Extinction by War

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Extinction by War
General Data
*Production number: 019
*Initiated: 080324
*Ended: 080325
*Year: 2383
*Previous Mission: Epidemic
*Next Mission: Born to Serve Part I
*SIM Concept: Chase Quinnell and Michaels Toshi
*Historian: MilesPrower Dagger


The Redeemer is dispatched to an uncharted region of space known as the Wythym Expanse. Many people have avoided the area for some unknown reason, saying that it is cursed.

Upon entering the expanse, it is noted that the area contains debris from numerous ancient starships. They appear to be over 2000 years old. Mixed in with the wreckage are a bunch of newer ships that appear to have been wrecked within the past 100 years.

One ship in particular, the long lost USS Delphic (Excelsior class), is seen amongst the wreckage. The Delphic was recorded missing over a year ago.

Then, the Redeemer finds out just what happened to these ships.. The ship's computers begin to fail, many systems become corrupted.


Mission Logs

[12:24] Chase Quinnell: Helm, ETA to the Wythym expanse?
[12:24] Blush Babii: 5 mins Sir
[12:24] Blush Babii: we are going with warp 7 Sir
[12:26] Blush Babii: disengage warp sir, system Wythym reached
[12:26] Nailer Dagger: Starting perimeter scans
[12:26] Nailer Dagger: Sir I'm picking up several pieces of debris
[12:26] Chase Quinnell: Orion, I'd recommend making those observations you wanted so badly.
[12:27] Orion Pastorelli: yes sir
[12:27] Chase Quinnell: Debris? Onscreen
[12:27] Nailer Dagger: Captain!
[12:27] Nailer Dagger: A ship
[12:27] Chase Quinnell: A ship? Here?
[12:27] Nailer Dagger: well most of it
[12:27] Chase Quinnell: Most of it?
[12:27] Chase Quinnell: On main viewer
[12:28] Nailer Dagger: it is extremely beaten up
[12:28] Nailer Dagger: running it thru the library computer now
[12:28] Orion Pastorelli initiates EM Spectrum and subspace scans of the area
[12:29] Nailer Dagger: It's one of ours Sir the USS Delphic(Excelsior class)
[12:29] Chase Quinnell: The Delphic was lost a year ago
[12:30] Chase Quinnell: Why is it here?
[12:30] Nailer Dagger: Sir some of the wreckage is over 2000 years old
[12:30] Nailer Dagger: and some only 100 and less
[12:30] Chase Quinnell: Science, can you verify?
[12:30] Nailer Dagger: Sir it seems to be a large deposit of space garbage
[12:30] Orion Pastorelli: preliminary radio-carbon decay scans confirm that estimate
[12:30] Jaket Benelli: an intergalactic backwater of some kind?
[12:31] Chase Quinnell: I think it's worth investigating.
[12:31] Chase Quinnell: Helm, take is closer to the debris field
[12:31] Chase Quinnell: Park us near the Delphic
[12:31] Blush Babii: aye Sir
[12:31] Jaket Benelli: captain, i must advise caution
[12:31] Blush Babii moves ship closer
[12:32] Jaket Benelli: we dont know what stranded all those ships here
[12:32] Chase Quinnell: Noted.
[12:32] Jaket Benelli: there might be some phenomenon that causes engine failure for all we know
[12:32] Orion Pastorelli start going over results of scans...
[12:32] Nailer Dagger: Sir my console..... Strange it seemed to flash on and off
[12:32] Chase Quinnell: What do you mean?
[12:32] Blush Babii: uhh mine too Sir
[12:33] Nailer Dagger: like a power drain in the computer core
[12:33] Chase Quinnell: Engineering, can you repair the problem?
[12:33] Jaket Benelli: mine is flashing too
[12:33] Jaket Benelli: er, i THINK some connections have worked lose
[12:33] Jaket Benelli: cant think how that could of happened though
[12:33] Jaket Benelli starts rummaging around in the wiring of his console
[12:33] Jaket Benelli: nope, all connections look fine
[12:33] Chase Quinnell sighs
[12:33] Nailer Dagger: Sir I'm going to run a level 3 diagnostic on the core
[12:34] Chase Quinnell: Always going for the guts of the machine...
[12:34] Jaket Benelli: well i AM an engineer
[12:34] Blush Babii: Sir i cant control the ship anymore
[12:34] Jaket Benelli: running level 3 diagnostics on all subsystems
[12:34] Nailer Dagger: Sir we are losing command functions
[12:34] Chase Quinnell: Now the lights are going fritzy
[12:34] Jaket Benelli: initiating level 1 diagnostic on warp core
[12:34] Orion Pastorelli: sir, initial reports are in... I have evidence of two different technology traditions... probably what we see here is the result of an ancient battle between two opposing space fairing species...
[12:34] Chase Quinnell: Engineering get my power back
