EID Recon 091024 Insilico

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General Data
*SIM Type: EID Missions
*Production number: EID-RECON005
*Initiated: 091023
*Ended: 091023
*Year: 2384
*Aliens: [[]]
*Forum Thread: http://www.ufstarfleet.org/forums/index.php?topic=7371.msg89771#msg89771
*Previous Mission: <<Previous
*Next Mission: Next >>
*SIM Concept: Kittie Munro


MIST Chief's Log - October 23rd, 2384 (091023)

Initial scans show a planet ravaged by war, uninhabitable for humanoids on the surface, yet teaming with a vibrant population in the upper atmosphere. Many cities exist above the clouds, with dense traffic between the larger structures. Some traffic exists between nearby planets, but no further than the 6th planet from their homeworld. It's strange that with such advanced technology, they do not appear to have conquered the FTL barrier and remain as a "Pre-Warp" society. For this reason, and with the Prime Directive in mind, I changed into something more appropiate to the local culture and made my way to the nearest public place on the largest of the cities. So large, it had it's own weather system.

On arrival I was greeted with an automated message which read "Welcome to Insilico, Citizen. Gemini Cybernetics has your safety in mind! All communications are being monitored for your well-being and peace of mind! Fear not, for Gemini Cybernetics cares about the citizens of Insilico. Remember, buy Gemini today!"

I made a point of closing down all comm links with HQ and my shuttle. I didn't immeadiately understand the instruction to "Buy Gemini" so I made a note of it for later. I had landed in what appeared to be a popular landing spot for visitors, and it was instantly obvious that I would have no problems blending in with the locals. My first meeting was with a mechanoid of some description, who amazingly turned into a vehicle by the most complex method of folding and locking various aspects of it's anatomy, I also saw an insect-like alien which I had never seen before. It left very quickly so I was unable to take any readings or establish it's homeworld. Perhaps the reason the Insilicon's choose not to venture into the Universe, is because the Universe already comes to them. Many humanoids moved through the area too, no one gave me a second glance.

My choice of landing point brought me to a shoping area. A huge shopping area. Trade is clearly a major part of these peoples lives. The vendors occupy several levels thoughout the city, selling just about every item you might possibly need. Nearby to the Shops are also clubs, and socialising area's. All seemed fairly popular.

Whilst exploring I found what appeared to be an engine room. It seemed to be unattended so I was able to look around unhindered. A few brief scans allowed me to work out that this paticular city is powered by solar energy. This explains the vast network of panels around the outer atmosphere of the planet, I now believe them to be a solar panel network. It looks very much as though the engine room processes and stores power. Perhaps energy is another commodity traded with other cities?

I found a small area of wildlife and greenery, called the "breathe room". Quite possibly the only example of indiginous plantlife left on the planet. Meagre though it was, it was very well tended, a great deal of energy being expended to keep the plants alive. It seems unlikely that there was enough plant life to sustain an eco-system, so I can only surmise that the air is cleaned by mechanical means, although I have no evidence of that. Yet further evidence of how the residents are trying to preserve small pockets of a previous planetary existence are clear in the "Attonement" area where within a protected pod, a small tidal pool and palm tree are kept. Even though it's clearly in the middle of a very large city, it is still a very relaxing and calming place.

I found several vehicles messily parked, all of which seemed to be heavily armed and owned by one corporation. Perhaps a local contracted police force or security agency of some kind? I asked around, but everyone I talked to seemed to be new to the area as well... permanent residents were either sleeping or elsewhere for the day. Luckily the city has it's own transit system which served it's purpose very well, both directing and moving people from one place to another.

In all respects this city is very normal, it has shops, living quarters, clubs, bars, restaruants, a medic centre and even a place of worship... all normal except it resides high in the atmostphere of a destroyed and desolate planet. I have been unable to ascertain the exact reason for the destruction of the planet, scans indicate a high probability of war, some residual radiation pointing to perhaps a nuclear detonation at some point in the planets history. The surviving Insilicon's have survived in a very capitalistic way, apparently controlled and governed by a corporation called Gemini. Highly advanced in all aspects of technology, but spuring any thoughts of travel beyond their own planetary system. They do have spacevehicles, but not warp drive.

We are for the moment out of reach of these people, but I suspect that might not always be the case. We need a regular review of their progress, I'm certain that once they decide to travel a bit futher and faster, they would discover the means very very quickly. At some point one of the cities visiting aliens is going to be a race we have already come into contact with, so we are unable to completely hide our presence from them indefinately, but untill that happens, we should continue with covert bi-annual visit/reviews to confirm their continued status as "pre-warp".



  • PLANET NAME: Insilico
  • CLASSIFICATION: M-Class, moving rapidly toward K-Class
  • ARRIVAL COORDINATES: 189,181,3602
  • RESTRICTIONS: No restrictions (15 minute return on builds)
  • TEAM MEMBERS: Kittie Munro