Ghost Ship

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Ghost ship 001.png
Ghost Ship
General Data
*SIM Type: SS Cascadia Missions
*Production number: CAS-RP006
*Initiated: 110115
*Ended: 110115
*Year: 2386
*Forum Thread: [1]
*Previous Mission: Stepping Into The Future
*Next Mission: I Spy
*SIM Concept: Sinji Itokawa
*Historian: Sinji Itokawa

Sensors had picked up a strange coalescing tachyon signature in the vicinity of the Belt sleading edge. If it is what we think it could be, the return of the mysterious Ghost Ship, it will be entering our space at approximately 350000km distant, just inside transporter range. Its course though, depending on speed and trajectory could take it into the belt and adrift, to certain destruction...


The mysterious derelict ship that vanished outside Cascadia Shipyards in One Foot Over The Line reappears on the other side of the Station, on a collision course with any of a thousand asteroids in the Humboldt Belt. Commander Itokawa orders an away team assembled and they beam over to the darkened hulk.

The Away Team comprised members:

ENS Sinji Itokawa ENS Graves Paramour ENS Urul Yven ENS Elle Finistair LT Miumiu Zepp LT(jg) Ethari Hallstrom

The Away Team arrived in what appeared to be an alien shuttle bay. The tech seemed on immediate inspection to be low, perhaps even pre-warp. Several auditory and visual hallucinations were noted by the Officers, specifically, a ghostly image of a person walking further into the ship and strange sounds that could have been voices whispering.

The team moved deeper into the vessel and discovered a turbolift which took them to the strange empty Bridge...