[12:35] Chase Quinnell: Ancient battle?
[12:35] Jaket Benelli: working on it sir
[12:35] Chase Quinnell: Elaborate
[12:35] Nailer Dagger: Sir I'n loosing long range scanners
[12:35] Jaket Benelli taps furiously at controls, trying to input commands
[12:35] Blush Babii: Sir we just lost impulse power
[12:35] Chase Quinnell: darn..
[12:35] Nailer Dagger: The forward sensor array won't respond
[12:36] Jaket Benelli: sir, problem in the warp anti matter containment
[12:36] Jaket Benelli: ill have to shut down the core
[12:36] Chase Quinnell: Did we just loose power?
[12:36] Nailer Dagger: The comm is down also sir
[12:36] Blush Babii: yes Sir
[12:36] Jaket Benelli: switching to battery backups
[12:36] Chase Quinnell: Bridge to engineering..
[12:36] Chase Quinnell: Engineering respond.
[12:36] Orion Pastorelli: well I am detecting trace subspace warping of some of the decay hulls which would suggest that energy or particle weaponry
[12:36] Jaket Benelli presses buttons that he hopes will bring the consoles back
[12:36] Chase Quinnell sighs
[12:36] Nailer Dagger: Back ups not functioning at ops
[12:37] Jaket Benelli: that SHOULD give us the consoles at least sir
[12:37] Nailer Dagger: spoke to soon
[12:37] Blush Babii tries to get control of the ship back, but without success
[12:37] Nailer Dagger: and ops is down again
[12:37] Jaket Benelli: :comm: benelli to engineering, try to get back up battery banks 2/7 running
[12:37] Orion Pastorelli: in addition... oh wait... the hell? science console is not responding...
[12:37] Jaket Benelli: no luck sir
[12:37] Chase Quinnell: I think we need to get down to Engineering and see what the hell is going on..
[12:38] Jaket Benelli: aye sir
[12:38] Chase Quinnell: Are the turbolifts functioning
[12:38] Jaket Benelli: turbolifts are offline sir
[12:38] Chase Quinnell: Well then lets take the jefferies tubes
[12:38] Chase Quinnell: the bridge is useless
[12:38] Jaket Benelli: uh-oh
[12:38] Nailer Dagger: Sir might I attempt to purge the core there seems to be something in there that is well... Alien in nature
[12:38] Jaket Benelli: bad news sir
[12:38] Chase Quinnell: What bad news would that be?
[12:38] Orion Pastorelli begins trying backdoor functions...
[12:38] Jaket Benelli: life support control is offline
[12:39] Blush Babii: ohhh
[12:39] Chase Quinnell: Then we better get down there quick Jaket.
[12:40] Chase Quinnell: Alright, get life support back online! Right now it's our highest priority.
[12:40] Jaket Benelli: trying sir
[12:40] Jaket Benelli: controls seem sluggish
[12:41] Nailer Dagger: Sir about the computer core
[12:41] Jaket Benelli: on the up side the crystals seem good
[12:41] Chase Quinnell: Yea Nailer?
[12:41] Jaket Benelli: so if we can get power working again, warp drive should be no problem
[12:41] Nailer Dagger: It's well to put it frankly "Shot" Sir
[12:41] Orion Pastorelli works on the console...
[12:41] Jaket Benelli: life support is running on battery power
[12:42] Jaket Benelli: it will last about an hour sir
[12:42] Nailer Dagger: Seem to be infected with an alien virus
[12:42] Chase Quinnell: How can we remove said virus?
[12:42] Chase Quinnell: Any thoughts?
[12:42] Chase Quinnell taps on the console
[12:42] Nailer Dagger: I am trying to purge the core now sir
[12:42] Nailer Dagger: perhaps this is how all of these ships got here
[12:43] Blush Babii: yes probably
[12:43] Blush Babii: i hope we wont end like the rest
[12:43] Jaket Benelli: im working on making sure we dont
[12:43] Jaket Benelli: and we have only an hour of life support guys
[12:43] Orion Pastorelli: well if the main computer core was infected that means any systems it was interfaced with are also compromised...
[12:43] Nailer Dagger: Engineer might I recommend putting the field containment unit and cooling systems on back ups while I purge would hate to cause a breach here
[12:44] Jaket Benelli ponders
[12:44] Blush Babii: maybe we should try to investigate some of other ships...by going there
[12:44] Jaket Benelli: do so
[12:44] Computer: Warning, warp core collapse in ten seconds.
[12:44] Chase Quinnell: Warp core collapse ten seconds.. might wanna fix that!
[12:44] Jaket Benelli: EVERYBODY OUT!!!
[12:44] Jaket Benelli: ill try to fix it
[12:44] Nailer Dagger: backups active
[12:44] Chase Quinnell: Everyone out!
[12:44] Orion Pastorelli: fix it? eject it!
[12:44] Chase Quinnell: Eject that core!
[12:45] Orion Pastorelli: wait there are still men in there

