Field Work

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Field Work
General Data
*Production number: 45
*Initiated: 081010
*Ended: 081011
*Year: 2383
*Previous Mission: Shore
*Next Mission: Operation Red Tear
*SIM Concept: Chase Quinnell
*Historian: MilesPrower Dagger


The new Phase Cannon's installation has been completed by the Cascadia and USS Redeemer engineers. Chief Engineer Ens. Elim Exonar has recommended a test of the new weapon in an asteroid field in a nearby sector.

For more information: Phase Cannon


The USS Redeemer's phase cannon installation was finally completed, and the captain was eager to begin testing. After receiving some new crew members, including a new security officer and a new Chief of Intelligence, the Redeemer departed Pinastri and headed for the asteroid testing field.

The test went fairly smoothly, and throughout the testing, minor fluctuations were reported among various systems, all of which were among those that were re-hauled for the upgrades. After the third and final test, the one where the cannon's full strength is utilized, the crew set course to return to Pinastri.

This is where things go wrong. The warp field collapses almost as soon as the ship's warp drive powers up. A conduit which had shown problems earlier, one on deck 9, had exploded injuring two crewmembers. While engineering crews raced to fix the damage, it was obvious that warp drive was offline for a while.

Chief Engineer Exonar managed to restore warp 2 capabilities, at the expense of the mess-hall and protests from several bridge officers.

Elim Exonar: I can give you warp 2 in the meantime sir but we lost power to the mess hall
Kressler Constantine: No!
Kressler Constantine: The mess hall?

The Redeemer warped home at a strenuously slow, but accelerating warp factor. Chief Engineer Exonar was none too pleased about having to repair some of the defects that were found once they returned, but the changes were made successfully.

Captain’s Log



Ship CO: Lt. Chase Quinnell
Science Officer: Dr. Damion St. James
Engineering Officer: Ens. Elim Exonar
Security Officer: Ens. Jonstud Baxton
Intel Officer: Ens. Kressler Constantine
Helm Officer: Lt. Jg Diemme Morane

Mission Logs