula and from the attack of an alien ship, limped into orbit around a Class L planet located in a binary system not far from where we exited the vortex, guided by information passed to us by one of our shuttles.

Unfortunately our orbit began to degrade. I was forced to make the choice between attempting to maintain a geosynchronous orbit with the continuing help of the shuttle for a period of at least six hours while the ship undergoes emergency repairs, or attempting to enter the planet atmosphere with minimal shields in order to land on the surface.

Given the state of the ship, landing seemed the best option. I informed the crew. I ordered Dr Markus to have all unessential personnel to stand by to evacuate. The shuttle went first, and we followed. Our entry was difficult, ship's internal temperature rose to an uncomfortable degree. Helm managed with impulse drive and thrusters to guide us according to course and speed recommended by the shuttle. We were shaken by turbulence and the hull breech on deck 11 increased, but force fields were holding.

At this point a bright light appeared on the bridge and spoke to us, insisting it should have a 'sample' of humanity for its collection. I argued with it briefly but really needed to focus on our situation. Finally I told it that we were all going to die if the ship didn't make it, and that it was in danger. I ordered OPs to transfer all available power to shields. At the most dire point, the computer informed us structural integrity was in danger. The creature disappeared. We approached the planet surface and the shuttle assisted, with its tractor beam, to help us slow our descent. At last, with a light bump, we landed on the surface.

At some point during our landing we all noticed that Dr Markus had disappeared. We feared she had been taken by the alien. Shuttle sensors scanned the planet and found two life signs.

I ordered engineering teams to begin work on the repairs, and asked senior staff to meet with me in the briefing room to discuss our next moves. I need reports from science, medical and security before authorizing away teams to search for Dr Markus.

NB: Commendation to Commander Karl Quar, who flew the ship manually during atmospheric entry.