[12:45] Chase Quinnell: I see you ejected the core.. good work Jaket.
[12:45] Nailer Dagger rushes to scan the engineer
[12:46] Blush Babii: so we can be happy if we can get impulse to work now
[12:46] Nailer Dagger: Captain he's okay no sign of radiation poisoning
[12:46] Chase Quinnell: Purging the virus and getting life support are our highest priorities
[12:47] Jaket Benelli: captain, doing a purge and manual restart might work
[12:47] Orion Pastorelli starts examining the computer situation...
[12:47] Chase Quinnell: Then try it Mr. Benelli
[12:47] Nailer Dagger: Purgeing the sub core now sir
[12:48] Jaket Benelli: WAIT!!!
[12:48] Nailer Dagger: holding
[12:48] Jaket Benelli: i need to setup a buffer first
[12:48] Jaket Benelli: so we dont lose vital coding
[12:48] Nailer Dagger: agreed
[12:48] Jaket Benelli: right, buffer is ready
[12:48] Jaket Benelli: the core can be safely purged
[12:48] Nailer Dagger: purging
[12:48] Orion Pastorelli: sir I think our best bet would be a workaround... secondary backup systems so far have not be activated so they should be clean, however once we bring them online they will be infected...
[12:48] Chase Quinnell taps a few keys on the keyboard
[12:48] Nailer Dagger: Orion restart on my mark
[12:48] Jaket Benelli: so we have to isolate them first
[12:49] Nailer Dagger: mark
[12:49] Nailer Dagger: you can now scan for the viral program
[12:50] Orion Pastorelli: if we can bring up the secondary backups independently they should be fine, only problem is we need to find a way to connect the systems with out spreading the infections all over...
[12:50] Chase Quinnell: Initiating scans.
[12:50] Jaket Benelli: i think i may have an idea
[12:50] Orion Pastorelli: correct mr. Benneli
[12:50] Jaket Benelli: ever heard of double clutching?
[12:50] Chase Quinnell: No, actually I haven't
[12:50] Jaket Benelli: its an old motormobile term
[12:51] Jaket Benelli: basically, the clutch was in 2 stages
[12:51] Jaket Benelli: we need to do the same with the computer
[12:51] Jaket Benelli: kind of like a data airlock
[12:51] Jaket Benelli: so the systems are isolated both ends before we engage them
[12:52] Orion Pastorelli: I think I read about that in one of Nailer's old novel, when they used internal combustion engines running fossil fuels...
[12:52] Jaket Benelli: precisely
[12:52] Jaket Benelli: i think its our only option sir
[12:52] Chase Quinnell: Lets get to work then
[12:53] Nailer Dagger: See I told you my addiction to 20th century novels would save our butts someday
[12:53] Jaket Benelli: the moment back ups touch the main systems they will be infected
[12:53] Orion Pastorelli: agreed mr. Benelli, but then we need to connect the systems in a way they won't be re-exposed to the virus which we still know every little about...
[12:53] Jaket Benelli: hey, it was my idea!
[12:54] Chase Quinnell: Alright. Lets get to work before those backups have a chance to be infected
[12:54] Jaket Benelli: aye
[12:54] Chase Quinnell: And before the core wanders too far
[12:54] Chase Quinnell taps a few buttons on the panel
[12:54] Jaket Benelli: that shouldn’t be a problem
[12:54] Orion Pastorelli grins nervously at Nailer trying not to reveal how afraid he is...
[12:54] Jaket Benelli: i placed a tracker on it months ago
[12:55] Nailer Dagger: well we could use the command core from a shuttle craft which would give us enough function to get home and in the mean time we could transport the effected core in to space and destroy it with a phaser blast
[12:55] Chase Quinnell: Good thinking Nailer [12:55] Nailer Dagger: just a suggestion sir
[12:55] You: Alright, I'm initiating the first isolation sequence.
[12:56] Jaket Benelli: but we cant slave the ship to the shuttle systems without infecting the shuttle
[12:57] Chase Quinnell: Isolating the secondary data streams.
[12:57] Jaket Benelli: buffers look good
[12:57] Nailer Dagger: well then transport out the effected systems first then connect the shuttle system
[12:57] Chase Quinnell taps the buttons on the panel
[12:57] Jaket Benelli: they should hold
[12:57] Chase Quinnell: Nailer, you prepare the shuttle for a link-up
[12:57] Jaket Benelli: we could use a shuttle itself as a buffer
[12:57] Orion Pastorelli: do we have any offline subspace relays in storage? they could be configured to connect the systems and the shuttle core without going through the main data routes...
[12:57] Jaket Benelli: i think so

