Fly Me To The Moon

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"A New Beginning"
Fly Me To The Moon
General Data
*SIM Type: USS Hyperion Missions
*Production number: HYP-RP001
*Initiated: 130106
*Ended: 130106
*Year: 2388
*Forum Thread: [1]
*Previous Mission: End Of The Line
*Next Mission: Heading Home
*SIM Concept: Lan Nakajima
*Historian: Lan Nakajima


Captain's Log,

After the destruction of the Cochrane, Starfleet has granted me command of the USS Hyperion, a brand new Luna Class Starship on the edge of completion in response to our rescue of the Avianis which will have positive repercussions for decades. With a new ship of course comes a shakedown procedure for which im sure we'll pull through with exceptional results. The Senior staffof the Cochrane has been approved for transfer, however a bulk of our crew has been reassigned elsewhere. The some 340 odd crew consists of our more adventurous and diverse population, and those who are native to the Delta Quadrant. Upon completion of our shakedown, we are to return to Earth Spacedock where we're to be briefed by Delta Quadrant Fleet Command on our next assignment. Here's hoping for a smooth shakedown...

Crew Participation


The USS Halcyon left Utopia Planitia Yards at 1/4 Impulse power on a heading for it's namesake, Saturn's 7th moon Hyperion. sciences began running tests on the Hyperion's Sensor array, getting mixed readings, but otherwise a clear reading of the satellite's compositional elements. Enroute the Impulse Engines were tested at their various sublight speeds, receiving an above average report from Engineering. From there, the Captain ordered Operations to signal Utopia Planitia of the Halcyon's Warp Drive testing. Upon receiving the all clear by engineering, Operations laid in a course for the Alpha Centauri System, where starfleet had left a freighter for the Halcyon's weapons test. Helms set a course and speed slowly increasing from Warp 1 to Warp 9.99. With the slow increase, it took the ship 10 minutes to traverse the 1.2 Lightyear distance. Engineering again reported that all systems were performing well above required levels with teh exception of the new Quantum sensor array, which had not been properly shielded by the construction teams. Lieutenant JG Winterwolf had a maintenance team dispatched to the Sensor Pod to repair the array. Upon arrival to the Alpha Centauri System, Tactical began preparing for Weapons testing by going to red alert, and arming Torpedo Tubes and Phaser Arrays. After running through the phaser arcs, and getting hits each time, the torpedo targeting scanners weren't properly calibrated resulting in 2 missed torpedoes, which were safely, remotely detonated. after realigning the Scanners, the following torpedo salvo hit their target spot on, and destroyed the derelict freighter. With system tests complete, the Hyperion returned to Utopia Planitia.