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General Data
*SIM Type: Research Missions
*Initiated: 101120
*Ended: 101120
*Year: 2385
*Forum Thread: EMERGENCY!
*Previous Mission: Previous
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*SIM Concept: Nabuleone Rhode
*Historian: Nabuleone Rhode

Mission Briefing & Objectives

A week of troubles and researches data analysis results, that we have to be worried. The results are alarming and we need to check this out immediately - this is urgent ! We have a high level of the very dangerous gamma radiation, cosmic radiation and solar winds. The heliosphere of the sun is shrinking ! This is an EMERGENCY ! All hands on deck !


- Check, analyse and update the datas of the Pinastri Sun, especially the gamma radiation the solar winds. - Check the effects of the shrinking heliosphere and the high radiation on the Pinastri System and UFS colony

Mission Logs

Command Log :

During the week we made very worrying discoveries and after some intense researches and data evaluation we got a emergency situation and we needed to act immediately and urgent. The researches resulted that the heliosphere of the Pinastri Sun is shrinking and becomes thinner and thinner in some areas. This means , that the protection of whole Pinastri-System against cosmic radiation (especially the high dangerous gamma radiation) is in serious danger. Another worrying datas are coming from the Pinastri Sun itself. The solar winds were very strong and changes their intensity. This means that there can happen a few highly effects on the technology and the magnetic fields of the planets of the Pinastri System. A shuttle mission was ordered to update the datas of the sun. Meanwhile I went together with Ensign McConachie, our Astro science specialist, to the meteolab and and created an updated holo projection of the Pinastri Sun , based on the received data of a probe , which was started from the shutte Magellan. Meanwhile a security patrol investigated the situation on the planet and watched out for an unusual incidents, effected by the changed radiation of the Pinastri Sun. The Shuttle Magellan returned safe after a rough trip arround the sun and the security team had one light injured security officer. The shuttle team and the lab team continued the data evaluation.

Preliminary Conclusions :

We assume that the Pinastri Sun was manipulated in the past. Apparently the modulation of the solar winds were effected. It must have been a long term project and the estimated time to get any results must have been hundreds or thousands of years. The technology to manipulate sun must be amazing. To manipulate the sun requires a very large antenna, relais and broadcasting stations and facilities. We didnt found any of stations and facilities like this yet, but we will focus our activities on that in future. We also need to find an answer on the question what kind of species has the time and ability to create a project for such a long time frame.

Reporting Officer : XO Cmdr. Gijsjan Broek

Mission : Emergency! Stardate : 101120

Today a team went to the star again with the USS Magellan. The solar activity has increased lately. Lots of solar flares and radiation. We tried to reach the probe and i had LOTS of solar flares to dodge. I got them all except for 1. The ship sustained light damage but the metaphasic shields held. Too bad we couldnt lock the tractor beam onto the probe due to graviton disbalance. The probe got destroyed but we succeeded to gather more data. We returned safely to PRF with no injuries. From the data we gathered we surmise the increased solar activity is caused by an outside force. Maybe the Rajan Outpost on Pinastri 2 or somewhere else in the system.


Science Logs

Project: Emergency mission regarding Pinastri Primary. Filed by: Ens. Lunombrulino McConachie Stardate: 101120


  • Check, analyze and update the datas of the Pinastri Sun, especially the gamma radiation the solar winds.
  • Check the effects of the shrinking stelar wind bubble and the high radiation on the Pinastri System and UFS colony

In attendance: Commander Nabuleone Rhode, mission commander Commander Gijsjan Broek Commander Jorden Allen Lieutenant Melina Firehawk Lt (jg) Kondrad Hyland Ensign Marian Warwillow Ensign Lunombrulino McConachie

Abstract: High levels of gamma radiation and a shrunken stelar wind bubble might be endangering the UFS colony at Pinastri. A mission was launched to take gamma radiation measurements of the space environment proximate to the star, and to look for any evidence that it could be a manufactured effect Note: the the words Heliopause and Heliosphere are used in the description of the Earth's Sun. Helios. When speaking of non-sol stars, a more correct term, Stellar Wind Bubble is used in this report. Cross Reference to reports by other members of the mission.