[12:58] Redeemer Holodeck whispers: When you are finished, say 'clear' or 'end program' to
clear the scene.
[12:59] Chase Quinnell: Got the relays somewhere in this mess?
[12:59] Jaket Benelli: looking
[12:59] Chase Quinnell: I can't believe how filthy you engineers allow these cargobays to get.
[12:59] Jaket Benelli: i told Castrol to tidy in here weeks ago!
[12:59] Chase Quinnell sighs
[12:59] Jaket Benelli: im going to put him on report
[12:59] Chase Quinnell opens a container
[12:59] Chase Quinnell: This appears to be...I don't know what it is..
[13:00] Jaket Benelli: thats a photon modulator sir
[13:00] Chase Quinnell: Oh.
[13:00] Nailer Dagger: um Sir
[13:00] Chase Quinnell: I knew that.
[13:00] Chase Quinnell: Yes?
[13:00] Orion Pastorelli: I don't believe this.. inventory is offline we have to search manually
[13:00] Jaket Benelli: darn!
[13:00] Nailer Dagger: Isn't this an old mark II computer core
[13:00] Chase Quinnell looks in the box
[13:00] Jaket Benelli: looks like one
[13:00] Nailer Dagger: well screw the shuttle
[13:00] Orion Pastorelli: that could work
[13:00] Chase Quinnell: But its in pieces
[13:01] Orion Pastorelli: ...
[13:01] Chase Quinnell: Jaket, how fast can you assemble this?
[13:01] Jaket Benelli: odd thing for us to be carrying
[13:01] Nailer Dagger: well your the Engineer fix it
[13:01] Jaket Benelli: erm, give me a few mins sir
[13:01] Nailer Dagger: k
[13:01] Orion Pastorelli taps comm badge, "computer how much longer till life support failure?"
[13:01] Chase Quinnell: Comms are down Orion, it's no use.
[13:02] Chase Quinnell: For all we know the computer may think you're asking the time of day
[13:02] Nailer Dagger mumbles, "leave to the Doctor to save everyone collective behind all the time....."
[13:02] Orion Pastorelli closes his eyes and shakes his head...
[13:03] Chase Quinnell: Mr. Benelli, could you please hurry up?
[13:03] Chase Quinnell: I don't want to die a slow suffocative death.
[13:03] Chase Quinnell: It's not on my list of things to do
[13:03] Orion Pastorelli: ok so we have a functioning core, correct?
[13:03] Chase Quinnell: Once Mr Benelli finishes it
[13:03] Orion Pastorelli: we just need relays now right?
[13:04] Nailer Dagger: well we are in the cargo bay sir there is an independent life support system for organic cargo isn't there
[13:04] Chase Quinnell: I have a feeling that's down too
[13:04] Chase Quinnell: I don't want to make any assumptions at this point
[13:04] Nailer Dagger: well christ what does work
[13:04] Orion Pastorelli begins searching through containers one by one...
[13:04] Chase Quinnell: doors
[13:04] Chase Quinnell: some turbolifts
[13:04] Orion Pastorelli searches some more...
[13:05] Nailer Dagger: my last nerve
[13:05] Chase Quinnell: alert lamps
[13:05] Chase Quinnell: I'm sure you get the picture
[13:05] Chase Quinnell: Next time I order a cleanup of all storage facilities
[13:05] Chase Quinnell: I want it done
[13:06] Nailer Dagger: how did my collection of fossilized tribble droppings get down her?..... Orion!!
[13:06] Orion Pastorelli opens yet another crate..."darn, self-sealing stembolts..." *slams the crate shut...
[13:06] Chase Quinnell sniggers
[13:06] Blush Babii smiles
[13:06] Orion Pastorelli: .... oh... how did that get there...
[13:06] Chase Quinnell: Tribble droppings?
[13:06] Chase Quinnell: I thought they reproduced instead of creating waste
[13:07] Nailer Dagger: yes sir I collect them
[13:07] Nailer Dagger: well actually they are the remains of dead tribbles
[13:07] Chase Quinnell: ...that's nice to know
[13:07] Nailer Dagger: fossilized carcesses
[13:07] Chase Quinnell: I think you've said enough doc.
[13:07] Chase Quinnell gags
[13:07] Nailer Dagger: they make stew out of them in some cultures
[13:07] Chase Quinnell: Doctor!!
[13:08] Nailer Dagger: sorry Sir
[13:08] Chase Quinnell: Are you done yet Mr. Benelli?
[13:09] Chase Quinnell: Mr Benelli, if that thing isnt done in 2 minutes...
[13:09] Jaket Benelli: done sir
[13:09] Chase Quinnell: Finally!
[13:09] Orion Pastorelli opens the next to last containers... pauses... "sir, relays!"
[13:09] Chase Quinnell: Lets get that thing installed
[13:10] Jaket Benelli: aye sir
[13:10] Chase Quinnell: Get those relays and lets get those darned things installed
[13:10] Nailer Dagger: I'll lock out and transport the other unit
[13:10] Chase Quinnell: Next time I order our storage facilities to be cleaned, I want it done!

