End of an Era Part 3 Chat log

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USS Sheppard
End of an Era Part 3
General Data
*SIM Type: USS Sheppard Mission Listing
*Production number: SHEPRP215
*Initiated: 180711
*Ended: Completed
*Year: 2416
*Previous Mission: [[]]
*Next Mission: [[]]
*SIM Concept: Rich Lombardia
*Historian: Rich Lombardia

End of an Era Part 3

[17:50] Rich Lombardia: First, a slight correction to tonight’s mission. Its End of an Era part III instead of part II. To go off last week I shall begin in sick bay with Dr. Lombardia. Fema will be directing the ship closer to the apache to prepare to transport over. I will be released back to duty awaiting comprehensive blood work. We are going to be splitting up into two groups with some of you being part of the way team and the rest playing the roles of various Apache crew.

[17:51] Rich Lombardia: Clearly Talena is going to be part of the Apache Crew along with myself.

[17:51] Night Rider (colin.nemeth): can i be apache sir?

[17:51] Rich Lombardia: The rest of you will be part of the away team

[17:51] Talena™ (talena.constantine): *smiles* I am wearing a girlde that is crushing my....me ^^

[17:51] Ŧємa Ŧirєƒriςk (firefrick): ahhh haa,, hence the uniform,

[17:51] Emerald Lombardia (emerald.parkin) laughs

[17:52] Rich Lombardia: No because the away team should have a security escort

[17:52] Night Rider (colin.nemeth): ok

[17:52] Rich Lombardia: Its a standard away team of engineering, medical, security and command

[17:52] Night Rider (colin.nemeth): k

[17:53] Rich Lombardia: remember there are approximately 88 people aboard a majority are npc that you wont actually see but are there. Talena and I will be you points of contact abaord

[17:53] Rich Lombardia: you will know more when you need to

[17:53] Night Rider (colin.nemeth): ok

[17:54] Rich Lombardia: make sure you read not only our text but the narrative text I type. IT will clue you in to whom might be there that you cant see such as a room full of medical staff but I am the only person you se in the room

[17:54] Night Rider (colin.nemeth): very good sir

[17:54] Rich Lombardia: Put on your combadges adn make sure they are green

[17:55] Martian McDunner: testing

[17:55] Commander Nemeth : copy

[17:56] Talena™ (talena.constantine): I cant recall the commbadge channel...

[17:56] Ŧємa Ŧirєƒriςk (firefrick): 21

[17:56] Ensign Constantine: commcheck

[17:56] Lieut.(JG) Fema Firefrick: channel 21

[17:56] Night Rider (colin.nemeth): forward slash 21

[17:56] Talena™ (talena.constantine): yes...did it go thru?

[17:56] Rich Lombardia: Let's recap the situation. We are trapped inside a wormhole where a seemingly indestructible object is at the center and causing severe gravitational and temporal distortions. There was a quarantine last week and i collapsed. We found the USS Apache with intermittent life signs and power readings

[17:57] Commander Nemeth : comms online loud and clear

[17:57] Rich Lombardia: We are closing toward the Apache to close the distance a transporter beam must travel.

[17:58] Rich Lombardia: Talena will report to the apache, ill report to sick bay with Dr. Lombardia and the rest of you are at your stations on the bridge.

[17:58] Rich Lombardia: Questions?

[17:58] Emerald Lombardia (emerald.parkin): No Sir

[17:58] Martian McDunner (martian.dunner): No Sir

[17:59] Night Rider (colin.nemeth): none here

[17:59] Talena™ (talena.constantine): I have one...not sure how to get to the apache :/

[17:59] Rich Lombardia: I'll tackle that off line

[17:59] Rich Lombardia: in IM i mean

[17:59] Night Rider (colin.nemeth): can i do the bridge again sir?

[17:59] Rich Lombardia: the bridge?

[17:59] Talena™ (talena.constantine): ok, Thank you Captain

[18:00] Night Rider (colin.nemeth): if ur on th e apache

[18:00] Talena™ (talena.constantine): who is ur?

[18:00] Night Rider (colin.nemeth): ur---> you

[18:00] Rich Lombardia: I wil be me until you are ready to leave the ship. I will stay in command of the Sheppard while you leave

[18:00] Night Rider (colin.nemeth): or your got it wrong

[18:00] Night Rider (colin.nemeth): ok

[18:01] Emerald Lombardia (emerald.parkin): Isn't Fema in charge when you are not?

[18:01] Rich Lombardia: so the "me" on the apache is a TOS crewmember, the "me" on teh Shappard is your captain

[18:01] Night Rider (colin.nemeth): femas first officer

[18:01] Talena™ (talena.constantine): yes, she is XO

[18:01] Rich Lombardia: yes our command structure doesnt change

[18:02] Night Rider (colin.nemeth): ok

[18:02] Rich Lombardia: so to be clear. Talena nd I are palying characters on the TOS ship the USS Apache

[18:02] Martian McDunner (martian.dunner): Away team to the apache armed sir

[18:02] Rich Lombardia: when you encounter us on that ship we are playing characters

[18:02] Night Rider (colin.nemeth): ok

[18:03] Rich Lombardia: MArtian, Fema will determine the appropriate level of of force going in

[18:03] Rich Lombardia: but yes generally hand phasers

[18:03] Night Rider (colin.nemeth): very good sir

[18:03] Martian McDunner (martian.dunner): aye Sir

[18:04] Rich Lombardia: Other questions?

[18:04] Night Rider (colin.nemeth): none at this time

[18:06] Rich Lombardia: ok everyone to your stations. Emmy I'll comm with you through the mic but pretend i am in sick bay. I'll be getting Talena set up

[18:06] Emerald Lombardia (emerald.parkin): ok

[18:06] Night Rider (colin.nemeth): heard t heboss lets go guys

[18:06] Rich Lombardia: Also your other partient is more cooperative now and has been moved to quarters but we wont need her tonight

[18:07] Emerald Lombardia (emerald.parkin) nods

[18:07] emDash: Entering GEL Community 6

[18:09] USS Sheppard Commbadge: Ŧємa Ŧirєƒriςk ***************** Begin Mission********************

[18:09] USS Sheppard Commbadge: Name set: Lt. Cmdr. Daryl Philips

[18:09] USS Sheppard Commbadge: Emerald Lombardia checks on the Captain

[18:10] Rich Lombardia starts to come around. The bright lights of sick bay temporarily blind me until finally they focus in on his beautiful wife. "Hello Gorgeous."

[18:10] USS Sheppard Commbadge: Emerald Lombardia smiles "I see you are feeling better my dear. Are you hurting anywhere now?"

[18:10] USS Sheppard Commbadge: Ŧємa Ŧirєƒriςk: Commander Colin,, what is out status and distance from the Apache please?

