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Demasiado trevido a donde nadie he ido antes
Hartley Know Em
General Data
*SIM Type: USS Veracruz Missions
*Production number: VERA-RP6x07
*Initiated: 160217
*Ended: 160217
*Year: 2391
*Forum Thread: Hartley Know Em
*Previous Mission: Ghost in the Holodeck
*Next Mission: Smokin' Joe Hartley
*SIM Concept: Kinney Randt
*Historian: Aryela Dagger


Captain's Log:

Stardate: 160217

Alert Status: Green

The Veracruz remains docked at Tranquility while I recover from the attack in the holodeck. Engineering and security are investigating the attack, and hopefully we will soon know who was behind it and why the attack occurred. Was it a personal attack? Or does this signify a larger attack on UFS as a whole? If it is the latter, then odds are whoever the individual is, that they would be working for a larger organization.

The timing of the attack, with so many UFS ships either docked or in orbit of Pinastri, is extremely concerning.

In service, Flt Captain Kinney Randt-Rhode


Personal Log - Fred McCellan

The investigation into the attack on Captain Randt continues. The only theory that now makes sense is that the attacker in the holodeck was in fact a part of the holodeck program that Captain Randt was running. With the safeties disabled, a holographic attacker would be a real danger to the life and limb of anyone present when the program was running.

We now needed to find out who came to the Veracruz (or was already there) and set everything up? Commander Aryela had me obtain all relevant sensor logs available from Pinastri to help us in our investigation. Those logs would show us all the people, shuttles, etc. that had come and gone to/from the Veracruz while we have been parked here in space dock.

Our security team used the Pinastri sensor data and Federation personnel records to search for people that had access AND the skill set to orchestrate and execute all the elements of the attack plan. Cross-correlating all this information with our on-board system logs resulted in an initial short list of just a few possible suspects. In the end, only one name fit all the required parameters and conditions. Our prime suspect was an Engineer-Technician named Hartley who had been on board the Veracruz doing some general upgrades the day before the attack.

Armed with this information, Commander Aryela contacted Admiral Mistwallow on Pinastri and received permission for us to send an investigative team to go to Hartley's work lab. Commander Aryela tasked Lt-Cmdr Jameson to form an away team for the investigation.

Jameson's away team consisted of himself, Cmdr Skot Brit, Lt Cyrillian Guardian, Lt Macpherson, Major Asbrink, Lt-Cmdr Leighann Mantis, and myself. We all arrived at the door to the lab and Lt-Cmdr Jameson announced our presence. When no answered the door, we all entered the lab and started looking around for any clues that might help the investigation. Among other things, we looked at all the various computer systems and logs. Hopefully we will be able to soon locate Hartley and hear what he has to say.