Good Samaritan Part II

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Good Samaritan Part II
General Data
*Production number: 024
*Initiated: 080419
*Ended: 080420
*Year: 2383
*Previous Mission: Good Samaritan Part I
*Next Mission: Good Samaritan Part III
*SIM Concept: Chase Quinnell
*Historian: MilesPrower Dagger

The Redeemer is at the ambush coordinates, ready to strike the enemy.


The task force has arrived at the ambush coordinates and are about to engage. The mission objectives are to catch the high-ranking members of the RFR and the allied Breen....ut off the snake's head and the body dies with it.

Intel from the surveillance of the meeting reveals a startling fact. Even though the peace treaty signed at the end of the Dominion War stated that the Breen must destroy all super-weapons, they had one hidden somewhere on a planet in the Delta Quadrant....

Colonel Kira reveals that her Starfleet commission was merely a temporary way of getting around certain Federation rules and regulations. After which, she would return to her original rank and position on DS9.


Mission Logs


  • Captain: Lt. Chase Quinnell
  • 1st Officer: Lt. Jg Michaels Toshi
  • Helm: Cadet Racquel Darwin
  • Engineering: Ensign Jaket Benelli
  • Operations: Ensign Ebak Naglo
  • Tactical/Security: Lt. Jg Vinnie Lei & Lt. Michaels Toshi

[13:05] Chase Quinnell: Redeemer to all ships... it's time to engage the enemy.
[13:05] Ebak Naglo: All ships acknowledge
[13:05] Chase Quinnell: Helm, initiate attack maneuvers
[13:05] Racquel Darwin: Aye aye, sir.
[13:06] Chase Quinnell: Tactical, fire on the lead Breen vessel
[13:06] michaels Toshi: aye sir, firing
[13:07] Chase Quinnell: All ships, focus your attacks on our target. Shoot to disable, it has the leading members of the RFR and the Breen!
[13:07] michaels Toshi aims for the nacelle
[13:07] michaels Toshi: their port nacelle is offline, they can't escape!
[13:08] michaels Toshi: but they have shields and weapons still and are returning fire
[13:08] Chase Quinnell: Helm, bring us in close.
[13:08] Racquel Darwin works at evasive maneuvers.
[13:08] Racquel Darwin: Aye aye sir, bringing us in.
[13:08] Chase Quinnell: Lets keep out of their firing arcs by getting closer
[13:09] Racquel Darwin guides the ship inside their 'reach'.
[13:09] michaels Toshi: their shields are down to 96%
[13:09] Chase Quinnell: Tactical, lay down some fire on their engines as we go by.
[13:09] michaels Toshi: aye sir
[13:10] michaels Toshi: their shields are impressive, minor engine damage
[13:10]  ::The Redeemer is hit by a powerful blow from an RFR warbird, throwing it away from the Breen ship::
[13:10] michaels Toshi's console sparks "shields down to 80% sir!"
[13:10] Racquel Darwin struggles to right the ship again.
[13:10] Chase Quinnell: Helm, pull us away from the Breen ship
[13:11] Racquel Darwin: Inertial dampeners down sir - I'll keep it as smooth as possible.
[13:11] Chase Quinnell: They obviously dont want us near that thing
[13:11] Racquel Darwin: Pulling away sir, aye.
[13:11] Jaket Benelli routes power to keep shields fully up
[13:11] Jaket Benelli: im working on the dampeners
[13:11] michaels Toshi: Engineering we'll need inertial dampers if we want to leave in one piece
[13:11] michaels Toshi: next target sir?
[13:11] Jaket Benelli: inertial dampeners back online
[13:11] Jaket Benelli: but they are fragile
[13:12] Racquel Darwin sighs.
[13:12] Ebak Naglo: Sir, the USS Layton has taken heavy damage
[13:12] Racquel Darwin: I'll take care to nurse them back to health.
[13:12] Chase Quinnell: Lets give them some cover fire
[13:12] michaels Toshi: are sir, firing
[13:12] Ebak Naglo: relaying co-ordinates to helm and tac
[13:13] Racquel Darwin: Received.
[13:13]  ::Two Romulan attack fighters are destroyed from the Redeemer's hits, giving the Layton some time::
[13:13] michaels Toshi: got them, helm we'll need to be a bit closer to have an impact on their shields
[13:13] Racquel Darwin: Aye aye. I'll work us into a position.
[13:14] Chase Quinnell: Helm, move us closer. I want to take a defensive position around the Layton
[13:14] Racquel Darwin: Aye aye.
[13:14] Racquel Darwin works at the helm.
[13:14] Ebak Naglo: darn, the RFR must be desperate...old bird of prey class ships in coming...wait...tac...are they aremed with plasma torps?
[13:14] Racquel Darwin places the redeemer in a defensive position near the layton,.
[13:14] michaels Toshi: it appears so, the RFR don't like taking chances....