[18:11] Rich Lombardia: My pain is gone, clearly I've gone to heaven.

[18:11] USS Sheppard Commbadge: Emerald Lombardia: Before you get too excited let's run a scan of you.

[18:11] Rich Lombardia: Oh I can tell you my status....taken

[18:12] USS Sheppard Commbadge: Emerald Lombardia begins the scan to see if everything is back to normal

[18:12] USS Sheppard Commbadge: Emerald Lombardia: You are very taken *smiles*

[18:12] USS Sheppard Commbadge: Emerald Lombardia leans down and places a kiss on Rich's cheek

[18:13] Rich Lombardia: What happened? I assume I didn't decide to come down her for a nap.

[18:13] USS Sheppard Commbadge: Ŧємa Ŧirєƒriςk: Engineer?? how are our engines and power holding up ??

[18:13] USS Sheppard Commbadge: Emerald Lombardia notices Rich's blood pressure rise slightly

[18:14] USS Sheppard Commbadge: Emerald Lombardia: No, you decided to collapse on the bridge. We brought you to sickbay to run tests. With all going on I was afraid maybe something had been brought back to the ship by the away team.

[18:15] Rich Lombardia: The transporter bio filters are supposed to handle that. Are any other team members sick?

[18:15] USS Sheppard Commbadge: Emerald Lombardia: No, no one but you. I am hoping it was just stress.

[18:16] USS Sheppard Commbadge: Martian McDunner: Sir Engineering reporting all system are minimual

[18:16] USS Sheppard Commbadge: Emerald Lombardia looks over the new scans.

[18:17] USS Sheppard Commbadge: Ŧємa Ŧirєƒriςk: are we still capable of holding against the forces in the Wormhole ??

[18:17] USS Sheppard Commbadge: Martian McDunner: I hope the Captain does not mind i have a few of the engineering crew going over the design of the failed system to see if we can find a work around

[18:17] Rich Lombardia: I think a few days in bed with you is all I need my love

[18:17] Rich Lombardia: That should set me right

[18:18] USS Sheppard Commbadge: Ŧємa Ŧirєƒriςk: KK,, thank you Ensign,,

[18:18] USS Sheppard Commbadge: Martian McDunner: Yes Sir we can hold but we may be close to red lining the warp drive

[18:18] Rich Lombardia: Did we escape the wormhole?

[18:18] USS Sheppard Commbadge: Emerald Lombardia: Maybe after this is over with we can take a few days and go away.

[18:18] USS Sheppard Commbadge: Emerald Lombardia: Not yet love, they are working on finding a way.

[18:18] Rich Lombardia: WE are still a few months before returning to the Thor

[18:18] USS Sheppard Commbadge: Ŧємa Ŧirєƒriςk: Im hoping we caan get with in transporter range and see what we can do with the Apahs,,

[18:18] Rich Lombardia: well then my place is on the bridge

[18:19] Rich Lombardia stand up slowly

[18:19] USS Sheppard Commbadge: Martian McDunner: I am sure they will be surprised by our looks

[18:19] USS Sheppard Commbadge: Emerald Lombardia: Well your scans are back to normal love. But I do need to run more tests and do some more blood work. Once I get the blood drawn you can go back to the bridge, just take it easy please.

[18:20] USS Sheppard Commbadge: Martian McDunner: How is that crew member we picked up off the planet did she survive

[18:20] Rich Lombardia: Deal, hurry.....please

[18:20] USS Sheppard Commbadge: Ŧємa Ŧirєƒriςk: Agreed,, Im not sure what this time distrotions has done to them,,

[18:20] USS Sheppard Commbadge: Emerald Lombardia prepares to draw blood "Give me your arm"

[18:21] USS Sheppard Commbadge: Ŧємa Ŧirєƒriςk: as far as I know,, shes still in isolation,,

[18:21] USS Sheppard Commbadge: Martian McDunner: I hope there in better shape than that poor lady we picked up on the planet

[18:21] USS Sheppard Commbadge: Emerald Lombardia: /e draws a few tubes of blood

[18:21] USS Sheppard Commbadge: Emerald Lombardia: Ok hun, you are cleared to go back to the bridge.

[18:22] Rich Lombardia: Thanks love...uh doctor.

[18:22] USS Sheppard Commbadge: Emerald Lombardia: You're welcome, just take it easy.

[18:23] USS Sheppard Commbadge: Ŧємa Ŧirєƒriςk: Tactical ??? is the scanners getting any better the closer we get to the Apache ??

[18:23] USS Sheppard Commbadge: Emerald Lombardia takes the tubes of blood to the lab "Run tests on these as soon as possible and let me know if anything unusual shows up"

[18:23] USS Sheppard Commbadge: Ŧємa Ŧirєƒriςk: thank you Commander,,

[18:24] emDash: Transporting to emerald Parkin

[18:24] Rich Lombardia hold his arm. Want to escort me to the bridge doctor?

[18:24] Emerald Lombardia (emerald.parkin): Of course sir

[18:24] Lt. Cmdr. Daryl Philips: I know they are close by. They could attack any minute.

[18:24] Med/Science: Calling lift. Please wait...

[18:25] Martian McDunner (martian.dunner): Welcome back Captain good to see you up an around

[18:25] Emerald Lombardia (emerald.parkin) arrives on the bridge "Look who is up and ready for work"

[18:26] Ŧємa Ŧirєƒriςk (firefrick): "Captain has the Bridge" !

[18:26] Rich Lombardia: Yes, I had a nice nap. Miracle what a litlte beauty sleep does for you. Report

[18:26] Night Rider (colin.nemeth): tactical reports ready captain

[18:27] Night Rider (colin.nemeth): ha a small boo boo with SL but i fixed it

[18:27] Martian McDunner (martian.dunner): Engineering all drives minimal except the slip drive

[18:27] Night Rider (colin.nemeth): we,re ready to kick ass is need be

[18:27] Ŧємa Ŧirєƒriςk (firefrick): We are barely holding against the gravametric pull pf the wormhole,,, scanners are still intermittent,, engine power is still dropping slowly,,,

[18:28] Ŧємa Ŧirєƒriςk (firefrick): The Apache is almost with in Transpoter range

[18:28] several phaser blast light the halls of the Apache as a team of command staff ambush the Engineering scouting party.

[18:28] Rich Lombardia: Excellent. Have you prepared an away team?

[18:29] Rich Lombardia: Time is of the essence. You need to get over there. Assess the situation and convince them to help us.

