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The Head of UF Starfleet Security is in charge of all security related matters on any and all Starfleet ships, stations and facilities, across all Metaverses. They are responsible for performing several administrative tasks for the most optimized running of the Branch.

NB. This position is a FLEET level position and thus not a RP / chapter position!


  • Process people in and out of your Branch
  • Make contact with Ship & Station Commanders to encourage handing out awards to Branch Members.
  • Maintain at least one introductory course from each division for UF Starfleet Academy
  • Maintain Branch/Divisional groups amongst Metaverses.
  • Participate in group functions, such as ceremonies.
  • Involve themselves in daily activities around the sim facilities (mingling, being available, giving advice etc.)
  • Make contact with those whom you have not had contact with in 7 days or greater.
  • Conduct Security Drills across all Metaverses.
  • Serve as an example of a good Starfleet Officer
  • Investigate Member Problems and work to a solution as quickly as possible.
  • Work towards Member Retention through regular contact and problem-solving.
  • Keep records on a spreadsheet detailing the reasons for a Members departure.
  • Recruit for UF Starfleet Security.
  • Work towards overall Branch staffing goals.

This position is always under review and may be changed accordingly


Mandatory Command Requirements


6 months active service with no serious reprimands on Service Jacket.

Minimum Rank


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