[13:15]  ::The Defiant unloads a round of fire on the Breen's lead ship, causing a hole in their shields to open up::
[13:15] Ebak Naglo: Either that or all this was a set up
[13:15] Chase Quinnell: Tactical, fire at those incoming ships. Don't let them touch the Layton
[13:15] michaels Toshi: aye sir, firing
[13:16] Racquel Darwin holds position.
[13:16] michaels Toshi: they seem to be going for the stronger vessels sir. soon they'll notice the redeemer as one of them
[13:17] Jaket Benelli: sir, i recommend taking all non essential systems offline
[13:17] Jaket Benelli: maybe we could make ourselves appear weaker
[13:17]  ::The Layton signals they have repaired engines and shields to 50% and are ready to rejoin the fight::
[13:17] Racquel Darwin programs various attack and defense postures.
[13:17] Jaket Benelli: so they target others allowing us to get into more strategic positions
[13:18] michaels Toshi: maybe we should go for the lead breen ship now? they have a hole in their shields we can exploit
[13:18] Ebak Naglo: The defiant appears to be taking a heavy beating sir
[13:18] Chase Quinnell: Give them some cover fire
[13:19] michaels Toshi: i have an idea also, maybe we could use the hole in their shields to transport some RFR/breen strategists
[13:19] Ebak Naglo: co-ordinates relayed
[13:19] Chase Quinnell: It's possible, Michaels, if they are close enough to the hole
[13:19] Chase Quinnell: Lets give the Defiant cover fire
[13:19] Jaket Benelli: could we also beam a torpedo in through the hole?
[13:19] michaels Toshi: i suggest routing some more power to maneuvering thrusters then sir
[13:19] Chase Quinnell: I like your idea, Jaket.
[13:20] Chase Quinnell: Welcome to the bridge, Mr. Lei.
[13:20] Jaket Benelli: ill have one set to remote triggering
[13:20] Chase Quinnell: Tactical is yours, Lt.
[13:20] Jaket Benelli: it will be ready on cargo transporter 4 in 1 min
[13:20] michaels Toshi: greetings Mr Lei, we will need our chief of security incase boarded, which seems entirely possible
[13:21] Jaket Benelli: torpedo ready on pad
[13:21] Chase Quinnell: Ops, standby to beam the torpedo on my mark
[13:21] michaels Toshi: helm get us a little closer to the hole
[13:21] Jaket Benelli: the trigger has been routed to tactical
[13:21] Racquel Darwin: Aye aye.
[13:22] michaels Toshi waits to be relieved by Vinnie.
[13:22] michaels Toshi wants to sit in his plush seat
[13:22] Chase Quinnell: Helm, take us by the Breen ship
[13:22] Chase Quinnell: Get us within range of that hole.
[13:22] Racquel Darwin: Moving in, sir.
[13:22] Chase Quinnell: Ops....ENERGISE
[13:22] Ebak Naglo: Romulan Winged Defenders coming in for a strafing run, a Vengeance class is covering them
[13:22] Racquel Darwin shifts into a lower gear and punches the ship right next to the hole.
[13:22] Chase Quinnell: Tactical, detonate on my mark
[13:22] michaels Toshi: aye sir
[13:23] Chase Quinnell: Have the Defiant cover us
[13:23] michaels Toshi's finger hovers over the red button
[13:23] Racquel Darwin moves the ship back out of harms way.
[13:23] Chase Quinnell: Detonate.
[13:23] michaels Toshi pushes the button "detonated"
[13:23] Chase Quinnell: Is the target neutralized?
[13:23] Ebak Naglo: Defiant is covering our run
[13:23] michaels Toshi: looks like we made a good impression!
[13:23]  ::Vinnie Lei takes over the Tactical station::
[13:24] Vinnie Lei: Target is destroyed, sir.
[13:24] Chase Quinnell: Not what I had hoped but good enough
[13:24]  ::The rest of the RFR/Breen fleet begins to warp out of the system::
[13:25] Jaket Benelli: you hadnt hoped to destroy the enemy sir?
[13:25] Racquel Darwin: I have their course traced, Sir.
[13:25] Vinnie Lei: What a shame, I missed most of the fun, thanks to sickbay *snorts*
[13:25] Chase Quinnell grins at Vinnie's comment.
[13:25] Chase Quinnell: I was hoping to get the leaders alive
[13:25] Jaket Benelli: ah
[13:25] michaels Toshi: unfortunately we must have placed it too close to the warp core
[13:25] Chase Quinnell: Nailer is very stubborn, you'll come to find, Vinnie.
[13:25] michaels Toshi: or i might have set too high a yield
[13:25] Jaket Benelli: well, in my books, dead breen are better than prisoner breen
[13:25] Vinnie Lei: Yes, I noticed.
[13:27] michaels Toshi: Engineering, damage report
[13:27] Jaket Benelli: shields at 57%
[13:28] Jaket Benelli: phasers and torpedoes are fine
[13:28] Ebak Naglo: The defiant is hailing us sir...