[18:29] Ŧємa Ŧirєƒriςk (firefrick): Was letting that go thru my head,,,, but now that your here,,,, yes,,, a standard Away-team I think,, Class A security with all Phasers set to stun,,,,

[18:30] Night Rider (colin.nemeth): aye sir

[18:30] Engineering Computer Interface: Logging out of central computer core systems

[18:30] Several command officers na sceince staff drop as phaser strike them, on the chief engineering managed to make it to another area. The voices of his pursuers hot on his trail ring in his ears

[18:30] Secondary Tactical: Logging out of Secondary Tactical Station

[18:30] Rich Lombardia: Sounds about right. We know they have been here for 160 years but it could have been less for them.

[18:31] Ŧємa Ŧirєƒriςk (firefrick): Dr. I believe I'll need you,,, as well as Commander Colin an Engineeer Martian,,

[18:31] Emerald Lombardia (emerald.parkin): Aye Sir

[18:31] Martian McDunner (martian.dunner): Ready to go Sir

[18:31] Night Rider (colin.nemeth): ready

[18:31] Rich Lombardia: Helm, bring us with in 10 meters just above the primary saucer and hold position.

[18:32] Helmsman: Aye sir, 10 meters off the dorsal.

[18:32] Martian McDunner (martian.dunner): Checks his phaser is set to stun

[18:32] Ŧємa Ŧirєƒriςk (firefrick): Hand phaseres only ,,, set to STUN please people,, these are fellow humans,,

[18:32] Emerald Lombardia (emerald.parkin): Aye sir

[18:32] Night Rider (colin.nemeth): yessir

[18:32] Rich Lombardia: Ops find a safe area to insert the away team. Keep a lock at all time if possible.

[18:33] Ops Officer: Aye sir, I have a spot but it will be difficult to maintain a lock. I'll do the best i can.

[18:33] Ŧємa Ŧirєƒriςk (firefrick): transporter is this way ya allz! hehehe

[18:34] Lt. Cmdr. Daryl Philips: Commander Strom, is that you or did you just send your lackeys?

[18:34] emDash: Entering GEL Community 6

[18:35] USS Sheppard Commbadge: Ŧємa Ŧirєƒriςk: Transpoter Officer,, standby please,,

[18:35] Rich Lombardia: Hang tight XO we are almost in position

[18:35] Usage (MyTitle v1.92): Type 'myhelp' for this help message. (Channel 1 is available : '/1 mytitle <msg>' equals 'mytitle <msg>' etc.)

[18:36] USS Sheppard Commbadge: Ŧємa Ŧirєƒriςk: remember everyone,,, thesae are fellow StarFleet members who may or maynot be right in the head,,

[18:37] [SCS] Combat Meter RC1.02 shouts: Rich Lombardia has removed thier meter.

[18:37] USS Sheppard Commbadge: Emerald Lombardia: Aye Sir. Let's just hope not like the last one we brought on board

[18:37] USS Sheppard Commbadge: Ŧємa Ŧirєƒriςk: Indeed yes Dr.,,,

[18:38] USS Sheppard Commbadge: Ŧємa Ŧirєƒriςk: and also everyone,,,, Bio-Hzzard decon when we return,,,,, just in case,,

[18:38] USS Sheppard Commbadge: Emerald Lombardia: Aye Sir

[18:38] USS Sheppard Commbadge: Martian McDunner: Aye Sir

[18:38] Ops Officer: alright captain we are in position

[18:39] several command officers come out from the door behind the chief and hold their phasers pointed at him. With no choice he surrenders.

[18:40] Rich Lombardia: Alright way team, prepare to energize

[18:40] Lt. Cmdr. Daryl Philips: You were lady enough to come here yourself

[18:40] Talena™ (talena.constantine): Security....take out those engineers....well, Commander Phillipw....nice attempt at using Command uniform....put your hands where I can see them

[18:41] Lt. Cmdr. Daryl Philips: All this and for what? So many dead

[18:41] USS Sheppard Commbadge: Ŧємa Ŧirєƒriςk: Transporter,,,engage when ready !

[18:41] Ensign Constantine: *sounds of phaser fire*

[18:41] Ŧємa Ŧirєƒriςk (firefrick): Hello there,,

[18:42] Lt. Cmdr. Daryl Philips notices a transporter beam

[18:42] Lt. Cmdr. Daryl Philips: friends of yours commander

[18:42] Ŧємa Ŧirєƒriςk (firefrick): I am LT, Fema Firefrick of the USS Sheppard,,, we are here to help you !

[18:42] Lt. Commander Dahlia Strom: thats better...too bad about your team...they should have listened

[18:43] Lt. Commander Dahlia Strom: Security...we have intruders...stand by to sieze them as soon as they have arrived and grouped....now!

[18:44] several yellow shirt crew with phasers surround the sheppard away team

[18:44] Emerald Lombardia (emerald.parkin) notices the people as she lands

[18:44] Ŧємa Ŧirєƒriςk (firefrick): zWait waity,,, e\we are here to help you,,

[18:44] Security Officer: Take their weapons and those.... other devices on their belts. Couldk be weapons.

[18:44] Ŧємa Ŧirєƒriςk (firefrick): Hold your fire everyone,,

[18:44] Emerald Lombardia (emerald.parkin): Aye Sir

[18:44] Lt. Cmdr. Daryl Philips stands still with his hands raised

[18:44] Lt. Commander Dahlia Strom: You, Commander Phillips...to the Conference Room; Command, prepare for the Tribunal. Let's go....move. Secuirty, disarm that group of intruders....have them brought to the Tribunal as well...let's go

[18:45] CasperLet: This is a reminder about your rental at Al Raqis (188,125,3979). Your rental has less than two days remaining.

[18:45] Lt. Cmdr. Daryl Philips: its no use. WE are all in this together now.

[18:45] Lt. Commander Dahlia Strom: enough chatter...move it

[18:45] Security Officer: hand over those things on your belt or we'll take them by force

[18:45] Ŧємa Ŧirєƒriςk (firefrick): Commander Strom,, we are not Intruders,,, we are Friends,,

[18:45] Night Rider (colin.nemeth): ( my phaser wont display properly SL ie being stupid)

[18:46] Rich Lombardia: =/\=Sheppard to Away team. Did you make it in ok? =/\=

[18:46] Security Officer: Those are communicators? Take those too

[18:46] Lt. Commander Dahlia Strom: such strange uniforms....team, if they make a move towards anything shiny they possess...take them down....phasers on kill

[18:46] Security Officer: Aye Commander we're ready. I say we kill them anyway. Could be the alien's reinforcements.

[18:46] Martian McDunner (martian.dunner): I do not think they believe us Sir

[18:47] Ŧємa Ŧirєƒriςk (firefrick): =^= Captain,, the Apache crew is somewhat hostile,, not seemingly understanding who and what we are, =^=

[18:47] Lt. Cmdr. Daryl Philips: Geez Commander, when did you become so blood thirsty. They haven't even shown force.

[18:47] Emerald Lombardia (emerald.parkin): WE are not here to do any harm. We only wish to help you.

