Double Trouble

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Double Trouble
General Data
*Production number: AST-RP056
*Initiated: 120325
*Ended: 120513
*Year: 2387
*Forum Thread: [1]
*Previous Mission: 127 Hours
*Next Mission: Back to the Future, Maybe
*SIM Concept: Poison Toocool, Dolfke Barbosa
*Historian: Poison Toocool


Commanding Officer Poison Toocool - Log, Stardate 120427: We have attempted to hail.. ourselves. Nothing in response but what seemed to be a repeat of our messages. We observed the Mak'ala launch a shuttle. We know they are... us, 127 hours ago -- basically dead in the water, limping to santuary -- no weapons, no sensors, no communications... facing all we've been through. Do we try to stop them and help them, or do we let them go on? If we help them, will changing their future change our past?

Crew participation

Captain - Cptn Poison Toocool

Acting XO/Chief Medical Officer - LT Genny7 Markus

Chief Security Officer - LTcmdr Dolfke Barbosa

Chief Science Officer - LT David7 Bravin

Chief Engineering Officer/Helm - Cmdr Karl Quar

OPs/Medical Technician - Cadet Fire Spingflower


Reporting: Commanding Officer USS Mak'ala (Cptn Poison Toocool):

It was decided the best course of action was to tractor the second Mak'ala, extending our shields to protect it, whilst together entering the wormhole. We transmitted these instructions through the alternate LTcmdr Barbosa and LT Bravin on the shuttle, and asked them to dock the shuttle so we could execute this maneuver.... we also informed them we would be beaming a communications drone to Mak'ala2 in order to assist us in transmissions. Permission was given for this. Helm carefully turned our ship and we approached tractor range without incidence, and engaged the beam. We began our calculations for detonation of torpedoes and phasers while setting course with impulse engines for the coordinates science set as being the most advantageous. Science read a third vessel in the wormhole... data showed it to be a third Mak'ala, and it was determined that the first two Mak'ala's must enter the wormhole together before the third one exits. We are running out of time. Our tractor beam began to fail. Searching for a cause, it seemed energy from a singularity was affecting the stability of our emitters. It seemed to be a mellatic asteroid, passing near our position, raising some concerns. We didn't appear to be under attack however we went to red alert and sent more power to the tractor beam, attempting to shield both ships from any adverse effects. We swooped into position and prepared to fire on the entrance of the wormhole. Suddenly there was an explosion on the torpedo deck. Security, medical and engineering were sent on the double, two crew were hurt but torpedo launchers unaffected. Both ships must now fire on the precise spot, coordinates have been sent to Mak'ala2 and all are standing by. We all hope this plan works.