[13:28] Jaket Benelli: we came through that pretty well sir
[13:28] Chase Quinnell: Onscreen
[13:28] Ebak Naglo nods
[13:28] Chase Quinnell: Captain..
[13:29] Kira: =A= It's Colonel. I was only a Starfleet Captain for the duration of this mission in order to get around certain...distasteful rules and regulations. =A=
[13:29] Chase Quinnell: Very well, what is it you wanted?
[13:29] Kira: =A= We received some rather disturbing intel during our surveillance operation. =A=
[13:30] Kira: =A= Even though the peace treaty signed at the end of the Dominion War required that all Breen superweapons must be destroyed... one particular superweapon wasn't destroyed and is being hidden on a planet in the Delta Quadrant. =A=
[13:31] michaels Toshi: any clues as to where?
[13:31] Kira: =A= All that was said was that the planet was a Demon class planet located somewhere in Carpathian territory. =A=
[13:32] michaels Toshi: i hate demon class planets *sigh*
[13:32] Vinnie Lei: Demon class, sir?
[13:32] Kira: =A= It is your duty to find this planet and destroy that superweapon. =A=
[13:32] Kira: =A= Yes, Demon class. =A=
[13:32] michaels Toshi: a planet that has an atmosphere that can destroy ships in orbit
[13:32] Chase Quinnell: Understood, Colonel.
[13:33] Vinnie Lei: How nice.
[13:33] Chase Quinnell: Lt Quinnell out.
[13:33]  ::Channel closed::
[13:33] Jaket Benelli: its any planet extremely hostile to biological lifeforms
[13:33] Jaket Benelli: tend to have lots of lava and...stuff
[13:33] michaels Toshi: why can't it be on Risa?
[13:33] Vinnie Lei: Then we better put some raincoats on before our paper airplane gets soaked.
[13:33] Jaket Benelli: that would be nice
[13:33] Chase Quinnell: Because life is not that simple, Michaels
[13:33] Racquel Darwin: Lots of people visit Risa.
[13:33] michaels Toshi: and as Janeway's logs show us they can sustain bio memetic life forms
[13:34] Jaket Benelli: i wonder if the one we're heading for does
[13:34] Vinnie Lei: knock on their door and wait for an answer?
[13:34] michaels Toshi: i doubt it, it seems like most memetic matter is inert
[13:34]  ::The Defiant sets course for the Delta/Alpha Quadrant Conduit and goes into warp::
[13:35] Racquel Darwin: Shall I set in a course, Sir?
[13:35] Jaket Benelli: say, if we're safe now, can that annoying flashing light be stopped?
[13:35] Chase Quinnell: Set course for starbase 427.
[13:35] Chase Quinnell: Engage warp 6.
[13:35] Racquel Darwin: Aye aye sir.
[13:36] Vinnie Lei: Cap'n, I wish to take the torpedo systems offline for a few minutes. Our last fight imbalanced the targeting systems.
[13:36] Chase Quinnell: Then do it, Vinnie.
[13:37] Vinnie Lei: Yes, sir.
[13:37] Chase Quinnell: We'll get our systems repaired at Starbase 427.
[13:37] Vinnie Lei: Running recalibration AlphaT 36.
[13:37] Chase Quinnell: Hopefully we can also find out something that will help us on this mission of investigation
[13:38] michaels Toshi looks at Mr Lei's console and sees him playing Space invaders "AHEM!"
[13:38] Vinnie Lei: Well, get a magnifying glass? Or a pipe, if you'd prefer?
[13:38] Vinnie Lei whistles innocently.
[13:38] Chase Quinnell: Behave yourselves
[13:38] Chase Quinnell smiles
[13:38] Racquel Darwin quickly shuts down the tetris game.
[13:38] Jaket Benelli: these consoles can get space invaders?
[13:39] Vinnie Lei: You haven't seen nothing yet, *puts on pong on the main screen for a slight second*
[13:39] Jaket Benelli whistles innocently while noting that
[13:39] Chae Quinnell: Ops, can you look at the starcharts for the Carpathian's territory and see if you can find any Demon class planets?
[13:39] michaels Toshi: should be easy since they're rarely seen
[13:40] Ebak Naglo: Sure
[13:40] Ebak Naglo: Looking
[13:40] Chase Quinnell: Unfortunately, we don't know much about Carpathian territory
[13:40] Chase Quinnell: They are rather protective of their space.
[13:40] michaels Toshi: we may need to survey quite a bit first
[13:40] michaels Toshi: hmmm
[13:40] Ebak Naglo: There's nothing at all..
[13:40] michaels Toshi: contact the carpathian government?
[13:40] Chase Quinnell: They've also been known to attack ships to salvage any cargo and parts that they can use to sell
[13:40] michaels Toshi: oh
[13:41] michaels Toshi: tactical analysis?