[18:47] Security Officer: takes the badge off Fema's chest. "There will be no more of that."

[18:47] Ŧємa Ŧirєƒriςk (firefrick): Wait wait,,, no need for that,, we'll surrender our weapons as a show of good faith,,

[18:48] Lt. Commander Dahlia Strom: Negative. I want to know what they are doing here and why, before we sentence them. Phillips, that depends...when did you turn traitor? come on...let's go

[18:48] Ŧємa Ŧirєƒriςk (firefrick): WE ARE FELLOW STARFLEET OFFICERS !

[18:48] Martian McDunner (martian.dunner) hands the security officer his Phaser

[18:48] Security Officer: lies! you arent even wearing starfleet uniforms

[18:48] Emerald Lombardia (emerald.parkin): Look our badge looks the same as your's

[18:49] Rich Lombardia: 33 a clever disguise. Well all know the alien can look like any of us

[18:49] Ŧємa Ŧirєƒriςk (firefrick): Commander,,, it seems you folks have been in a "Time Displacement" of some kind!! we can HELP YOU,,

[18:49] Security Officer: a clever disguise. Well all know the alien can look like any of us

[18:49] Lt. Commander Dahlia Strom: the female...what's her name? Listen, people...we're in a stage of Red Alert, and this is a combat scenario...if you are truly Starfleet, then you know the protocols I am under. Now, let's have no more chatter

[18:50] Martian McDunner (martian.dunner): Pardon Sir but what year is this

[18:51] Lt. Commander Dahlia Strom: I said...enough chatter! Security Officer...do you have them secured?

[18:51] Lt. Cmdr. Daryl Philips: the year is 225......*is smacked by a security officer across his face*

[18:51] Security Officer: The Commander said no more talking.

[18:51] Ŧємa Ŧirєƒriςk (firefrick): Good question,,, Commander,, look at it this way,,, we are from about 160 years in yor Fture !!

[18:52] Ŧємa Ŧirєƒriςk (firefrick): We are truely here to help you,,,, and we need yoyur help as well,,

[18:52] Night Rider (colin.nemeth): can we stun them?

[18:52] Lt. Commander Dahlia Strom: Let's go...we'll use Sick Bay, it's bigger. Phillips, after you if you please....Security, bring the.... Time Travelers along

[18:52] Ŧємa Ŧirєƒriςk (firefrick) whispers: No Commander

[18:52] Night Rider (colin.nemeth): ok

[18:53] Ŧємa Ŧirєƒriςk (firefrick): lets follow their lead,,

[18:53] Night Rider (colin.nemeth): (lol sorry )

[18:54] Night Rider (colin.nemeth): how do we getup this?

[18:55] Ŧємa Ŧirєƒriςk (firefrick): Commander,,, please let me explain,,, we need each other help,,,, believe me,,

[18:55] TOS Chair: has been released.

[18:55] Emerald Lombardia (emerald.parkin) follows the people

[18:55] Lt. Commander Dahlia Strom: now listen, all of you, and do precisely what you are told

[18:56] Ŧємa Ŧirєƒriςk (firefrick): Commnder,, let me exxplain,,, please,,

[18:56] Security Officer: You will ahve your turn. WE have been waiting two years for this moment.

[18:56] Security Officer: Finally the Chief mutineer is caught.

[18:56] Martian McDunner (martian.dunner): what to shoot anyone that comes to help you

[18:57] Emerald Lombardia (emerald.parkin) wonders to herself 2 years

[18:57] Ŧємa Ŧirєƒriςk (firefrick): there has been a Time Displacement,, you are trapped with US,, in a wormhole,,, 160 years into YOUIR Future,,

[18:57] Talena™ (talena.constantine): Security will monitor your actions. You are party to an official Starfleet tribunal, ordered by me, Lt. Commander Dahia Strom. If what you say is true, you will know to be silent...we will get to you in turn

[18:57] Night Rider (colin.nemeth): this ship is a bit antique

[18:57] Emerald Lombardia (emerald.parkin) stand by quietly

[18:58] Security Officer: This is a top of the line Saladin class ship.

[18:59] Ŧємa Ŧirєƒriςk (firefrick): Yes,m,, Yes it is,,, in YOUR time

[18:59] Lt. Cmdr. Daryl Philips: a tribunal, how cute. Let's jsut cut the crap. WE all know how this ends.

[18:59] Talena™ (talena.constantine) Lt. Commander Phillips, you are before this tribbunal today, and stand accused of mutiny, threatening a superior officer, impersonating a Command Officer, and several counts of Apple Polishing. How....do you plead?

[18:59] Ŧємa Ŧirєƒriςk (firefrick): Why,,, a Tribunal ?? what has the Commander done ??

[19:00] Ŧємa Ŧirєƒriςk (firefrick) whispers: "apple polishing" ???

[19:00] Night Rider (colin.nemeth): lol

[19:00] Ŧємa Ŧirєƒriςk (firefrick) nugdes close to the Dr.

[19:00] Lt. Cmdr. Daryl Philips: *Laughs* "I plead, Go to hell! You will find me guilty, to cover up your murder of the Captain."

[19:01] Emerald Lombardia (emerald.parkin) whispers to Lt "What have we got ourselves into?"

[19:01] Night Rider (colin.nemeth): no idea

[19:02] Ŧємa Ŧirєƒriςk (firefrick) Dr.?? are you able to figure out any psychophysical pattern here

[19:02] Lt. Commander Dahlia Strom: Security, phasers on stun. Computer, monitor the intruders, and alert us for any signs of battle preparation in their basal metobolic rate. Now....Phillips, that is precisely how I expected you to act. The "Captain" was an alien freak...as, I suspect, you may be.

[19:02] Lt. Cmdr. Daryl Philips: speaks to the crowd of security officer "Don't you get it. She killed the Captain and assumed Command then went on a witch hunt killing anyone who went against her, claiming they were the alien.

[19:03] Lt. Cmdr. Daryl Philips: Maybe you are the alien, killing others to hide your real self>"

[19:03] Emerald Lombardia (emerald.parkin): I would need my scanner, I'm not able to pick up anything without it but it looks like maybe they are having some of the same symptoms as our patient

[19:03] Martian McDunner (martian.dunner): I think they got a dose of what that lady we found on the planet has

[19:03] Talena™ (talena.constantine) smiles....it is not a friendly smile

[19:03] Ŧємa Ŧirєƒriςk (firefrick) whispers: I was thinking the same thing

[19:04] Lt. Commander Dahlia Strom: no...I assure you...I am in full command of my facilties. Phillips...do you have anything further you wish to add to your defense?

