Grounds for Termination

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USS Sheppard
Grounds for Termination
General Data
*SIM Type: USS Sheppard Mission Listing
*Production number: SHEPRP211
*Initiated: 180
*Ended: on going
*Year: 2416
*Forum Thread: Grounds for Termination
*Previous Mission: [[]]
*Next Mission: [[]]
*SIM Concept: Rich Lombardia
*Historian: Rich Lombardia

Mission chat log: SHEPRP211


Captain’s Log, stardate 180612

Our first encounter with the Karutak went much differently than expected. What could have been a rough combat encounter ended without bloodshed, well nearly. It appears their appreciation for our good deed was to let us leave the area with our lives. I am still disturbed by their violent display of murder that served no point other remind us we are not friends nor are they interested in peaceful coexistence.

Unfortunately, we are no longer able to travel using our Quntum slipstream drive since a critical part was destroyed. We do not have a spare nor the necessary materials to properly replicate one. Long range sensors have picked up three Karutak frigates in pursuit. Tactical confirms its the same three that just allowed us to leave the mining station. Normally, we could easily out run them but our warp drive was already running hot when we arrived at the station. If we continue to push the ship the warp drive might fail all together, then we will have 3 Karutak frigates to contend with on auxiliary power only.

I have ordered us to drop out of warp and turn to face our fate. I'm no Kelpian but today, I can feel death is coming.

<looks at the time and takes a deep breath>

Computer, end log

Crew participation

  • Cmdr Rich Lombardia
  • Lt. Jg Fema Firefrick
  • Lt. Cmdr. Araulya Coronet
  • Lt. Jg Emmy Lombardia
  • Cmdr. Colin Nemeth
  • Cmdr. Launce Kolby (NPC)


  • Fleet Captain Nora Gerhadsen
  • Commodore Kermie Mistwallow
  • Cadet Martian McDunmer


Captain's Log, Stardate 180614

I knew we would encounter the Karutak again. I just didn’t realize it would be so soon. The same three Frigates we just left at the Neribou station decided to track us. We were already pushing the Sheppard’s warp drive to the breaking point. I had no choice but to drop us out of warp, turn us about and await our fate. The Karutak vessels were not interested in talking and went straight to attacking. The battle was no prolonged and we managed to damage them more than they were expecting although they hit our stardrive section pretty hard. The three frigates flee at warp speed and I ordered a pursuit course. We had nearly over-taken them when they released mines. We were too close to maneuver out of the way. A mine struck our engineering hull cause us to lose warp speed. We also had a hull breech and several other issues. We had to shut down the warp core for safety reasons. I was expecting the Karutak to come about and finish us off. They keep on their course. I ordered us to track them as long as we could. Due to our sustained damage the warp core would need to come off-line for 2 days. I had science use star maps of the area and all available information to plot possible refuge locations along their know route. As soon as we are able we will continue the search.

Computer, End log


  • Cmdr. Launce Kolby

We were attacked by three Karutak frigates. I employed a number of evasive maneuvers and managed to protect the forward shields after they were damaged. We hit two of their vessels and gave them something to think about, then they retreated. We had multiple issues. We lost engines for a time and were sitting ducks. But the Karutak had disappeared. I took over some Security tasks at the CO's request. When impulse was restored I was ordered to follow the alien vessels and set course accordingly.

  • Dr. Emmy Lombardia

Our ship is attacked by the Karutak . We engage in battle and take damage, there are about 50 causalities and 8 deaths from the attack.

  • XO Fema Firefrick

Stardate: 180615 Location: En-route to Task Force at Hapke5285

Log Report Lieutenant (JG) Fema Firefrick Chief Engineer/ Acting XO

Begin Log Entry

En-route at Warp 6 to Hapke 5283 we encountered three Karutak vessels, later determined to be the same from the mining colony. They dropped from warp directly in our path. The CO attempted to warn them off by negotiation with negative results. All attempts to avoid hostilities failed. They advanced on us and fired their weapons. We returned fire with Phaser and Torpedo's. Both sides took battle damage with one hostile vessel retreating apparently heavily damaged. Taking damage to decks 12 and 14 (hull breach) port side caused us the loss of Warp Engines and damage to the Main Reactor. We were forced to revert to maneuvering on Impulse. Battle continued with the two remaining hostiles damaged and retreating.

-Damage Report- Structural damage on Deck 14 led to a hull breach. Structural damage on Deck 12 caused overloads and damage. Internal damage to circuitry and power conduits on both decks led to loss of Warp Drive and Main Reactor Power interruption. Emergency Damage Control Procedures initiated and DCP's assigned. Emergency Force Shield on hull breach and Emergency Bulkheads in place. Decks 12 thru 16 evacuated, sealed and systems rerouted. Major damage of Ablative Armour on stern sections. =Medical= reported numerous casualties and several fatalities. Mass casualty and evacuation protocols initiated in Cargo Bay 2. Additional damage in Main Engineering and Bridge caused further overloads and damage with few causalities.

USS Sheppard remains on Yellow Alert and is holding station in place pending further repairs however partial Warp Drive has been restored and further repairs progressing. Bridge systems now functional. We can maneuver on Impulse and weapons/shields are available should hostiles return.

-Summation- We have taken moderate damage with causalities/fatalities. The Sheppard is under repairs capable and is operational! We are still an effective yet limited vessel able to defend ourselves if needs be. Extent of hostile vessel damage unknown. Further intent of hostiles unknown. The CO is considering all possibilities and contingencies.

End Log Report

In service Rank: Lieutenant (JG) Name; Fema Firefrick