[13:41] Chase Quinnell: Their systems are a bit primitive compared to ours
[13:41] michaels Toshi: would they be able to "salvage" the redeemer?
[13:41] Chase Quinnell: No replicators
[13:41] Chase Quinnell: Limited sensors
[13:41] Jaket Benelli: are they the species that kidnapped janeway and the doctor once?
[13:41] Vinnie Lei: We better be careful and not take changes in case they might.
[13:41] michaels Toshi: ah, well that's an advantage
[13:41] Chase Quinnell: I don't think so.
[13:42] Chase Quinnell: Their weapons vary dramatically
[13:42] Chase Quinnell: They steal their weapons and shields from any ship they can get one from
[13:42] Vinnie Lei: Let me guess, from Quantum torpedoes to painsticks?
[13:42] michaels Toshi: ah, that's the bad part then
[13:42] Chase Quinnell: Something like that
[13:43]  ::The Redeemer drops out of warp at Starbase 427::
[13:43] michaels Toshi: i doubt a Demon class planet would be of any use to them so i doubt there will be many of their vessels close to it
[13:44] Chase Quinnell: Hail the starbase and inform them we're going to dock for repairs.
[13:44] Jaket Benelli: but if theres something they know is hidden there...
[13:44] Vinnie Lei: Hailing frequencies open, sir.
[13:44] Chase Quinnell: Racquel, I hope you know how to dock with a starbase
[13:44] michaels Toshi: well, i think the breen would keep it pretty hidden
[13:44] Racquel Darwin: Shall we see?
[13:44] michaels Toshi: if the Carpathians knew about it they'd attack it
[13:44] Chase Quinnell: Starbase 427, we're going to be docking with you for repairs. We're going to be leaving shortly after in order to conduct an important mission.
[13:45] michaels Toshi: come in starbase
[13:45] Chase Quinnell: =A= Sorry about the wait, Redeemer, acknowledged. Docking bay 6 is open. =A=
[13:46] Chase Quinnell: Helm, take us in to Docking bay 6.
[13:46] Racquel Darwin: Aye sir.
[13:46] Racquel Darwin maneuvers the redeemer close to bay 6 and gently bring it in to the docking clamps.
[13:47] michaels Toshi watches in awe as the ship moves into the gigantic structure "i can never get used to starbases"
[13:47] Chase Quinnell: Aye. They are massive structures.
[13:47] Racquel Darwin: Docking clamps attached sir, we're docked.
[13:47] Chase Quinnell: Unseal the airlocks
[13:48] Racquel Darwin shuts down the helm.
[13:49] Chase Quinnell: Alright, while we await repairs, lets get to work on finding that Demon planet
[13:49] Chase Quinnell: Ops, you said there were no starcharts?
[13:49] Ebak Naglo: None at all
[13:50] Chase Quinnell: Hmm
[13:50] Ebak Naglo: But I'm sure there must have been some...could anyone access them and delete the charts?
[13:50] michaels Toshi: only people with a level 8 security clearance and over can delete records
[13:51] Chase Quinnell: Maybe they have someone in Starfleet
[13:51] Ebak Naglo: Possible...but level 8?
[13:51] Chase Quinnell: I know for a fact there have been some ships in the Carpathian's territory
[13:52] Chase Quinnell: I don't know, Ebak. It's possible
[13:52] michaels Toshi: maybe this starbase encountered some of those ships? we are pretty close
[13:52] Chase Quinnell: Possible
[13:52] Chase Quinnell: Hail starbase Ops.
[13:52] Ebak Naglo: open
[13:53] Starbase Cmdr: =A= Ahh, what can we do for you captain? =A=
[13:54] michaels Toshi: starbase, do you have any records of carpathian space?
[13:55] Starbase Cmdr: =A= We do. Standby. =A=
[13:56] Starbase Cmdr: =A= This is strange... nothing is coming up. I know we had some starcharts of their space. =A=
[13:57] michaels Toshi: this seems odd
[13:57] michaels Toshi: we have the same problems
[13:57] Chase Quinnell: It does indeed..
[13:57] michaels Toshi: may i request you get a team to thoroughly search the database?
[13:57] michaels Toshi: hmm, i also have an idea
[13:57] Starbase Cmdr: =A= We should be able to do that. We'll keep you informed =A=
[13:58] michaels Toshi: have any ships recently left the starbase from carpathian space?
[13:59] Starbase Cmdr: =A= Yes in fact. The USS Westing left dock about 12 hours ago. They had just gotten back from a survey mission near Carpathian territory. They were gone longer than expected.
[14:00] michaels Toshi: Ops, long range scans for the USS Westing
[14:01] Ebak Naglo: give me time..
[14:01] michaels Toshi: aye
[14:01] Ebak Naglo: nothing....
[14:02] michaels Toshi: odd
[14:02] Chase Quinnell: Do you have any information on their last known trajectory?
[14:02] michaels Toshi: we have something going on here in starfleet....
