Homecoming (Sheppard)

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General Data
*SIM Type: USS Sheppard Missions
*Production number: SHEP-RP074
*Initiated: 110720
*Ended: 110724
*Year: 2386
*Forum Thread: Homecoming
*Previous Mission: Mind's Eye, Part 2
*Next Mission: Next >>
*SIM Concept: Mulgrave Dwi
*Historian: April Coswell

The USS Sheppard is on its way back to Cascadia, but getting there is only half the fun when the crew has to deal with sentient alien spiders that are eating up the bioneural gelpacks throughout the ship.


Captain's log, Stardate 110724 Location: Pinastri Sector, on approach to Pinastri

The Sheppard is still being towed by the Kindred cruiser; they will drop us off just outside of the Pinastri system where we will be pulled in by two Federation runabouts and Cascadia tugs in order to get us into a docking position. The runabouts USS Ebro and Mackenzie have already rendez-vous'd with us and have transported over several crates of neural packs as well as isolinear subprocessor backups to install in the stead of the biopacks. They may not be as efficient as our biopacks but these spiders that are infesting our systems don't find them quite as tasty. I will have to personally thank Ensign Diavolo for the addition of those.

The problem is, we can't seem to replace the biocircuitry quick enough before these insects are all over them again, and as a result our systems are slowly beginning to fail deck by deck. What makes it worse is the thick goo-like substance these spiders leave in their wake, that is not only wreaking havoc on our non-biological based systems but is darn hard to clean up. I have every possible person working on clearing out and checking the systems.

Normally we would use internal sensors to sweep and transport off any spiders, however it seems that this goo and their size makes them hard to detect, so I have tasked Science and Medical with the problem of working out a way of detecting and then removing these insects from my ship. Operations and Engineering are going to work on maintaining the Sheppard's systems while Security is going to find and remove as many of these spiders as they can by whatever means possible.

The Sheppard and my crew have spent the last year being shot at, experimented on, infected, and now crawled all over, and what's more, despite all that we are being towed back into Pinastri. Hardly the truimphant homecoming I was wanting but at least the crew will be able to rest easy, be able to relax, and I'll be darned if I'm going to let some spiders stop us from getting a well-deserved break.

Computer, end log.


While on their way back to Pinastri, the crew of the Sheppard had discovered on Stardate 110720 that the ship was infested with sentient spider-like beings that seemed to enjoy feasting on the bioneural gelpacks. In addition, these spiders left in their wake a goo-like substance which threatened to incapacitate the Sheppard's systems. The infestation had caused the Sheppard to go to such lengths as to eject the core in order to be able to drop out of warp.

In the days following the discovery of the infestation, the crew did what they could to stay on top of things and shore up failing systems with an ever-dwindling supply of gelpacks.

Once the two runabouts from Cascadia arrived, the USS Mackenzie beamed the replacement isolinear hardware at targeted spots throughout the Sheppard and then took up towing duty, while the USS Ebro took over towing the ship's warp core. Meanwhile, the crew had to work hard to extinguish fires that were breaking out on various decks and remove half-eaten gelpacks. The state of the ship got to such a point that life support failed and Captain Dwi had to have command transferred to Engineering.

Lt. Faorel Fiertze managed to restore life support by jury-rigging an emergency relay on Deck 5 using the freshly-delivered isolinear hardware, after which the crew rendez-vous'd in Engineering to liaise with Cascadia as it took over the Sheppard's systems and guided the ship into drydock.


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