[19:04] Ŧємa Ŧirєƒriςk (firefrick) whispers: We need to find some common ground somehow,, before both ships are lost forever

[19:04] Emerald Lombardia (emerald.parkin) whispers "I agree but not sure what, they are convinced we are aliens"

[19:04] Lt. Cmdr. Daryl Philips: Alien or not, you're a monster. The only reason we are still in one piece is because of the skill of myself and my engineers.

[19:05] Martian McDunner (martian.dunner): Your engineer would be better put to getting this ship operational

[19:06] Lt. Cmdr. Daryl Philips: See, he knows. Without me you are all doomed.

[19:07] Talena™ (talena.constantine) smiles grimly, "Nothing but chest beating and strutting. The Chief Engineer *I* knew would never behave that way. Lt. Commander Phillips, You have failed to offer anything in the remote way of proof as to your innocense. As Senior Officer, it is my sad duty to find you....guilty of all charges. The sentence, of course, is death by airlock."

[19:08] Lt. Cmdr. Daryl Philips: How many of our fellow crew have met their end that way. A cruel fate for going up against a tyrant like you.

[19:08] Ŧємa Ŧirєƒriςk (firefrick): now wait,, please wait,,

[19:09] Emerald Lombardia (emerald.parkin) whispers to the LT "Any idea what we are going to do?"

[19:09] Lt. Cmdr. Daryl Philips: I rather die then spend another minute on this ship with the likes of you. I smile knowing your inevitable demise will follow.

[19:09] Martian McDunner (martian.dunner) whispers: s when did they start tossing people out air locks

[19:10] Ŧємa Ŧirєƒriςk (firefrick): It seems you people have been ho\it by some form of pscyco tropic substanse that it making you all a bit disoriented,,, we have your Lt. Kearny abour the Sheppard and she is displaying the same symtums,,,

[19:10] Lt. Commander Dahlia Strom: *pauses a moment, and cocks her head as she ponder, absently polishing the end of her phaser* Actually....we unfortunately just carried out sentence on the engineers qualified to operate the airlock to space you.... *She chews a lip a moment, then shrugs* No matter...we have a much easier solution *raising her phaser, she fires directly at the Lt. Commander's chest*

[19:10] Lt. Cmdr. Daryl Philips: ahhhhhh..............

[19:11] TOS Chair: has been released.

[19:11] emDash: Entering GEL Community 6

[19:11] Martian McDunner (martian.dunner): My God the womans gone mad

[19:11] Night Rider (colin.nemeth): what was that

[19:11] Lt. Cmdr. Daryl Philips is disintegrated

[19:11] Emerald Lombardia (emerald.parkin) speaks slightly above a whisper May I speak please?

[19:12] Ŧємa Ŧirєƒriςk (firefrick): Pease Commander,, let the good Dr. speak ,,

[19:13] Lt. Commander Dahlia Strom: looks up calmly and smiles, "Of course. Now that we have properly dispensed justice, we are free to work with you. so, tell me, where did you park your Tardis, and what are you doing here?"

[19:13] Night Rider (colin.nemeth): tardis dont have one

[19:13] Martian McDunner (martian.dunner): Perhaps is you would check your sencors you might find our ship parked near you

[19:13] Emerald Lombardia (emerald.parkin): Ma'am, I am a doctor from the USS Shepperd and these are part of our crew. Please listen to us.

[19:14] Ŧємa Ŧirєƒriςk (firefrick): We do not have a Tardis,,, we have a Starship,, and it ,, like yoiurs is stuck in a temporal flux in the middle of a class 2 Wormhole

[19:14] Emerald Lombardia (emerald.parkin): If you do not allow us to help you, we may all be killed.

[19:15] Security Officer: Our sensors have not worked properly in six months.

[19:15] Ŧємa Ŧirєƒriςk (firefrick): Commnder,,, we need our comunicators and Tricorders,,

[19:15] USS Sheppard Commbadge: Name set: Alien "Visitor"

[19:15] Martian McDunner (martian.dunner): What?

[19:16] Talena™ (talena.constantine) sighs and nods, "I am well aware of the presence of your ship. The reference was to a 20th century fictional device. We are not barbarians. It was a joke, since you claim to be time travelers. What *I* see, are a bunch of aliens wearing what used to be my fellow humans like meat suits!

[19:16] Martian McDunner (martian.dunner): What the hell kind of engineers do you have on this ship

[19:16] Emerald Lombardia (emerald.parkin): Ma'am do you know Lt. Kearny ?

[19:16] Security Officer: So you can take the ship from us. Foolishness. These are more aliens. Its an invasion.

[19:16] Ŧємa Ŧirєƒriςk (firefrick): We need, to get your crew oer to the Sheppard and then relase the Warp Core of the Apache,,,

[19:16] Martian McDunner (martian.dunner): YOu have a tricorder use it you will find were not aliens

[19:17] Security Officer: Commander they want us to be prisoners on their ship and then destroy ours.

[19:17] Emerald Lombardia (emerald.parkin) whispers to the LT "I wonder if I could possibly sedate her so we can get everyone over to the Shepperd and deal with the consequences later"

[19:17] Lt. Commander Dahlia Strom: laughs "You want our warp core, now? Tell me again how I should trust you. And did you hear what I just said? "Meat suits". You would of course check out as human, fool, because you are wearing one!

[19:18] Martian McDunner (martian.dunner): Sheesh !

[19:18] Lt. Commander Dahlia Strom: wait

[19:18] Talena™ (talena.constantine): 21 How do you know Lt, Kearney?

[19:18] Emerald Lombardia (emerald.parkin) feels insulted saying she is wearing a meat suit. would I look this good if it were?

[19:19] Martian McDunner (martian.dunner): Tell her Doctor we have the lady in the med bay on the ship

[19:19] Lt. Commander Dahlia Strom: you...young man. You with the hair. You're making me dizzy. Sit. Down.

[19:19] Security Officer: She does look pretty good but that is all a ruse

[19:19] Emerald Lombardia (emerald.parkin): Ma'am, we found her on a planet, she was the only one alive. She had been exposed to some kind of psychotic drugs. I have been treating her on our ship

[19:20] Ŧємa Ŧirєƒriςk (firefrick): We have Lt Kearny in Isolation aboard the Sheppard,,, we found her on the surfice with a the destroyed Klingon ship,,

[19:20] Security Officer: Oh and where did she get exposed to psychotropic drugs?

[19:20] Emerald Lombardia (emerald.parkin) whispers "It's possible if I can continue to get her talking to me and I can inch closer"

[19:21] Emerald Lombardia (emerald.parkin): It came from a river on the planet, it is a very strong psychotic. Just touching it can cause episodes.

[19:21] Emerald Lombardia (emerald.parkin) steps closer to the woman

[19:22] Security Officer: We were never on the planet so we couldn't have been exposed. There goes your theory. See they are imposters

[19:22] Emerald Lombardia (emerald.parkin): Ma'am I have no reason to lie, I took an oath to save people.