[13:10] Jaket Benelli: so do i sir
[13:11] Orion Pastorelli: yes sir, on it... Lt. Babii, I will need your protocol clearance to set up the data chanells
[13:11] Blush Babii: aye Mr. Orion
[13:11] Blush Babii gives Orion the clearance
[13:12] Chase Quinnell: Alright
[13:12] Chase Quinnell: get to work
[13:12] Nailer Dagger: activating transported sir
[13:12] Nailer Dagger: stands ready sir
[13:12] Orion Pastorelli: ok ms. Babii, thank you... I set up a console for you here, I will need your help
[13:12] Blush Babii: aye
[13:13] Jaket Benelli: core and relays installed
[13:13] Orion Pastorelli: oh no... we need to hurry
[13:13] Nailer Dagger: the other core is in space sir
[13:13] Orion Pastorelli's fingers race across the consul...
[13:13] Jaket Benelli: that’s the best i can do
[13:13] computer : Life support failure. Atmospheric conditions will cease to support life in 30 minutes.
[13:13] Jaket Benelli: orion, you ready to initiate?
[13:14] Nailer Dagger: I have it targeted with the front phaser bank
[13:14] Orion Pastorelli ok Lt. Babii you need to initiate the data channels
[13:14] Blush Babii: aye Mr Orion
[13:14] Blush Babii starts to initiate the data channels
[13:15] Nailer Dagger: Sir give the word and I blow that infected piece of garbage up
[13:15] Chase Quinnell: Fire.
[13:15] Nailer Dagger: Firing
[13:15] Blush Babii: secondary data channels online... systems coming online
[13:15] Nailer Dagger: Target destroyed
[13:15] Chase Quinnell: Alright
[13:15] Chase Quinnell: Hail the nearest starship
[13:15] Chase Quinnell: Inform them that we may need a tow
[13:15] Chase Quinnell: and...
[13:15] Chase Quinnell: get us the hell outta here
[13:15] Nailer Dagger: sir ops is signaling all sensors online
[13:16] Jaket Benelli: life support online
[13:16] Jaket Benelli: tractor beams work now
[13:16] Jaket Benelli: we can get our warp core back
[13:16] Nailer Dagger: sir might I recommend transporting the warp core back
[13:16] Orion Pastorelli exhales loudly and wipe the visible sweat from his brow...
[13:17] Orion Pastorelli: yeah... we’re gonna need a tow
[13:18] Chase Quinnell: Transport the darned core back
[13:18] Nailer Dagger: Dagger to 001 send the tow....
[13:19] Chase Quinnell: We got the core
[13:20] Jaket Benelli: warp core back online sir