Favours for Old Friends

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Favours for Old Friends
General Data
*SIM Type: USS Sheppard Missions
*Production number: SHEP-RP076
*Initiated: 110807
*Ended: 110807
*Year: 2386
*Forum Thread: Favours for Old Friends
*Previous Mission: Untouchable
*Next Mission: Next >>
*SIM Concept: Jess Hamelin
*Historian: April Coswell

Captain Dwi and a small team investigate possible smuggling activities involving Starfleet quantum torpedoes and biogenic agents.


Location: Pinastri Sector - Pinastri Prime

Captain's Log - Stardate 110807

The repairs and refit to the Sheppard are coming along well, and we're looking to be on schedule to leave spacedock next week. The crew has been enjoying some much needed shoreleave while we're here, and I hate to cut it short. Unfortunately, the job of a starfleet officer is never done.

Yesterday I was approached by Zenk, a Ferengi merchant we assisted last year. He said he felt he needed to come to me after a contact of his tried to sell him an illegal device. What makes this serious is that the device was a weapon, a biogenic weapon made out of a quantum torpedo. As Starfleet are supposed to be the only ones using quantum torpedoes, this is obviously a major issue. Zenk claims his first instinct after hearing the offer was to inform Starfleet of it. My suspicion is in actuality that he was double-crossed on a deal for these weapons, but regardless, we need to investigate.

Mr. Zenk has told me the smugglers are using Tye-Fe II, a nearby class M planet, as a base of operations. Tye-Fe is a commercial hub not far from Pinastri. Everyone knows they have a black market there, it's just a matter of finding it. With the Sheppard still in dock, I don't feel it's necessary to pull the entire crew off shore leave. As such, I'm assigning a small team in a runabout to find the weapons, and discover the identity of the smugglers.

Computer, end log.


A task force composed of Captain Dwi, Lt. Cmdrs April Coswell and Cordova Marabana, Lt. j.g. Rich Lombardia and Nurse Anastasio Luminos made their way to Tye-Fe II onboard the runabout USS Thames. Once in orbit, they beamed down to the technology-heavy world and immediately began running scans for Starfleet weaponry signatures as well as bioagents.

As they made their way deeper into the settlement's infrastructure, the crew split up into two teams. Commander Coswell and Nurse Luminos investigated a series of conduits where they found traces of inert biological compounds. Hacking into the conduits' maintenance computer, they discovered that the conduits were used to carry coolant throughout the machinery; they also ascertained that there had been an illegal login into the systems eight days prior to their arrival. Finally, they found a forcefield-protected silo where the biological signature was stronger; after disabling the forcefield, they discovered an empty duranium canister from which they collected a sample of the bioagent. They came to the conclusion that the conduits had been used to "surf" canisters containing the live bioagents from one location to another.

Meanwhile, the Captain's team had had a hit on a quantum reading and made their way lower into the city, where they eventually found some kind of warehouse witha hidden backroom. Given the strength of the quantum signature, they concluded that the torpedoes were probably opened for show or for other purposes.

Back on the USS Thames, Nurse Luminos analyzed the inert sample and announced that it was a bacteriophage harmful to most forms of carbon-based life. Captain Dwi ordered Lt. Lombardia to work on obtaining the orbital control records for the past week from the Tye-Fe government. Correlating this data with the quantum readings the Captain's team had picked up as well as the information on the bioagent led Lt. Lombardia and Commander Marabana to identify three ships whose manifests all pointed to an outfit called the Lacer Agenda. Commander Coswell noted that she had heard about this group - a dangerous mafia-type group dealing in smuggling - from a greedy-playing alien called Grohl she had met while on shore leave.


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