Data: Measurements were taken via teledata relays on the USS Magellan of total stellar irradiation, stelar constant, and magnetic field fluctuations. The stelar wind bubble of Pinastri primary is usually 110 to 200 Astronomical Unites in radius. Recently, missions to and from the Pinastri system have reported that they do not encounter the shockwave of the stellar wind bubble until nearly 70 AU. A mere 10 light-hours. Further, it occurred to this researcher that the fluctuations in the data was reminiscent of radio signals. Could this be a reflection of some oscillation in the star? Could this indeed be a signal? Fourier analysis of the fluctuations is inconclusive, and far more data should be collected for further analysis. Possible cause of the fluctuations could be gravity waves directed at the star. Dr. James LOCHNER of the Tau Ceti Institute has published several papers, most notably in the Astrophysical Review in 2379, about how gravity waves can be generated by directing strong radio signals at a gravitational singularity. The other possibility is that somebody out there has build a huge gravity wave antenna. Both of this possibilities should be explored.

(signed) Ens. Lunombrulino McConachie, SSN0502

Operations Logs

Officer Name: Melina Firehawk Your Rank: Lieutenant Your Position: Chief Operations Officer

Mission Name: Emergency Stardate: 101122

Incident Report (i.e what happened, what did you do):

With the potential ramifications of increased activity from the sun, it was decided to investigate that and to also check on how the increased radiation might be affecting life on Pinatri IV. Ensign Marian Warwillow was teamed up with me, and we were sent to check on things on Pinastri IV . . . to see if the plant life or animal life was showing any signs of being exposed to increased radiation and how it's affecting it. We left PRF and traveled along the surface until we reached a cliff. It was decided to check out the oceans, since it would be much easier to find an abundance of life there to scan. We both dove off the cliff into the water, and Ensign Warwillow thought she saw someone underwater. I checked it out, but they appeared to be gone. But, it does make one wonder if perhaps it was the radiation that gave her that illusion. We then swam out to the ocean and proceeded to dive down, checking on the sea life. They seemed to be agitated, for some reason and often swam toward us on a number of occasions. As we continued with our scans, several sharks showed up and started to attack us. We fought them off as best as we could, and Ensign Warwillow also got trapped within a giant clam. Her struggle seemed to trigger something in me, and again a great energy seemed to surge forth, controlling the water and forcing the clam open. Once she was out, we proceeded to return to PRF, since she was not in the best shape. Once there, we received medical attention and released.

Follow up actions (if applicable):

The scans that we took should be thoroughly checked to see exactly how the radiation is affecting the sea life, and if it might help to explain why the sharks were aggressive and attacked us.

Pathfinder Research Facility OPERATIONS

Officer Name: Kondrad Hyland Your Rank: Lieutenant J.G Your Position: Communications

Mission Name: Emergancy Stardate: 238511.20

Incident Report (i.e what happened, what did you do): 0943...Log/Briefing Begins talking about a new RP window starting monday for U.S Timezones last week we collected some interesting datas from the sun Pinastri, so today then scanners showed a very extrem high level of gamma radiation - we have some troubles with the heliosphere in the Pinastri System which effects us very directly, so we need to check the astrometric datas about the heliosphere of Pianstri Sun, the solar winds ? and its effects and the high radiation level and its effects.

Commander Broek reconfigured the Metaphasic shields of the USS Magellan. so she can tackle solar flares and radiation better. there were some unusual data of hyper energetic radiation during the last days we need to evaluate the data to check possible effect of the radiation on the megnetic field and on life in the colony. USS Magellan (crew on this mission)

Commander Broek Commander Allen Lt J.G Hyland

Commander Rhode Ensign McConachie Lt Firehawk and Ensign Warwillow will check the surface need to find out some effects there on fauna, flora and the human life.