[14:02] Starbase Cmdr: =A= Standby, Redeemer. Sending you data on them now. =A=
[14:03] Ebak Naglo: Um....its confirmed they were here...and they headed off in this bearing...its all yours helm
[14:03] Racquel Darwin: Course plotted.
[14:03] Chase Quinnell: Standby helm..
[14:03] Racquel Darwin: Ready to go whenever we're ready.
[14:03] Chase Quinnell: Jaket, status on our repairs.
[14:04] Jaket Benelli: repairs will be complete in a few mins sir
[14:04] michaels Toshi: what class is the Westing?
[14:04] Jaket Benelli: Oberth i believe
[14:05] michaels Toshi: good, then we should be able to catch up quite fast
[14:05] Jaket Benelli: indeed
[14:05] Ebak Naglo: It appears to be a Excelsior class...
[14:05] Ebak Naglo: Bit old isn't it?
[14:05] Chase Quinnell: I'm getting conflicting answers here... what the hell is the Westing?
[14:06] Chase Quinnell: Oberth or Excelsior?
[14:06] Ebak Naglo: Running a check
[14:06] Jaket Benelli: unless theres 2 Westings, Oberth
[14:06] Ebak Naglo: Yeah, there are two....typical starfleet
[14:06] Jaket Benelli: i know someone who served on her a few years back
[14:06] michaels Toshi: either way, we can catch up easily
[14:06] Chase Quinnell: Two?
[14:06] michaels Toshi: hang on
[14:06] Jaket Benelli: how...typical of starfleet 'efficiency'
[14:06] michaels Toshi: two???
[14:07] Chase Quinnell: There shouldn't be two of any ship
[14:07] Ebak Naglo: NCC-563123, and NCC-72264
[14:07] Ebak Naglo: The oberth class is due to be decommissioned soon
[14:07] michaels Toshi: i suppose it's the same problem they had with the now named Caracas
[14:07] Jaket Benelli: and they reassigned the name like they did with all the Enterprises.
[14:07] Chase Quinnell: Hmm
[14:08] Chase Quinnell: Then which one was here?
[14:08] Ebak Naglo: The Oberth
[14:08] Chase Quinnell: Ok
[14:08] Chase Quinnell: Jaket, how are the repairs going?
[14:09] Jaket Benelli: repairs are complete sir
[14:09] Chase Quinnell: Ops, signal the Starbase we're leaving
[14:09] Ebak Naglo: Signaling....they acknowledge
[14:09] Jaket Benelli: main systems powered up sir
[14:09] Chase Quinnell: Helm, prepare to undock as soon as the doors are open
[14:10] Jaket Benelli: impulse coming online
[14:10] Chase Quinnell: Take us out slowly, Helm
[14:10] Racquel Darwin initiates helm and guides the ship into space once the doors are open.
[14:10] michaels Toshi: 1/4 thrusters
[14:10] Jaket Benelli: warp will be ready as soon as we clear starbase perimeter
[14:10] Chase Quinnell: Set a course to follow the Westing. Warp 8.6
[14:10] Racquel Darwin: Course an speed set.
[14:10] Jaket Benelli hopes the starbase engineers are up to scratch
[14:10] Chase Quinnell: Engage
[14:11] Racquel Darwin: Engaged
[14:12] Ebak Naglo: Long range sensors are picking up the Westing
[14:12] Chase Quinnell: Yellow alert. Raise shields.
[14:12] Chase Quinnell: Lets not take any chances
[14:13] Racquel Darwin: A panel on helm explodes and Ensign Darwin is thrown back off her seat.
[14:13] michaels Toshi: What the hell!
[14:13] Ebak Naglo: Racquel!
[14:14] Ebak Naglo: Medical team to bridge
[14:14] Jaket Benelli takes a look at the helm console
[14:14] michaels Toshi: i can take helm if needed sir?
[14:14] Chase Quinnell: Bridge to sickbay... one wounded to beam up.
[14:14] Jaket Benelli: hmm
[14:14] Chase Quinnell: Aye, take helm Michaels
[14:14] Jaket Benelli: looks like a circuit shorted
[14:15] Jaket Benelli: there
[14:15] Jaket Benelli: should be fixed now
[14:15] Ebak Naglo: Wait
[14:15] michaels Toshi feels nostalgia at sitting at helm once again
[14:15] Chase Quinnell: Dangit Jaket... next time my ship is repaired I want it repaired.. not rigged to explode!
[14:15] Ebak Naglo: Its not just hers
[14:15] Chase Quinnell: What do you mean?
[14:15] Jaket Benelli: hey, it was the station engineers did the work sir
[14:15] Ebak Naglo scampers away as his own console explodes
[14:15] Jaket Benelli: you had me sitting up here, remember?
[14:16] michaels Toshi: holy crud
[14:16] Jaket Benelli: oh frell
[14:16] Ebak Naglo: Frag..
