Growing Problems

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General Data
*SIM Type: USS Shogun Missions
*Production number: SHO-RP006
*Initiated: 090506
*Ended: 090509
*Year: 2384
*Aliens: The Duco
*Forum Thread: Growing Problems
*Previous Mission: Previous<<
*Next Mission: Next >>
*SIM Concept: Ulrich Bechir
*Historian: Damien Korolev

The ship has survived the recent search and destroy mission, but a problem with the warp engines and an growing anomaly in the system threaten to trap it in a void forever.


Captain's Log - 090506

"The repairs continue on USS Shogun, however Engineering has reported difficulties with the initialization of the warp drive system. They continue to work on it but as a safety precaution we are currently declining to use it. I'm sure that the engineering team under LT Baxton will figure out the issue soon.

More troubling than that is the fact that we have begun to detect the growth of an electro-magnetic disturbance. During the assault on the genetic facility, an electrical disturbance of sorts had been noticed in the vacinity of this system's sun. The destruction of the facility seemed to end that threat. For some reason it has returned again and is starting to slowly expand. I have the scientific team working on this issue right now trying to figure out exactly what this is and what the problem may be.

Here we sit crippled, a sitting duck, as an unknown force grows in the sector."


With enough repairs completed to be on their way, the Shogun prepared to leave the system in which they had destroyed the Duco space station only days before. Sensors showed nothing but monitored an unusually high level of electro magnetic radiation. All propulsion systems appeared in order, but when Captain Bechir gave the order to leave the ship remained stationary. Lieutenant Baxton and Ensign Galaxy reported from engineering: all readouts showed that the warp engines were operating within acceptable parameters.

Lieutenant Brouwer and Ensign Odriscoll sent a probe in the direction of the system's sun. As that is where most of the radiation appeared to be emanating from it was hoped that the probe could provide some answers. In addition to the high level of electro magnetic radiation a gravimetric pulse wave was discovered.

There was little time to theorize on the findings as the Shogun suddenly found herself stranded in a "void" of some description. scans showed none of the features of the system they had been in just minutes before, or much of anything for that matter. Engineering pushed the warp core to sustain warp 9.9 for as long as possible but to no effect, the ship remained still.

While Dr.Questi and Cadet String examined the Duco they noticed that their brains emitted low level beta waves during their self induced stasis. Before the examination had finished the equipment they were using mysteriously exploded in proximity to them. Both had to be rushed into treatment to prevent any serious injury occurring. It was posited by Ensign Odriscoll that the beta brain waves of the Duco might be exacerbating or even causing the radiation that stranded the ship in the void.

Lietenant Brouwer recommended that the Duco be given a stimulant to bring them out of their hibernation. Dr.Skytower duly administered stimulants to the Duco, bringing them out of stasis one by one. Within minutes the engines were working normally again and the ship was able to escape the void.

Lieutenant Teichmann later interrogated the Duco regarding their intentions and, as suspected, the station the ship destroyed previously was indeed a staging ground for a planned offensive against UFS.


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