EID Recon 091021 Green Hills

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General Data
*SIM Type: EID Missions
*Production number: EID-RECON003
*Initiated: 091021
*Ended: 091021
*Year: 2384
*Aliens: [[]]
*Forum Thread: http://www.ufstarfleet.org/forums/index.php?topic=7371.msg89454#msg89454
*Previous Mission: None
*Next Mission: Next >>
*SIM Concept: Kittie Munro


MIST Chief's Log - October 21st, 2384 (091021)

Lush green world, with clean water and a stable weather system. Initial scans show no Life Forms, other than indigenous wildlife, with a scattering of buildings.

We set up base camp and as a precaution, began our investigation in EVO suits, fearing that the low population rate might be as a result of something bad in the air. Doctor Decimuss declared the air safe to breathe after a short survey.

Initial scans showed no Life Forms in the immeadiate area, other than indigenous wildlife, so we proceeded to explore. Fae beings were found flitting about the trees, mostly around a garden of unusually large mushrooms. They didn't seem to see us, paying us no attention at all, and as far as we could tell, not making any attempt to communicate. Further scan's indicated that these beings were possibly out of phase with our time/space. These tiny creatures were quite beautiful, but were also difficult to see until you were almost on top of them.

Architecture suggests a renaissance era, with some buildings predating even those. Most buildings appear to be residential, with one or two exceptions such as this church style building, which suggests some kind of organised religion or worship.

There is no apparrent economic structure, and no evidence of organised trade, but much evidence indicating self sufficiency, both crops and livestock can be easily found. Interestingly there is no evidence of any kind of defensive system so it appears as though the residents are peaceable with no real enemies or concerns about theft etc, since livestock and crops are left unprotected.

We came across a campsite, which appeared to be the home for some kind of nomadic race. The campsite was unattended, with the exception of a bizarely drunk squirrel. For a short while we wondered if perhaps we had been mistaken, that perhaps the wildlife were the residents!

We have no explanation for the population being so low, and absent. Further study is required.