. [14:16] michaels Toshi: well, i hope the Redeemer is still under warranty
[14:16] Jaket Benelli: captain, you aint gonna like this
[14:16] Ebak Naglo: Sabotage...
[14:16] Chase Quinnell: I bet I won't. What is it
[14:17] michaels Toshi: warp drive is unresponsive
[14:17] michaels Toshi: we've dropped out of warp
[14:17] Jaket Benelli tries brining up emergency systems
[14:17] Jaket Benelli: it,er, looks like...sabotage
[14:17] michaels Toshi: and i can't get anything from helm sensors
[14:17] Jaket Benelli: warp and impulse offline
[14:17] Jaket Benelli: shields offline
[14:17] Jaket Benelli: we're sitting ducks
[14:17] michaels Toshi: ops, have you got readings?
[14:17] Ebak Naglo: I got nothing thats what I have got
[14:17] Chase Quinnell: One of those station Engineers must have been a spy.
[14:17] Jaket Benelli: seems that way
[14:17] michaels Toshi: we should get to engineering before something bigger explodes, namely the warp core
[14:17] Ebak Naglo: Auxiliary power?
[14:18] Jaket Benelli: im gonna have to do a full shutdown and restart sir
[14:18] Jaket Benelli: ill be in engineering
[14:18] Chase Quinnell: Auxiliary power appears to be somewhat functional.. for now
[14:18] Chase Quinnell: Jaket, I want a full diagnostic
[14:18] Jaket Benelli: aye sir
[14:18] michaels Toshi: do we have warp?
[14:19]  ::Jaket takes the turbolift to Engineering::
[14:20] Jaket Benelli: =A= engineering to bridge =A=
[14:20] Chase Quinnell: We hear you, Engineering.
[14:20] Chase Quinnell: What is it?
[14:20] Jaket Benelli: =A= warp core will take at least an hour to repair sir
[14:20] Chase Quinnell: Then get it fixed
[14:20] michaels Toshi: darn!
[14:21] Jaket Benelli: =A= im on it, sir =A=
[14:21] Ebak Naglo: Wish I could help
[14:21] Chase Quinnell: It appears we won't be able to catch the Westing
[14:21] michaels Toshi: Ebak, what was the last known speed of the Westing?
[14:21] Chase Quinnell: Where did their trajectory take them?
[14:21] Jaket Benelli yells out in surprise as an access panel sparks
[14:21] Ebak Naglo: Ugh...think think think...warp...7....bearing...134 mark 9
[14:21] Ebak Naglo: give or take a few
[14:21] michaels Toshi: oh gawd darn
[14:21] Jaket Benelli mutters 'darn shoddy engineers working on MY warp core'
[14:21] Chase Quinnell: What's going on down there, Engineering?
[14:22] michaels Toshi kicks the helm console
[14:22] Jaket Benelli: =A= the sabotage seems rather extensive sir
[14:22] Chase Quinnell: They'll be at their destination by the time we're repaired.
[14:22] Chase Quinnell: Then fix it darn!
[14:22] Chase Quinnell: I want the engines online in an hour
[14:22] Ebak Naglo: Captain...with all due respect..chill
[14:23] Chase Quinnell sighs
[14:23] Jaket Benelli wonders why engineering is always so shorthanded
[14:23] Ebak Naglo: Your gonna get nowhere barking orders at people thinking it will speed things up
[14:23] Chase Quinnell: You're right..
[14:23] michaels Toshi: i know how Lt. Quinnell feels.. to have your ship dead in space.
[14:23] Jaket Benelli agrees with ebak
[14:23] Chase Quinnell: Computer, configure this console to access Engineering controls.
[14:23] Ebak Naglo: Need any help Jaket, I'm a fast learner?
[14:23] Chase Quinnell: Hmmm...
[14:24] Jaket Benelli: =A= any help would be much appreciated =A=
[14:24] Ebak Naglo: I'm not engineering expert...but I've always been good at picking things up
[14:24] Chase Quinnell: Jaket, from here it appears there are some erroneous readings coming from the EPS conduits near the warp core.
[14:24] Chase Quinnell: I'm coming down there.
[14:24] michaels Toshi: oh god darn
[14:24] Jaket Benelli: oh darn it!
[14:25] michaels Toshi: should we eject the core? or try and fix it?
[14:25] Chase Quinnell: =A= All shift B officers, report to the bridge. =A=
[14:25] Chase Quinnell: Try and fix it
[14:25] Jaket Benelli: ill try and fix first
[14:25] Chase Quinnell: Michaels, come with me. We're going to engineering
[14:25] michaels Toshi: aye sir
[14:25]  ::Michaels and Chase take the turbolift to Engineering::
[14:29] michaels Toshi: most EPS relays are completely fried
[14:30] Chase Quinnell: Jaket, I want those EPS conduits inspected
[14:30] michaels Toshi: whoever did this was a professional
[14:30] Chase Quinnell: And they knew their way around a Redeemer class ship's systems really well
[14:30] michaels Toshi: this is the ONLY redeemer class though....