10:11 briefing Ends/Mission Begins

And off we go to the sun. we have arrived at the sun and once again activated the UV Filter Sheilds (dont want to be getting skin cancer)

Commander Rhode says we have a extrem high level of solar winds and hyper energetic radiation from Pinastri Sun - the space traffic and all lifeforms can be effected - its advised to watch for any unusual incidents and technoligical disruption and failures.

Seems that we're having a slight problen with the probe, scans indicate it will last one more orbit unless we can fix it. we are dodging sun flares here doesnt look good here, also we flew into a flare we couldnt avoid and the comms console shorted out and had to transfer comms to another console, it seems like a rollercoaster dodging the flares but managed to find the probe...Scans indicate a big flare forming....seems we cannot get a lock on the probe with the tractor beam since The radiation and intense gravity is playing hell with getting a lock....also we lost the probe after trying to get a lock on it. we are leaving the sun and taking as much scans as possible and still dodging flares (bad sun bad), also PRF was having a commlink to us due to the problems, also there is a small plasma leak from the port nacelle but commander Broek says there's no problem, we have reached PRF with no problems and now heading for ops Commander Rhode has Created a model of the sun based on the recieved datas.

there has been talk about the current events about the sun, that its not natural that its being controlled by something else, i'm thinking something was triggered on Pinastri II after we visited the planet and caused the sun to go haywire....

11:55 Mission/Log Ends

Lieutenant J.G Kondrad Hyland 238511.20

Security Logs

Incident Report:

Name: Marian Warwillow Rank: Ensign Position: Security, Pathfinder Research Station Stardate: 101113 Location : Pinastar II TP Corrdiance: _____________________________________________________________

Personal involved: Name Rank Division Assignment Nabuleone Rhode, Commander Command Pathfinder Research Facility Gijsjan Broek Commander Command Pathfinder Research Facility Jorden Allen Commander Chief of Science Pathfinder Research Facility Melina Firehawk Lieutenant Chief of Operation Pathfinder Research Facility Kondrad Hyland Lieutenant (J.G) Operations Officer Pathfinder Research Facility Marian Warwillow Ensign Security Officer Pathfinder Research Facility Lunombrulino McConachie Ensign Science Officer Pathfinder Research Facility AthenaDax Zoon Ensign Guest Medical Officer Nimbus Station ____________________________________________________________ Incident Report (i.e. what happened) Begin Transmission: I reported to the briefing room as called by the CO we was running abit late but that was not to bother, I was sent off with Lieutenant Melina Firehawk to check wildlife and plants from any damage done by the gamma reading, Commander Broek and Lt JG Hyland and Ensign McConachie were tasked with returning to Pinastari II and getting information on the sun, Whilst Comamnder Allen and Commander Rhode took care of what was happening in the meteolab.

During our patrol of the outside me and Lt Firehawk found nothing suspicious above water so we both dived into the water where we found the water animals were very agitated which lead to us soon being attacked by sharks before that I was asked to ride the back of a whale now they normally do not mind this but this time he did not like it he got agitated and tried to throw me off. We then moved on to see what else we could find continuously Lt Firehawk was attacked by the sharks but thank god for waterproof firearms., anyway we resumed our patrol where we came accross a clam shell where we studied it and as I went in the lid closed on me trapping me under water with no way of getting oxygen Lt Firehawk attempted to rescue me from it but could not lift it so I used my weapon that did not work she used the power of the water and it released me. I was then taken to the sickbay with tight chest dizzy and barely able to walk where I was seen by Ensign Zoon once I started to improve I became agitated wanting to return to duty. Ensign Zoon made sure I did not untill she saw I was fit. END TRANSMISSION

Follow up actions (if applicable) Keep an eye out for weird things happening