[19:22] Lt. Commander Dahlia Strom: smiles at the Sec Officewr and nods, "She is exactly the type they would use to distract us. Unfortunately...we know this routine. We have seen it before. Security? Their guilt is obvious....and thus their sentence is as well. As ranking officer, you are all condemned to----"

[19:22] =/\=*over the ship intercom* This is engineer’s mate Steven’s to anyone near the engine room. WE have been locked out and have detected a warp core overload. If we can’t get inside and stop it the ship will explode. =/\=

[19:22] Emerald Lombardia (emerald.parkin): We do not know where it came from or how it got into the water. For all we know it may be in the air

[19:22] Ŧємa Ŧirєƒriςk (firefrick): Commander,, wait please,,, listen to reason,,

[19:22] Lt. Commander Dahlia Strom: warp core overload!!!

[19:23] Ŧємa Ŧirєƒriςk (firefrick): we surrendered our weapons,,

[19:23] Lt. Commander Dahlia Strom: ok, hold up....

[19:23] Ŧємa Ŧirєƒriςk (firefrick): You see,, your ship is falling apart around you,,

[19:23] Emerald Lombardia (emerald.parkin): Ma'am please listen, before it's too late, let us help you

[19:23] Ŧємa Ŧirєƒriςk (firefrick): we need to get everyone to the Sheppard,,

[19:23] Security Officer: we have to get down there and stop it

[19:24] Ŧємa Ŧirєƒriςk (firefrick): the good Dr. can help you,,, we can all help each other,,,

[19:24] Security Officer: Its one of philips supporters trying to get revenge

[19:24] Lt. Commander Dahlia Strom: licks her lips nervously, then says in a velvet voice, her eyes going soft and wicked, "Alright....you say you are Starfleet, and from the future.....do you know how to save us from an overload?"

[19:24] Emerald Lombardia (emerald.parkin): I give my word nothing will happen to you if you come with me.

[19:24] Emerald Lombardia (emerald.parkin) turns to the engineer

[19:25] Ŧємa Ŧirєƒriςk (firefrick): Maybe our Engineer can,,, maybe he cant,,,, but if he cant,,, we can go to the Sheppard and hopefully be safe nd get away form the whole mess,

[19:25] Emerald Lombardia (emerald.parkin): The wormhole is going to destroy both of our ships if we do not get out of here

[19:26] Ŧємa Ŧirєƒriςk (firefrick): Please,,, I implore you,,, let us help,,,

[19:26] Emerald Lombardia (emerald.parkin) wonders if her husband sent her here to get rid of her for the insurance money

[19:26] Lt. Commander Dahlia Strom: nods, "Security, released them....all of you, follow me...there isn't a moment to lose

[19:26] Emerald Lombardia (emerald.parkin) sighs relief

[19:26] Ŧємa Ŧirєƒriςk (firefrick): kk

[19:26] Security Officer: Aye Commander

[19:26] Talena™ (talena.constantine): or, Colin can lead the way...

[19:26] Night Rider (colin.nemeth): dont know wher to go

[19:27] Emerald Lombardia (emerald.parkin): Where to Ma'am we don't have much time

[19:27] Martian McDunner (martian.dunner): up the ladder

[19:27] Lt. Commander Dahlia Strom: shoves the bumbling newcomer aside

[19:27] several engineers are frantically trying to get eh door to the engine room oopen

[19:28] Lt. Commander Dahlia Strom: if you dont know the way...mind if I lead, bub? thanks

[19:28] Martian McDunner (martian.dunner): bottom of the ladder Emmy

[19:29] Alien "Visitor": no one move

[19:29] Emerald Lombardia (emerald.parkin): Cadet, can you do what needs to be done

[19:29] Alien "Visitor": one more step and ill send this scrap heap to the next century

[19:29] Night Rider (colin.nemeth): what was that

[19:30] Martian McDunner (martian.dunner): Looks at the Alien

[19:30] the vocie comes from the second floor of the engine room

[19:30] Alien "Visitor": Dont try and stop it. This is the only way.

[19:30] Emerald Lombardia (emerald.parkin) looks for the source of the voice

[19:30] Alien "Visitor": If i dont do this all your worlds will be detroyed

[19:30] Talena™ (talena.constantine) glares at the newcomer, "I realize my ass is a diversion, but can you stay a few inches back from it? Thanks....now, you....Firefrick, they called you? Have your people do what needs doing.,....and hurry. You, you're a doctor?"

[19:30] Martian McDunner (martian.dunner): Doctor we need to get out of here an back to the Sheppard

[19:31] Emerald Lombardia (emerald.parkin): Yes we do

[19:31] Emerald Lombardia (emerald.parkin): Yes I am a doctor

[19:31] Alien "Visitor": I said dont stop it

[19:31] Lt. Commander Dahlia Strom: why do you need to go? this core is about to overload!

[19:32] Martian McDunner (martian.dunner): If it does it could push our ship out of the wormhole

[19:32] Emerald Lombardia (emerald.parkin) looks at the alien who just entered WE have to stop it

[19:32] Alien "Visitor": Your world will die if we dont not destroy this ship *a man who looks remarkably liek the deceased LT. Cmdr. Philips appears

[19:32] Emerald Lombardia (emerald.parkin): It's our only way out of here

[19:32] Lt. Commander Dahlia Strom: hold up.... *addresses that Voice* Stop....what?

[19:32] Alien "Visitor": I'll explain but we have to be brief

[19:32] Lt. Commander Dahlia Strom: oh, my dear lord....

[19:33] Lt. Commander Dahlia Strom: ok briefly...what are you talking about??

[19:33] Alien "Visitor": created a gravity drive — the first of its kind — so that my people could finally leave the confines of their solar system. While testing the prototype, the drive malfunctioned and created this wormhole.

[19:33] Emerald Lombardia (emerald.parkin) mumbles " We do not have time for this"

[19:33] Martian McDunner (martian.dunner): Give us back the com badge so we can call the ship to transport us out of here

[19:34] Rich Lombardia: 21 I never intended to hurt anyone. On my planet, there are two forms of life that exist in symbiosis. One is sentient, a small weak thing that would surely perish without its companion form: a strong but nonsentient animal. We merge with this creature, absorbing and taking its form, and carrying its primitive memories with us. Together, we have created civilization and have just taken our first steps off-world

[19:34] Alien "Visitor": I never intended to hurt anyone. On my planet, there are two forms of life that exist in symbiosis. One is sentient, a small weak thing that would surely perish without its companion form: a strong but nonsentient animal. We merge with this creature, absorbing and taking its form, and carrying its primitive memories with us. Together, we have created civilization and have just taken our first steps off-world

[19:35] Emerald Lombardia (emerald.parkin): Ma'am we really need to get back to the Shepperd before it's too late.