[14:31] Jaket Benelli: id say this was done by a chief engineer sir
[14:31] Chase Quinnell: Nope, there is one other.. the Luranza.
[14:31] michaels Toshi: what a name
[14:31] Jaket Benelli points out a subsystem to the captain
[14:31] Jaket Benelli: see, this system requires very high level clearance
[14:31] Chase Quinnell: It was commissioned not long after the Redeemer
[14:31] Chase Quinnell: Hmm
[14:32] Chase Quinnell: That narrows our list of suspects
[14:32] Jaket Benelli: indeed
[14:32] michaels Toshi: sir shall we shut down the core to prevent a breach?
[14:32] Jaket Benelli: but, can we trust even command at that starbase now?
[14:32] Chase Quinnell: However, right now, we need to find what's on those EPS relays
[14:32] Ebak Naglo: Could have been someone on the design team?
[14:32] Chase Quinnell: We arent at risk yet, Michaels
[14:32] Chase Quinnell: I think we can, Jaket. The station commander was cooperative.
[14:33] Jaket Benelli: but that could of been an act sir
[14:33] Chase Quinnell: I think that the RFR somehow managed to get a chief engineer in Starfleet, however, your concerns are noted Jaket.
[14:33] michaels Toshi: one person could have done all this damage?
[14:33] Jaket Benelli looks shocked
[14:34] Jaket Benelli: captain, according to this log, someone downloaded the entire specs for the Redeemer
[14:34] Chase Quinnell: According to this panel, the EPS conduits leading to and from the core have some foreign influence.
[14:34] Jaket Benelli: access code 193754-345-712
[14:34] Chase Quinnell: Run that code through our database
[14:34] Jaket Benelli: reckon thats faked sir?
[14:34] Chase Quinnell: If it is faked, we'll find out.
[14:34] Jaket Benelli: we cant find out here
[14:34] Ebak Naglo hits his control console
[14:35] Chase Quinnell: Our main priority are those conduits
[14:35] Jaket Benelli: only the starbase have a list of their staffs access codes
[14:35] Chase Quinnell sighs
[14:35] Jaket Benelli: main EPS tap needs replacing
[14:35] Jaket Benelli: Naglo, run down to stores and get one please
[14:36] Chase Quinnell: I'll be on the second floor working on neutralizing some of those EPS feeds
[14:36] michaels Toshi: i'll help
[14:36] Jaket Benelli has always liked having a good engineer as a commanding officer
[14:36] Ebak Naglo: Oh...leave the code cracking to a professional...
[14:37] Ebak Naglo cracks his knuckles "Ok...lets see what this console has got"
[14:37] Jaket Benelli: got that EPS tap for me yet naglo?
[14:37] Ebak Naglo: Working..
[14:37] Ebak Naglo: Aha!
[14:37] Ebak Naglo: EPS Tap
[14:38] Chase Quinnell activates this console
[14:38] You: Alright
[14:38] michaels Toshi enters his command codes and takes a look at the screen
[14:38] Chase Quinnell: From here I can see the entire EPS network
[14:38] Ebak Naglo: Hang on
[14:38] michaels Toshi: first we need to identify the problem
[14:38] michaels Toshi: and just what that problem will do
[14:38] Jaket Benelli: there should be a flow bypass off the main portside buffer trunk sir
[14:39] Ebak Naglo: I got the EPS
[14:39] Jaket Benelli: reroute through that
[14:39] Chase Quinnell: It appears that there is something on at least 3 of our EPS conduits. Each one is easily accessible from here
[14:39] Jaket Benelli: it should make diagnostics smoother
[14:39] michaels Toshi: can you deactivate whatever it is?
[14:39] Chase Quinnell: I am not sure.
[14:40] Jaket Benelli: hmm
[14:40] michaels Toshi: i seem to have the purpose of the devices on EPS conduits leading out of the core
[14:40] Chase Quinnell: Explain.
[14:40] michaels Toshi: they're there to stop hot plasma escaping
[14:40] michaels Toshi: so core overheats
[14:40] Chase Quinnell: Can we remove them?
[14:41] Jaket Benelli politely asks his superior to move out the way
[14:41] michaels Toshi: it seems the device can't be beamed off and our cutters can't remove it, but i think we can if we polarize the relays
[14:41] Jaket Benelli: setup a level 7 containment field around it first
[14:41] michaels Toshi leaves the rest to the chief engineer
[14:43] Chase Quinnell: Alright, Jaket, do we have your word this core isn't going to explode in our faces any time soon?
[14:43] Jaket Benelli: it shouldn’t do sir
[14:43] Jaket Benelli: unless there’s more sabotage of course
[14:44] Jaket Benelli suddenly notices something
[14:44] michaels Toshi: which there's a probability of being
[14:44] Jaket Benelli: everyone get away from the coolant cylinders!
