Far away and yet so close

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Far away and yet so close
General Data
*SIM Type: USS Menelaus Missions
*Initiated: 110402
*Ended: 110402
*Year: 2386
*Forum Thread: Far away and yet so close
*Previous Mission: << old age
*Next Mission: into the sun >>
*SIM Concept: Tedra de Arr

Mission Briefing

SD 110401.2300 first officer, aprils fool or something. I dont know. the crew morale is low as we are already here about a week and nobody in sight no solution to get back yet. We have nearly completed the preparation for the biomatter and science seems to make progress in tracking our steps backwards to when we dropped out of warp. I hope the next shift will bring more and a solution. I and all the crew do not want to spend the next 52 mil. years here

Mission Summary

SD 110402.2100, first officer

We have completed the upload of biomatter into the containment field. Also we have beamed down an engraves stone, hoping it lasts that long, telling ufs at their excavation site, what happened. 5 meters deep into the earth we put it colapsing some stone on top, so it wont be subject to the elements so much and has better survival chances.

Science came clear with the coordinates for the point where we droped out of warp, and which we determined to be our point of entry into this time. We went there max warp but when we stood aproximatly 500k km away, a discussion in the science dapartment broke off, about what we have there. Scans revealed nothing and the probe they sent, vanished without a trace. With no information I have ordered the ship at max warp to get to the baby star Data mentioned, Jim has ideas there. He was my second in command again today, and did well.

He had the idea of our drop in point beeing something of a combination of gravitational force and a Schwarzschild solution/black hole. I admit I have had to read about that one. But the mentioning of black hole kinda put me back altogether about trying to follow the probe. I wont risk the crew. Bad enough we have to do in the end a long time travel, although long is relative....

We are now on route to that new born star (6 mil old) to see if we can come up with something helping us. Jim again has an idea but its under discussion.

I have given them until midweek to come up with a plan all of science does agree or can live with.

Fred in the meanwhile has gotten the order to get the crew into rations. We do have new biomatter but one never knows how long we are stuck.

computer save and end log.

=/\= saving and encrypting ships log =/\=


Attendance (on duty)

  • Command
    • Commanding Officer - CMDR Tedra de Arr
    • Executive Officer - CMDR Jim Foxley
  • Security
    • Tactical/Security Officer - LTCMDR Reina Beaumont
  • Medical
    • Medical Officer - ENS William Greymoon
    • Nurse - Petty Officer 3rd Class Avian Arun
  • Engineering
    • Assist. Chief Engineer - LTCMDR Data Giant
  • Science
    • Science Officer - LTCMDR Sarheni Kanto
  • Operations
    • Chief of Operations - LT Fred McCellan
    • Communications Officer - LT JG LeighAnn Mantis