Forgotten Dreams

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Sheppard Forgottendreams.png
Forgotten Dreams
General Data
*SIM Type: USS Sheppard Missions
*Production number: SHEP-RP054
*Initiated: 110305
*Ended: 110305
*Year: 2386
*Forum Thread: Forgotten Dreams
*Previous Mission: Previous
*Next Mission: Next >>
*SIM Concept: Mulgrave Dwi
*Historian: April Coswell

In a bold action, the Sheppard crew board the Nabraithian station in search of the Denmark's crew, but almost lose one of their own in the process.


Location: Midgar Sector, somewhere in the Badlands.

Captain's log, Stardate 110305.

Six hours ago, we detected an anomalous region of space in the Badlands. Well, when I say anomalous what I mean is normal space. It seems the Nabraithians have somehow cleared an area of the Badlands - there are no storms, no plasma clouds or funnels in this area, just a plain bit of space with a large station in the centre. The power readings are off the charts, suggesting whatever they are doing to maintain this space is costing them a lot in power consumption.

What this has done is allow us to remain hidden in the Badlands. They seem to have made no move towards us and we have been able to detect three seperate patrol ships, one remaining at the station at all times with the other two doing overlapping patrols every two to three hours.

At high warp we can be close to the station within a minute, which will give us the element of surprise. But of course we still have to escape, and I've had tactical and helm come up with some entrance and exit strategies. I'm currently waiting for their final report and suggestions before we begin our approach.

What's more important is that we have detected an odd signal coming from part of the station. It appears to the transponder code for the USS Denmark - it's hidden and faint. I hope it is a call for help and not a trap for us... either way, in a few hours we will find out.

Computer, end log.


As the Sheppard approached the Nabraithian station, three away teams undertook preparations to board via shuttle, while various weapons and defense systems were readied - namely, a series of dampening fields to prevent the Nabraithians from beaming onboard the ship, as well as mines and warheads which Team Beta was to deploy in the vicinity of the station.

As the two first away teams suited up in the shuttlebay, the bridge crew brought Sheppard closer to the station, which provoked a reaction from the two Nabraithian ships standing guard. Although they demanded immediate surrender, Captain Dwi informed them that it would be unwise for them to fire their subspace weapons, as it would cause destruction of the station, their vessels and Sheppard. The two ships stood down.

This allowed the three away teams to make their way to the station. Touching down in a shuttlebay, they were quickly met by crablike creatures, which they had to eliminate before moving on. As the away teams secured the station and interfaced with the computer terminals in an attempt to locate the Denmark crew, word came that Lieutenant Commander Odriscoll had apparently been abducted.

With the Captain's help, Lieutenant Coswell was able to pinpoint the area where both Commander Odriscoll and the Denmark crew - in stasis - were being held, and to crack open the door leading to that area. The away teams converged on the stasis area and, faced with two turbolifts, divided into two groups. The first one, led by Executive Officer Pedlar Blaisdale, found several Starfleet officers in stasis chambers; after defending itself against "slashers" - mutated humanoid beings at the Nabraithians' service - Commander Blaisdale's group attempted, unsuccessfully, to free the test subjects held in stasis.

Meanwhile, the second team, led by Captain Dwi, found another stasis chamber where a Nabraithian scientist was in the process of removing Commander Odriscoll's heart and replacing it with an artificial one. Impervious to Starfleet weapons, the scientist did relent and allow the away team to take the Commander - but not before killing all of the Denmark's crew in an instant.

After the Nabraithian had vanished into thin air, the Captain ordered the away teams to regroup and make their way back to Sheppard. Once the crew were all back onboard, the mines and warheads placed under the station were detonated while the ship made its escape.


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