[14:44] Jaket Benelli: the containment is flawed in them
[14:44] michaels Toshi: if the coolant cylinders go, then the core will overheat
[14:45] Jaket Benelli: ive established a containment field around them sir
[14:45] Chase Quinnell: Good.
[14:45] Chase Quinnell: Can you fix them?
[14:45] michaels Toshi checks current core temperature. "core temperature is already a little high due to the sabotage devices. it's at 20,000 Kelvin:
[14:45] Jaket Benelli: working on it sir
[14:45] Chase Quinnell: Ebak, you can help Jaket? I think you should put your years of experience to work
[14:46] Ebak Naglo: Eh?
[14:46] Chase Quinnell: I read your service jacket
[14:46] michaels Toshi: i took intro to engineering.....
[14:46] Chase Quinnell: You seem to know a little about engineering
[14:46] Jaket Benelli: someone give me a hand please?
[14:46] Ebak Naglo: Hardly anything...I know computers...but thats about it
[14:46] Chase Quinnell nods.
[14:47] Chase Quinnell: Alright, what is it Jaket?
[14:47] Jaket Benelli: i need this phase stabilizer held against this conduit
[14:47] Chase Quinnell: Will do
[14:47] Jaket Benelli passes stabilizer to chase
[14:47] Jaket Benelli: there, that should do it
[14:48] Jaket Benelli: thanks sir
[14:48] michaels Toshi checks core temperature again " it's higher 25,000 kelvin"
[14:48] Chase Quinnell: That's pretty hot
[14:48] michaels Toshi: we need to remove the devices on the EPS conduits leading off the core
[14:49] Chase Quinnell: Yes, I was wondering when we were going to do that
[14:49] Chase Quinnell: Those things are keeping the heat in
[14:49] michaels Toshi: but we somehow need to polarize the EPS conduits
[14:49] Chase Quinnell: Anyone else noticed it's hot in here?
[14:49] Jaket Benelli: thats done sir
[14:49] Jaket Benelli: thats why i needed that stabilizer held on that conduit
[14:49] Jaket Benelli: hmm, yes it is a little hot
[14:49] Chase Quinnell: Ahh I see
[14:49] Chase Quinnell: darn black uniforms..
[14:49] Jaket Benelli: the devices need manually removing now
[14:50] michaels Toshi: i read that vulcans normal habitat is rather hot, so it explains why i actually feel comfier
[14:50] Chase Quinnell: Couldn't they have picked something more comfortable?
[14:50] Chase Quinnell: Yea, says the one who's taken off his duty jacket
[14:50] michaels Toshi: it was off on the bridge
[14:50] Chase Quinnell: I noticed
[14:50] michaels Toshi: i'm just stylish is all
[14:50] Chase Quinnell sighs
[14:50] Chase Quinnell: Craziest Vulcan I've ever met..
[14:51] Chase Quinnell: Is the core cooling down?
[14:51] Chase Quinnell looks at the console
[14:51] Ebak Naglo feels his head...he's boiling...with all the fur its not comfortable...."Captain..I feel a little...." his eyes roll and he collapses
[14:51] michaels Toshi pulls out a phaser and cuts the devices off
[14:51] Chase Quinnell: It's down to 23,500 Kelvin.
[14:51] Chase Quinnell: Ebak? You ok?
[14:51] Chase Quinnell: Get him to sickbay
[14:52] Chase Quinnell: This room is too hot for him
[14:52] Jaket Benelli: taps are fixed sir
[14:52] michaels Toshi: once it gets to 20,000 again we can vent the plasma and try to restart the core
[14:52] Jaket Benelli: try flushing coolant plasma
[14:52] Jaket Benelli: but, id recommend everyone leaves engineering first
[14:52] Chase Quinnell: It's down to 19800 Kelvin
[14:52] Jaket Benelli: just in case it ruptures
[14:53] michaels Toshi: Jaket, vent the plasma
[14:53] Chase Quinnell sighs
[14:53] Jaket Benelli: venting plasma now
[14:54] Jaket Benelli: plasma vented
[14:54] Jaket Benelli: warp core critical temperature falling
[14:55] Jaket Benelli: core in normal temperature range sir
[14:55] Chase Quinnell: Engineering to sickbay, what's the status on Ebak and Racquel?
[14:55] michaels Toshi looks at core temperature once again "10,000 kelvin sir, normal temperature
[14:56] Chase Quinnell: Perfect
[14:56] Ebak Naglo: :: Sickbay "Both are alright, they'll be fine, don't worry cap, you just worry about the ship" ::
[14:56] Chase Quinnell: Now can we fly out of here and go after the Westing?
[14:57] Chase Quinnell: This room is hot and dingy..
[14:57] Chase Quinnell: And I want to go after that ship
[14:57] Chase Quinnell grins at Michaels
[14:57] Jaket Benelli: warp core online sir