End of an Era - Part 3

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USS Sheppard
End of an Era Part 3
General Data
*SIM Type: USS Sheppard Mission Listing
*Production number: SHEPRP215
*Initiated: 180711
*Ended: Completed
*Year: 2416
*Forum Thread: End of an Era Part 3
*Previous Mission: [[]]
*Next Mission: [[]]
*SIM Concept: Rich Lombardia
*Historian: Rich Lombardia

Mission chat log: End of an Era Part 3 Chat log


Captain's Log, Supplemental

Finally some light has been shed on the situation but with answers come more questions. Turns out the USS Apache engaged a Klingon Bird of Prey and finally destroyed it. They send a shuttle down to the surface to retrieve what it could from the wreckage but there was nothing of value. An earth quake stranded three crew on the planet. Over the course of time, two perished and one became unstable from some kind of psychotropic chemicals in the local water supply.

There is nothing regarding the anomaly in which we are now trapped. There is also the discrepancy in time. The shuttlecrafts’s logs show that the craft landed 160 years ago but the chronometer reads that only six years have elapsed. Although sensor scans have a lot of interference we have detected chroniton particles that could account for the time variation. We have routed enough power for the transporter for an away team and have closed the distance to 5m. Readings of the Apache show it has been in the anomaly for at least 2 years.

We also have the issue of the expanding wormhole and the mystery object that appears to be the source. Our weapons have minimal effect and even if we launched every photon and quantum torpedo it would be enough to destroy it. By our estimates only the destructive power of an exploding warp core could destroy that object. Using ours is not the best option so we hope to see what condition the Apache' s warp core is in. They are on minimal power so the situation doesn't look good.

computer, end log

Crew participation

Rich Lombardia Fema Firefrick Emerald Lombardia Colin Nemeth Martian McDunner Talena Constantine


Captain's Log,

We beamed over an away team to investigate the USS Apache. According to my X.O., they were captured upon arrival. The situation aboard the Apache had deteriorated. Due to being stranded in that worm hole for two years, their time, and having some king of shape-shifting alien the crew was at its breaking point. Paranoia and desperation took hold. The Apache Captain was all that was holding the crew together. During a confrontation between the ship's executive officer and chief engineering, the Captain was killed. The crew had broken down into factions, each following either the X.O. or the chief engineer. The Sheppard away team beamed in as the gold shirt faction captured the chief engineer. They all were brought to the sick bay and were witness to a tribunal of sorts. The Chief engineer was sentenced to death and executed on the spot.

Attention was turned on the Sheppard crew. It was believed they were reinforcements for the alien and were also going to be sentenced to death when there was an issue in Engineering. Someone was trying to blow up the warp core. Everyone rushed to Engineering and broke in only to find a person who looked exactly like the recently vaporized Chief engineer emerge. This 'person' explained they were the alien who was in hiding all this time. This alien gave a confession of sorts. Apparently it was from another universe. It created a gravity drive as a new faster than light system. The drive failed and caused a rip in the form of a worm hole. The drive was in a constant state of implosion and explosion. The alien abandoned ship and its life pod was retrieved by the USS Apache. The alien is not one but two separate being living in symbiosis. The smaller, weaker but sentient alien uses a larger, strong, animal like creature to survive. When the alien was discovered it was dying. The animal side took over and acting in preservation. It attacked and absorbed a security member, giving the impression of hostility. Any attempts to communicate with the crew after that failed. They only wanted the alien's death.

It needed to save our universe and it's own. They only way to do that was to destroy the gravity drive. The anti-matter blast from a n exploding warp core was needed. The away team and as many Apache crew as we could lock on were beamed aboard. The Sheppard pulled the Apache in position and warped away as soon as the ship's exploded. There is no trace of the wormhole but everything that was trapped inside was destroyed. We over just over 40 Apache crew survivors. They have mixed feeling about their situation but our medical teams are doing what they can to ease things. As a precaution I have security details assigned. Hopefully, they will embrace their renewed lease on life.

Computer, end log.


Dr. Lombardia's Report

We are still trapped in the wormhole and engineering has come up with a way to get us out, hopefully. An away team beams down to the Apache to rescue the remaining crew and to use the core to explode the wormhole and push the Sheppard out. We encounter hostiles upon arrival but finally convince them we are trying to help. The Captain stays behind and the core explodes propelling us out of the wormhole.