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General Data
*SIM Type: USS Menelaus Missions
*Initiated: 100814
*Ended: 100814
*Year: 2385
*Forum Thread: Firefly
*Previous Mission: << the quest
*Next Mission: The busted PD part I >>
*SIM Concept: Tedra Llewellyn

Mission Briefing

Mission Summary

Tedra Llewellyn log, Stardate 100814

With most of our crew on shore leave we went to investigate a strange reading in the pinastry asteroid field with only a skeleton crew. Supplemented we were by two specialists mr. JB Science and Mr. aM Security. As it was the first ride after refitting some of the engines and engine parts. Lt. Korolev had to monitor the readings during the whole flight.

Mr. JB was quite impressed with the science station.

We arrived at the asteroid field and controlled the low band frequencies, as we were ordered to do. We found the in our order specified emissions and changed course to intercept. Initial scans did not reveal anything mechanical or life form wise. The low band radiation emissions came from an asteroid of about 60x40 meters. they interfered with our systems in a way that we lost warp capability and impulse engines. We were able to modify the ajax shuttle shields in order to approach the asteroid closer.

An Away team was assembled and we took a shuttle over. In our space suits we left the shuttle. The asteroid was not as solid as we thought as we went in about knee deep. the outer shell only appeared asteroid. After a while we noticed the back end of the asteroid was bulb shaped and started to glow in yellow light on and off. That was determined the source of radiation emissions. When the asteroid moved we immediately withdrew and went back to the ship continuing investigations from a saver distance.

Suggestions were made and a warning probe was prepared but not yet launched. The object started glowing in an interval which we determined could be a form of communications. speculations from an alien ship to an alien egg were drawn and then it was determined that we withdraw and let a science ship investigate the matter in full. Withdrawal failed and we were pulled in slowly instead. In order to get free we sent a warning laser shot in front of the "asteroid". the thing glowed, after firing a sequence the thing was matching it 3 phasers 3 glows.

the creature weakened as the energy spikes each glow produced went less and our ship got free of the pull. The glowing was also visibly less then before. We tried low energy weapons next. also a reaction of the creature as our phaser was slightly bend towards the creature. we tried closer while Mr. JB prepared a learning help in form of a energy pattern to help it learn our language.

A short while after we received a comm signal audio quite simple but as the conversation went the language went more complex. basically this entity was hungry for energy. the chance was 50/50 that it would become a threat after being fed by out phaser (its most favourite food),

Communications was established with command and we got the authorisation to deal with the situation at our discretion. So we fed it. My empathic sense did not lay wrong this time around as after feeding it thanked us and promised to give back the energy. We were told by it that it was far from home and now could travel back. A space/time rift opened and our new friend vanished into it.

Report will be sent to command as this after all could be classified as first contact



  • Command

  • Operations
    • Fred McCellan
  • Engineering
    • Damien Korolev
  • Security
    • Tedra Llewellyn (CO)
  • Science
    • Sarheni Kanto