[19:35] Martian McDunner (martian.dunner): Doctor there is no time or any chance of stopping the warp core overload

[19:35] Alien "Visitor": I was not in control of myself, on the verge of death, when my body acted out of self-preservation to absorb Ensign Mendola. I tried, many times, to communicate with the crew.

[19:35] Emerald Lombardia (emerald.parkin): we need out com badges now

[19:36] Alien "Visitor": Commander, please allow them to have their communicators and evacuate the ship. You will need to push the Apache closer to my vessel or this might not work.

[19:36] Security Officer: Hands over the combadges

[19:36] Martian McDunner (martian.dunner): For the makers sake listen to reason

[19:36] Talena™ (talena.constantine) spreads her hands helplessly, then looks towards the two females, "You two are in charge of your team? Security, give them their...what did you call it? A comm badge? Give them what they need. Firefrick...Doctor...you are, as of this moment, in charge of this operation."

[19:36] Alien "Visitor": I am sorry for all of this but I will amke it right

[19:36] Emerald Lombardia (emerald.parkin) takes the badge and gives a weak smile to the alien

[19:36] Martian McDunner (martian.dunner) puts on his com badge

[19:36] Lt. Commander Dahlia Strom: growled "You're damn right you will."

[19:37] Rich Lombardia: 21 I can give you no more than 15 minutes, good luck

[19:37] Emerald Lombardia (emerald.parkin): =A= Lombardia to Shepperd=A=

[19:37] Alien "Visitor": I can give you no more than 15 minutes, good luck

[19:37] Rich Lombardia: =/\=Doctor, go a head

[19:37] Emerald Lombardia (emerald.parkin): You too Sir,

[19:38] USS Sheppard Commbadge: Emerald Lombardia: =A=Beam us up quickly, the ship is about to go, we have what is left of the crew=A=

[19:39] Rich Lombardia: =/\=Ops lock on to the away team, emergency beam out. Stand by doctor=/\=

[19:39] USS Sheppard Commbadge: Lt. Commander Dahlia Strom: raises a hand, "You people...get yourselves out of hear. Take my crew tih you. All of them" SShe pauses, looking down as tears begin to flow down her cheeks, "All but me. I....will be staying."

[19:39] USS Sheppard Commbadge: Emerald Lombardia: =A= Aye Sir=A=

[19:39] USS Sheppard Commbadge: Emerald Lombardia: Ma'am you cannot stay, you need to come with us

[19:39] Security Officer: You cant stay commander, you had no choice. This is a second chance

[19:40] USS Sheppard Commbadge: Lt. Commander Dahlia Strom: gives the doctor a haunted look

[19:40] the beams energizes

[19:40] USS Sheppard Commbadge: Emerald Lombardia: Please don't make us leave you

[19:40] USS Sheppard Commbadge: Emerald Lombardia: Come everyone lets go

[19:41] USS Sheppard Commbadge: Lt. Commander Dahlia Strom: "Doctor...I have killed...." She drops her eyes and steps back, "Do you realize what I have DONE?!"

[19:41] USS Sheppard Commbadge: Emerald Lombardia looks at the woman

[19:41] USS Sheppard Commbadge: Emerald Lombardia: Yes but you did only what you felt you had to, please come

[19:41] Engineering Computer Interface: Command Codes authenticated, logging into central computer core systems

[19:41] Secondary Tactical: Command Codes authenticated, logging into Secondary Tactical Station

[19:41] Martian McDunner (martian.dunner): Pheww good to be back

[19:41] Rich Lombardia: What is going on, We are detecting a build up in there warp core.

[19:42] USS Sheppard Commbadge: Emerald Lombardia: I will send for you I expect you to come

[19:42] Night Rider (colin.nemeth): think its going to go boom sir

[19:42] Night Rider (colin.nemeth): b00m

[19:42] USS Sheppard Commbadge: Lt. Commander Dahlia Strom: breaks down utterly, and leans into the woman, "Gone...oh my GOD...they're all gone....what have I done...what have I done..."

[19:42] Night Rider (colin.nemeth): as in boom boom

[19:42] Martian McDunner (martian.dunner): Aye Sir the alien overloaded it if we go warp full reverse the explosion may push us out of this worm hole

[19:42] Rich Lombardia: Ops lock on to the ship we need to get it closer to the alien ship. I am not taking any chances. MArtian how much time do we have

[19:42] Emerald Lombardia (emerald.parkin): Captain please send for the woman and her crew

[19:43] Martian McDunner (martian.dunner): Less than 15 minutes sir

[19:43] Ops Officer: we have a lock.

[19:43] Rich Lombardia: Alright, Ops beam up as many as you can lock on to.

[19:43] Rich Lombardia: Helm, take us closer to the alien object.

[19:44] Rich Lombardia: SEcurity, yellow alert, sheidls to max. Martian reinforce our sheilds and we will be needing warp speed

[19:44] Emerald Lombardia (emerald.parkin) hopes the woman takes the beam and comes on board

[19:44] Martian McDunner (martian.dunner): Aye sir

[19:44] Night Rider (colin.nemeth): sheilds to max aye sir

[19:44] Helmsman: Aye sir, approaching the alien vessel, escape course plotted, gravitational waves increasing sir.

[19:44] Martian McDunner (martian.dunner): Warp on your command Sir

[19:45] the ship rocks as they approach

[19:45] Emerald Lombardia (emerald.parkin) watches

[19:45] Rich Lombardia: Martian time until warp breach?

[19:45] USS Sheppard Alert System shouts: yellow alert

[19:45] USS Sheppard Alert System shouts: computer mute alert

[19:46] Martian McDunner (martian.dunner): 6 minutes

[19:46] Emerald Lombardia (emerald.parkin) looks toward her husband with a worried look

[19:46] Martian McDunner (martian.dunner): Do we have the other crew out

[19:46] Rich Lombardia: Aye, lets position the Apache just over the alien ship.

[19:47] Rich Lombardia: Ops, status on the crew transport?

[19:47] Lt. Commander Dahlia Strom: =A= Incoming Hail from the USS Apache =A=

[19:47] Helmsman: I have 47 but cant lock onto any more.

[19:47] Rich Lombardia: put it through

[19:47] Helmsman: incoming hail, its from the apache

[19:48] Night Rider (colin.nemeth): (streams just died)

[19:48] Rich Lombardia: disengage tractor beam and start moving us away, prepare to go to warp as soon as the warp core goes off.

