Helping out

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Helping out
General Data
*Production number: AST-RP004
*Initiated: 110221
*Ended: 110221
*Year: 2386
*Forum Thread: [1]
*Previous Mission: A future's Past
*Next Mission: Cat and mouse
*SIM Concept: Davido Herbit


On the SS Astraios we detected a gravitationally massive object that shouldn't have been there. We were going to investigate it. Enroute we found a damaged craft and detected one life form on a nearby asteroid (named: Aviana Pacem). We rescued her but she seemed to be scared.

The massive gravitationally object appeared to be the an artifact, an Elf ship. Elfs are mystical beings, often nice and friendly but not seen much.

She escaped the attack of the Hirogen and therefore lost track of her friends.

Crew participation

Davido Herbit - CO

Alia Soulstar - Medical & Science

Karl Quar - Engeneering

Data Giant - Helm & Ops

Dolfke Barbosa - Security

Aviana Pacem - The alien who we have found


On a away mission to investigate a gravitational microlensing body (in the direction of the Crab Nebula from Astraios), we encountered a distressed alien craft. The craft, a transport of the Elven species had been in a skirmish with the Hirogen.

While Tactical was busy with scanning the vicinity of the Hirogen the captain opened a audio channel to the escape pod we had discovered on a nearby asteroid. Aviana Pacem was on board that pod together with a few others. She told us that they where wounded and needed treatment and that the Hirogen where behind this attack. We transported them on board directly to the medical bay together with Dr. Alia Soulstar. After proper treatment the captain promised them to help to get back to their home...


The Elves are moving to our world at Astraios Prime to seek new place to call home *to be continued*