Getting Underway

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"Let's See What She's Got"
Getting Underway
General Data
*Production number: CNH-RP001
*Initiated: 120715
*Ended: 120715
*Year: 2387
*Forum Thread: [1]
*Next Mission: Beachcombing
*SIM Concept: Lan Nakajima
*Historian: Lan Nakajima


Current Location: Orbiting Pinastri Prime, Pinastri System.

Captain's Log Stardate 120713,

Yesterday brought quite the news as we received a Fleet Command address. It seems the EDC have amassed a fleet that is currently enroute to the Excalibur and Midgar sectors. The Cochrane having been deemed space worthy again at last has undocked and is currently maintaining orbit around Pinastri Prime as we await a response from Fleet Command to join the departing fleet enroute to face the EDC Fleet and evacuate the Excalibur Colony and SS Excalibur if needed. With our uprated defensive and offensive capabilities I decided it would be a logical course of action to offer the Cochrane to the UFS Fleet enroute. I do wonder if I made the correct decision... Taking an old ship out would be suicide, but with her major refit, and crew, perhaps I worry for naught, but what sort of Captain would I be if I didn't care for the safety of my crew. Regardless what's done is done and we all have a duty to protect our fleet here in the Delta Quadrant, and that's exactly what we're going to do. I haven't informed the crew yet, I had planned on announcing it to them later today, after all we still have yet to give the ship a good shakedown, however I feel that with the travel distance and time, matched with the abilities of the crew we'll be able to solve any issues enroute.

Crew participation

Command Commanding Officer - Captain Lan Nakajima Executive Officer - Brigadier General MilesPrower Dagger

Operations Chief Operations Officer - Lieutenant Commander Melina Firehawk

Security Security Officer - Lieutenant (JG) Fuzor Leogala (Fuzor2003 Resident)

Engineering Chief Engineering Officer - Lieutenant Commander Yuzuki Ultsch

Medical Chief Medical Officer - Lieutenant (JG) Meynara Leogala (Meynara Resident)

Marines Marine - Lance Corporal Jade Ella Marine - 2ndLT Aierwon Serrari

Guests Marine Strike Force - Sergeant Major Cipher Rhode Marine Strike Force - LtCmdr Kiara1 Noel EDC Infiltrator - Pavlov Winterwolf


United Federation Starfleet USS Cochrane - NCC 59318

Engineering Log

Name: Yuzuki Kamachi (ultsch) Rank: Lieutenant Commander Position: Chief Engineer

Report: Chief engineer log

Stardate 071512 we had are first mission today meet up with Taskforce 1 help in war things were going pretty good tell we had few little problems we had just before going to warp. the new warp drive i had install just few days ago before leaveing dock give us few problems after i did my pre checks on warpcore make sure things was ok to go after pre checks ship gone to warp or so i was thinking at time some weird bug pop up in ship core keep it from going into warp and after finding error tryed to fix it only have ship jump into warp after fixing so called bug that seem find new way to other part of ship core by jumping it into warp then speeding up ship after i got bug under control continuing my duty's checking ship flow rate making sure bug would not cos more problems one problem did not count on was getting shot in the heart by EDC Infiltrator he tried to sabotage ship warp drive lucky we few marines onboard that took care of him this what heared from captain why i was in sickbay haveing open heart surgery ship damage is low nothing i can't fix in a day or two.

eng log.


there was some damage done ship warpcore intermix chamber and the matter and antimatter injectors they well be repaired in day or so before we join the fleet

bug in ship warp core has cos few problems damage to some of ship sub systems that well be repaired as well.

should be only day or so have ship back up and running!