Galatic Ghosts

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Galatic Ghosts
General Data
*Production number: AST-RP008
*Initiated: 110401
*Ended: 110401
*Year: 2386
*Forum Thread: [1]
*Previous Mission: Eye of the Storm
*Next Mission: Ruin
*SIM Concept: Poison Toocool


The crew is still dealing with some issues left over from the huge ion storm that hit the spacestation a few days ago. Some systems are still unstable, engineering is unsure why. Communications in particular seem to be affected and we have not heard from the Colony or Astraios Prime for several hours. We have been unable to get our shuttle bay doors open to launch a runabout and carry messages to the planet surface. We have not been too worried about this as long range sensors say the Sector is clear of foreign traffic. Yet the concern over the origin of the storm that nearly destroyed the station has us on alert. Science and Tactical continue to investigate the phenomenon that occurred. As we go about our work of repair and research, some odd things have begun to happen. Systems go on and offline without reason. Tactical reports seeing a sensor ghost… a ship that appears and disappears. Engineering cannot account for the sensor malfunction. The CO receives a strange message via unusual channels and decides we should investigate.

Crew participation

Poison Toocool - CO

Davido Herbit - Tactical

Sisko Resident - Engineering

Alia Soulstar - Medical/ Science

Dolfke Barbosa - Security

Special Guest:

Astro Balut - Alien Creature


I was present in Operations as we undertook testing of SS Astraios systems which seem to be unduly affected by the aftermath of the powerful ion storm that hit us a few days ago. Engineering teams have worked around the clock to restore power and bring us back to normal. Communications with Astraios Colony and Astraios Civilian Government have been difficult to maintain and we have been out of touch for several hours. In addition, we have been unable to open the shuttle bay doors.

As I watched my people work so diligently I experienced a slight dizzy spell which I put down to lack of sleep and increased stress. I remained at my post, receiving status reports, considering suggestions, and advising my choice of actions from those recommended to me. Engineering recommended a diagnostic be performed as several repairs had been completed, I agreed. During this time Lt Herbit reported seeing a momentary glimpse of an unknown space vessel on sensors. No other data was received and we concluded that this was a byproduct of our work on the sensor array. Engineering and tactical were concerned and together worked to ensure that sensors were not malfunctioning.

As Science was busy in the lab with continued urgent research on the origin of the potentially fatal ion storm, I proceeded to move to the Science console to study the sensor readings myself. As I walked in that direction I again experienced a moment of light-headedness, enough to make me falter and collapse to the floor. In my mind, I thought I heard a voice speaking my name in a whisper. Everything around me went grey. When I was able to see again, I found Dr Soulstar with me, asking if I was alright. She gave me a hyprospray, something that is against my personal belief system, but under the circumstances it was imperative that I remain on duty.

Engineering reported that the sensor array was functioning again, but communications to the planet surface were still off-line. Shuttle bay doors had opened slightly but not large enough for a shuttle to pass through. Force fields were holding.

Lt Herbit had taken the conn while I was indisposed, and reported that the alien ship had reappeared on sensors. Tactical recommended a yellow alert. I concurred. We were able to scan the vessel, which was a freighter of unknown origin, lightly armed. It did not seem to have any cargo. Tactical reported only one weak life sign. As we discussed the possibility of rescue, tactical reported a change in sensor data. The signal was either affected by our system malfunctions or the Being on that ship was in trouble.

After receiving status reports from all personnel, I decided we should board the vessel to determine the whereabouts of the Being and offer assistance, and also to find out why they were adrift with little or no crew.

Due to our unstable systems, engineering took the cautionary measure of boosting transporter signals via use of a pattern enhancer, and a small team beamed successfully to the ship. We landed in an entry area near their transporters. Immediately we could see there was something odd going on. There were two humanoid bodies lying near the turbolift. On close examination we noted that they each showed malformation. Skin texture on some exposed areas was radically different than the rest. This did not look normal. The doctor studied the remains carefully but recommended against beaming the bodies back to SS Astraios unless and until she could determine the cause of their death.

Lt Herbit took a small detail to search the vessel, which had possibly 4 or 5 decks at most. He located the lifesign and made an urgent request that the doctor come to his location immediately. Dr Soulstar and I proceeded to take the turbolift to what turned out to be the ship’s bridge. In a corner, cowering, was a humanoid male. He seemed unable to speak coherently, the Dr made persistent attempts to communicate with him and was finally able to establish his name but little else. I found three more malformed bodies lying on the floor and consoles in the bridge areas. Ships systems other than life support seemed offline and the vessel drifting in space. Likely the gravitational pull in our system had attracted the vessel and if we did not change its trajectory it would burn up in the atmosphere of Astraios Prime.

Lt Herbit called additional security to the deck we were on. Myself and Ensign Barbosa began to systematically search the area while Lt Herbit remained on watch over Dr Soulstar as she attempted to assist the alien humanoid.

I found myself feeling rather nauseous as I examined the bodies we had found and searched for more. There was a distinct smell of decay and also something else in the stale air on that ship. Normally my abilities as a Chameloid make me almost immune to typical daily humanoid reactions but the high level of stress since the ion storm and the continued absence of my life partner had affected my equilibrium, and I had been unable to shift for more days than I can count. I entered an office and saw a sight so terrible every sense revolted. Almost without conscious thought I screamed. I can barely describe it. Whatever remained of the humanoid who had once sat on that chair behind his or her desk had been… turned inside out. I backed away, letting the doors close again. I could feel the nausea burning in my throat, and an icy sweat on my skin.

Swallowing, I moved swiftly to another room, a small laboratory adjacent to the bridge. Ensign Barbosa and I found two more bodies there, one near a console. We decided it would be wise to download any data we could from the ship’s computer and then beam back to the station with the survivor.

Suddenly cries came from outside the door. We ran to assist. The humanoid male, in great agony, transformed suddenly into an ugly insectoid creature and began to attack the crew. Lt Herbit fired his phaser repeatedly with little effect. At one point I was caught between the creature and the bridge operations console. Finally Lt Herbit’s continued blasting took the thing down, and it dropped to the deck, convulsing. My personnel were calling to me asking if I was alright. I replied that the creature had brushed by me but I was unharmed. I did not mention the continued nausea or lightheadedness.

We quickly returned to our beam-in point to return to the station. The Dr was extremely concerned that we not bring any contagion back with us. She instructed engineering to use extra vigilance in the biofilter when beaming us back. As the team was standing by for transport, we received a com signal saying that a large alien insectoid had been seen on the station. We beamed directly to sick bay for decontamination. The Dr theorized that the insectoid had been using the humanoid bodies as hosts for its eggs. Somehow one or more of them had managed to get from the stricken vessel to SS Astraios. I gave the order to use the deflector dish to push the alien ship away from us and to destroy it before it reached the planet atmosphere. Security teams armed with phaser rifles are currently searching the station.