End of an Era - Part 1

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USS Sheppard
End of an Era - Part 1
General Data
*SIM Type: USS Sheppard Mission Listing
*Production number: SHEPRP213
*Initiated: 180628
*Ended: ongoing
*Year: 2416
*Forum Thread: End of an Era - Part 1
*Previous Mission: [[]]
*Next Mission: [[]]
*SIM Concept: Rich Lombardia
*Historian: Rich Lombardia

Mission chat log: End of an Era - Part 1 Chat log


Captain's Log, Stardate 180626

It has been nearly a month since the conflict between the Karutak and Federation ended. We have managed to repair all battle damage possible without a space station. A memorial was held for our fallen crew. Although the conflict ended with a Federation victory, the morale has been solemn. We are only 1/3 of the way home but our return should lift their spirits.

Ops has detected a very weak signal from a nearby star system. There seems to be interference at the source. So far, the only thing we can determine is the signal is old, circa 2250s. Part of me thinks we should keep going but another part knows we should investigate. The responsible side has prevailed, and I have altered course. We should arrive in a few hours.

Computer, End Log

Rich Lombardia CO - USS Sheppard United Federation Starfleet

Crew participation

Sheppard Crew

Cmdr. Rich Lombardia Lt. jf Fema Firefrick Cmdr. Colin Nemeth Lt. jg. Emmy Lombardia Ensign Talena Constantine Ensign Martian McDunner

Non-Sheppard Crew L1z1x Resident as Lt. Jean Kearney


Captain's Log, Supplemental

After we determined it was relatively safe on the planet surface I had Lt. Firefrick assemble an away team to investigate the source of the signal. While the away team investigated the planet, the Sheppard had issues of its own. We found it increasingly difficult to maintain orbit and pushed our impulse engines to the breaking point. On the surface the away team discovered a Type F shuttlecraft belonging to the USS Apache, a Saladin class ship that went missing in the 2250s. Over the course of the investigation they discovered the wreck of a Klingon vessel, and two skeleton and personal logs. The logs were in poor conditions. The team was attacked by a mysterious woman that wore uniforms consistent with the USS Apache era. She was stunned and appeared to be suffering from some sort of psychosis. Eventually they managed to discover her name was Lt. Jean Kearney, a weapons officer aboard the Apache. The log data should be available shortly and I hope will shed some light on what happened. We had to extract the away team just before the wormhole yanked us out of orbit and inside. We are now trapped, unable to escape the gravitational forces of the wormhole. There appears to be an object at the center that is causing the gravitational waves but all attempts to destroy it failed. Judging by the recorded damage it would take an anti-matter explosion the size of a ship to destroy the object. We also found the USS Apache floating on low power with life signs. Sensor data is sketchy at best but we think that if we close the distance we can beam aboard. We are getting into position now. I hope we can pull off a miracle.

computer, end log