Heading Home

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"Homeward Bound"
Heading Home
General Data
*SIM Type: USS Hyperion Missions
*Production number: HYP-RP002
*Initiated: 130113
*Ended: 130113
*Year: 2388
*Aliens: Avianis
*Forum Thread: [1]
*Previous Mission: Fly Me To The Moon
*Next Mission: Cargo Service
*SIM Concept: Lan Nakajima
*Historian: Lan Nakajima


Captain's Log,

It's been a week since we ran through the shakedown trials for the Hyperion. she performed them all quite well, and I can't see any further reason to remain docked at Utopia Planitia. The Avianis have been very cooperative since their rescue, however all they really want is to return to their colony world in the Delta Quadrant, where the rest of their tribe remained after their abduction. I feel somewhat obliged to offer them a ride back with us, as we're of sound logic that the Underspace Corridor in the Typhon Expanse will lead us back to sector 001D in the Delta Quadrant. I've made comment on this to the Avianis Chieftain and he only offers the slightest of smiles and nods his approval, though I get the feeling he knows something more... regardless, I plan on giving the order for us to return "home" this evening. While it's been amazing visiting our homeworlds, home is where the heart is, and for a majority of the crew, it's in the Delta Quadrant. I do hope that this Underspace Corridor might be of future use, as I know that starfleet needs another taskforce for the Hobus issue, but i'm just hoping it's stable enough to get us back to Pinastri in one piece.

Crew Participation


The Hyperion departed Utopia Planitia enroute for the Subspace Corridor within the Typhon Expanse. Despite being given 100% assurance by the Gorn Hegemony, Sciences and Engineering began working together to fine tune the sensors to detect any enemy vessels, or spatial distortions that might hinder the Hyperion's transit to the Corridor within the Typhon Expanse. The Quantum sensor array was able to detect events and anomalies at least 3 minutes and 30 Lightyears ahead of the ship, and did not detect anything out of the ordinary. Despite initial heavy turbulence the Hyperion transited the Corridor in one piece, rendezvousing with the USS Everest, and USS Quantum 1LY from the Delta Quadrant terminus. Long Range scans detected a Gorn fleet in orbit of the Avianis Colony world of Chordoza, prompting a red alert, and a course laid in for all three vessels. Upon arriving in the Chordoza System, the Captain ordered a channel open to the lead Gorn Vessel, and attempted to talk their captain down. Upon being denied, the captain entered a code into the Ops console, and disabled the Gorn Vessel's shield. The Captain then explained to the Gorn Captain, that he was given the Shield codes for the Gorn vessels still in the Delta Quadrant by the Hegemony itself in order to hold off any unsanctioned hostilities. The Gorn captain agreed to return to the Alpha Quadrant, but warned that the Captain had made an enemy that day. The Hyperion dismissed it's companion vessels and set course for Tranquility using the Slipstream Drive, finally running a test on it's systems. With only a slight jolt crossing the Quantum Threshold, the transit was smooth, and the Hyperion arrived safely at Tranquility.