Ensign Lister

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Ensign "Curry" Lister
General Data
*Faction: Federation
*Violence: Calm
*Primary Language: Federation Common
Biological Information
Other Information
any other information


NPC Character

Joining the USS Shogun as an Operations Officer, Ensign Lister will forever hold this rank. He has a tendency to "cook" what can only be described as marinated slop and call it food. His continuing voyage and quest is to find an old earthen delicacy known only as the "edible pot noodle". It is presumed his quest will never be successful.


His time in the Academy was short, Graduating just barely as a helmsman his many infractions include:

  • Laziness
  • "ogling" females
  • Theft of an Academy Shuttle
  • Playing 'Rasta Billy Skank' at unhealthy levels of volume (essentially any volume that is audible to any life form)


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