Electric Paradox

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Electric Paradox
General Data
*Production number: AST-RP089
*Initiated: 130113
*Year: 2388
*Forum Thread: [1]
*Previous Mission: Critical Frequency
*Next Mission: Zero Volume
*SIM Concept: Poison Toocool
*Historian: Poison Toocool


Captain's Log Poison Toocool - USS Argonaut. Location: 3 LY trailing SS Astraios. Stardate 130208:

We succeeded in locating the alien device in orbit around the Astraios sun. It had been causing excessive solar activity, sending waves of electromagnetic energy into the system. The Astraios Civilian Authority was forced to evacuate personnel from exposed areas, SS Astraios assisted by sending engineers to ensure the planetary shield was maintained. A small freighter, caught in an asteroid field near the Takaar Nebula, was also in difficulty, the XO took a team aboard a shuttle to successfully offer help. She has returned to the Argonaut.

Against the advice of our Science Chief, I insisted we should capture the device for study. Both LTcmdr Bravin and Dr Lane counselled against bringing the device aboard the Argonaut. Tactical used an unmanned shuttle to retrieve it, the shuttle has extra force fields and shielding, we are towing it away from the Astraios system at warp factor one, seeking a safe place where we might use every bit of technology we have to examine the device and determine its origins.

Engineering advises, if we do not contain the electromagnetic outflow of the device, the magnetic interlocks in our antimatter containment pods may be affected.

Crew participation

Captain Poison Toocool - CO

Cmdr Genny7 Markus - XO, Medical

Cmdr Karl Quar - Chief Engineer

Cmdr Dolfke Barbosa - Chief Tactical Officer

Ensign Djmikey Macintyre - Helm/Tactical

LTcmdr David7 Bravin - Chief Science Officer


Reporting: Captain Poison Toocool - Commanding Officer, Stardate 130210

Against the advice of our Science Chief, I insisted we should capture the alien device orbiting the Astraios Sun for study. Tactical used an unmanned shuttle to retrieve it, the shuttle has extra force fields and shielding, we had it in tractor beam. We had a briefing to decide our next course of action. Argonaut shields at 87%, engineering advises no more than warp 5. It was felt that using warp might be dangerous due to magnetic emissions from the device. Helm to devise a course away from inhabited areas, full impulse. After department reports, science was assigned to find a way to increase power to shuttle internal sensors to try to locate the "off" switch on the device. We returned to the bridge.

Tactical advised at impulse power it would take days to move the devise far enough to lessen the impact on the Astraios system. I decided to increase to warp one, and then increase incrementally.

Tactical advised shields at level five would lessen the impact of the device on the Argonaut, but that would mean beaming a shield generator to the shuttle - dropping shields on both vessels.

We held to the new course, increasing speed by 1/2 factor, checking systems after each increase. Tractor beam held steady but hull integrity was compromised at warp three. We dropped to warp one.

Science then advised they had figured out a radio transmission would likely turn the device off. While they worked on that, the XO and tactical prepared a proble to be sent aft with messages for SS Astraios and Astraios Prime.

We managed to turn the device off. Our plan now is to control the shuttle remotely, flying it to an uninhabited space body, where we may land it. The shuttle is not big enough to hold a team as well as the device, and I am not going to beam it aboard the ship. If we land it somewhere, we may then examine the device away from the Argonaut.