[19:48] Martian McDunner (martian.dunner): Aye Sir

[19:48] Martian McDunner (martian.dunner): Warp drive standing by

[19:48] Lt. Commander Dahlia Strom: =A= This is Lt. Commander Dahlia Strom, on board the USS Apache. To the valient cre of the USS Shepard =A=

[19:49] Emerald Lombardia (emerald.parkin) looks up hearing the woman's voice

[19:49] Martian McDunner (martian.dunner): My god she is staying

[19:49] Rich Lombardia: =A=Commander, we sent beams. We can lock on to your comm signal and get you we arent out of range yet. =A=

[19:50] Martian McDunner (martian.dunner): 5 minutes till core breach

[19:50] Rich Lombardia: AChknowledged

[19:50] Emerald Lombardia (emerald.parkin): Sir can we just beam her aboard and not let her die?

[19:51] Helmsman: I am trying to lock on, so much interference.

[19:51] Martian McDunner (martian.dunner): 4 minutes

[19:52] Emerald Lombardia (emerald.parkin) prays she comes on board

[19:52] Lt. Commander Dahlia Strom: =A= "I want to thank you, for saving the remainder of my crew. And....for saving my soul. Were it not for you, I was prepared to llabel every single one of them an alien and a traitor, and condemn them to death...you have brought us salvation, and peace. But I am afraid I cannot join you. I have one more sentence left to pass, and commute. Please, watch ovber my crew....despite appearances...they are good officers. This is the final transcript from the USS Apache. Lt. Commander Dahlia Strom....out." =A=

[19:53] Ops Officer: I lost the signal. Sorry Sir

[19:53] Martian McDunner (martian.dunner): 3 minutes

[19:53] Emerald Lombardia (emerald.parkin)'s eyes tear up

[19:53] Rich Lombardia: Standby warp speed

[19:54] Night Rider (colin.nemeth): (need to go soon)

[19:54] Helmsman: Maxximum warp standing by *holds hand ready tro engage*

[19:54] Martian McDunner (martian.dunner): 2 minutes

[19:55] Rich Lombardia: Martian lock in auxiliary power to inertial dampeners. This could be a a wild ride.

[19:55] Rich Lombardia: Alright engage warp speed

[19:55] Martian McDunner (martian.dunner): Aye Sir Locked in

[19:55] Martian McDunner (martian.dunner): one minute

[19:55] Helm Console: Command Codes authenticated, logging into central computer core systems

[19:55] Emerald Lombardia (emerald.parkin) grabs onto the station

[19:56] Night Rider (colin.nemeth): hang onto your hats

[19:56] Helm Console: Warp 9

[19:56] Rich Lombardia: AS soon as that ship goes we are goona be released

[19:56] Rich Lombardia: Doctor you migt want ot sit for this one

[19:57] Emerald Lombardia (emerald.parkin): Aye sir *takes a seat*

[19:57] Martian McDunner (martian.dunner): Nearing red line on warp drive lets hope this works

[19:58] the Shepard is at maximum warp but suspended by the gravitational pull of the worm hole. A distant explosion consumes both the USS Apache and the alien vessel, sealing the wormhole and allowing the Shepard to warp to safety, narrowly avoiding the wave

[19:58] Martian McDunner (martian.dunner): phewww it worked

[19:58] The Sheppard hakes and rocks as it warp through space finally outrunning the explosive warp.

[19:58] Martian McDunner (martian.dunner): Warp drive holding steady now sir

[19:59] Rich Lombardia: Ops sensor sweet of that area. Any sign of the worm hole?

[19:59] Emerald Lombardia (emerald.parkin) lets out a sigh of relief and sadness

[19:59] Ops Officer: scanning sir. Negative. But everything in that area if gone, included that entire solar system. I am also reading temporal fluctuation but they are minor.

[20:00] Rich Lombardia: Stadn down yellow alert

[20:00] Rich Lombardia: lower shields

[20:00] Helm Console: Logging out of central computer core systems

[20:00] USS Sheppard Alert System shouts: stand down

[20:00] USS Sheppard Alert System SECURITY shouts: stand down

[20:00] Secondary Tactical: Logging out of Secondary Tactical Station

[20:00] Rich Lombardia: Well, That was something.

[20:01] Martian McDunner (martian.dunner) breaths a sigh of relief

[20:01] Rich Lombardia: At least we can report on teh final resting palce of the USS Apache

[20:01] Talena™ (talena.constantine): "Captain....I have recorded the details provided me by the Computer as Top Secret, pending a report to Starfleet and your approval..." She turns and slides into the seat next to him, then says brightly, "So! What did I miss?"

[20:01] Emerald Lombardia (emerald.parkin) sits quietly thinking of the ones who did not make it

[20:01] Martian McDunner (martian.dunner): How many of that crew did we pick up

[20:01] Rich Lombardia: Oh quite a lot. WE also have a number of....passengers that have a lot of catching up to do.

[20:02] Rich Lombardia: I beleive teh final count was 43

[20:02] Rich Lombardia: out of a possible 88

[20:02] Martian McDunner (martian.dunner): Aye i would imagine they are a bit confused

[20:02] Emerald Lombardia (emerald.parkin): They should all have physicals

[20:02] Talena™ (talena.constantine) nods quitely, "That poor woman...what was her name...Lt. Commander Strom. In a way, she was a hero..."

[20:03] Martian McDunner (martian.dunner): Scary one at first

[20:03] Rich Lombardia: Talena, please work with Doctor Lombardia and operations . We need medical checks and identification. Then we need to assign them quarters and let them know what century they are in.

[20:03] Emerald Lombardia (emerald.parkin): Yes but at least she listened to reason

[20:03] Talena™ (talena.constantine) chews her lip thoughtfully, and adds, "Quite a beauty, too, from the holos I have seen...."

[20:03] Rich Lombardia: I cant imagine what they went through. One thw psychologists will argue for time to come.

[20:04] Emerald Lombardia (emerald.parkin) smiles at the Ensign " She was stunning"

[20:04] Martian McDunner (martian.dunner): Pardon Sir she didnt look to pretty holding that blasted phaser

[20:04] Emerald Lombardia (emerald.parkin): Yes Sir, they will need a lot of help to adjust.

[20:04] Rich Lombardia: Beauty is dangerous Mr. McDunner

[20:04] Martian McDunner (martian.dunner): Aye on that Sir

[20:04] Night Rider (colin.nemeth): has themission finished?

[20:05] Rich Lombardia: Alright. Martian. Get me a damage report. Mr. Nemeth lets keep a security detail around our guests. They have been through a lot and we are not sure how they will take the news.

[20:05] Night Rider (colin.nemeth): very good sir

[20:05] Talena™ (talena.constantine) smiles at the doctor, her dark eyes twinkling as she listens to them all, then nods to the Captain, "nods, "Aye sir. I stand ready whenever the good Doctor has need of me.."

[20:05] Emerald Lombardia (emerald.parkin): WE will be busy for a while.

[20:05] Rich Lombardia: Alright, you have your jobs. Get to them.

[20:06] Rich Lombardia: ======End Mission========