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General Data
*SIM Type: USS Menelaus Missions
*Initiated: 110909
*Ended: 110909
*Year: 2386
*Aliens: None
*Forum Thread: Escort]
*Previous Mission: Scavanger
*Next Mission: Rising Tension
*SIM Concept: Tedra Llewellyn

Mission Briefing

SD 110909.1254, first officer ships logs

We have been at this idyl little planet for about a week now and dreadfull news have arrived so far form Pinastri. Our direct superior retired and all is on the move. they did promise a fast solution. One can only hope. On the good site, Ezra had plenty of time to get rid of her flu in the sunshine of this paradise planet. We have stocked up some excotic food and our cook is also happy. I just hope the resolution i close. I do like the sun and the warm but I for one am eager to be on our way

Mission Log

SD 110910.1823, first officer ships logs

we received finanly our order, we were to protect a trade route. I was not quite sure why we were taken off our investigation but maybe it had to do with the change on the top. We set course but were quite fast deverted by a distress signal we received by a merchant vessel. The FSS Michalla was in some kind of trouble. Although at high warp we needed close to 4 hours. Unfortunately the ship exploded before we could reach it. of around 50 lifesigns we were able to make out only 2 could be recovered alive. Cpt Morenna and T'Lara T'Lon were the only survivors. We got them to sickbay where our docs immidately went to work.

Cpt. Sweet ordered to follow a trail, even after it ended in order to catch the attacker. Unfortunately it were our black "friends". the soon we got out of warp as the trail got cold, we were under attack. the shields failing fast and our firing at them to no effect. Helm did a hasty escape and tlhepa is now doing a full analysis while Kosmos and her team is again busy to fix the ship. We are at our highest warp possible on our way to a nebula. thankfully for us they did not pursue. I wonder why.


Ship Status

Status: green


  • Command
    • Ezra Sweet
    • Tedra de Arr
  • Operations
    • Ashlynn Gravois
    • Chronus Boxen
    • Emilie Chardin

  • Engineering*
    • Data Giant
    • Damien Korolev
    • Jackray Toocool
  • Security
    • tlhepa Gurbux
    • Reina Beaumont
  • Science
    • Jim Foxley
    • Sarheni Kanto
  • Medical
    • Yuzuki Ultsch
    • William Greymoon