Ice World

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Ice World
General Data
*SIM Type: USS Sheppard Missions
*Production number: SHEP-RP084
*Initiated: 111002
*Ended: 111002
*Year: 2386
*Forum Thread: Ice World
*Previous Mission: Vessel of the Light
*Next Mission: Next >>
*SIM Concept: Mulgrave Dwi
*Historian: April Coswell

Marooned on an icy planet, the crew fend off attacks by acid-spitting wormlike creatures while attempting to set up a distress beacon and de-ice the ship's thrusters.


Location: Unknown

Captain's log, Stardate 111001

The Sheppard has crashed on an unknown icy planet; we came out of the time anomaly straight into the atmosphere of this planet, and we are somewhat lucky - any further and we may have come out directly in the crust and there would be nothing but broken remains. As it is we were not able to pull ourselves up in time and we crashed.

We currently have decks 2 through to 6 and decks 10 and 11 secure. I have abandoned environmentals on decks 2-4, opting to conserve power. It will be a bit crowded with the crew only on four decks, but it's the best option until we can make a full assessment.

The initial assessment of the ship is that the lower decks have been impacted. It's likely that decks 13-15 have been completely destroyed; Engineering believes we could lift off from the surface but first we have to assess the full structural damage and repair as many of the external thruster arrays as possible, not to mention remove any ice and rocks that may have caused damage.

We also have an additional issue as the Sheppard appears to have attracted the attention of a wormlike species that seem to be entering the ship through its multiple hull breaches and attacking members of the crew with some sort of acidic spit. Security are on alert, however higher temperatures seem to discourage them from entering the main areas - but they are hampering our efforts to repair the ship by either damaging components or attacking repair crews.

Current orders for all departments are as follow:

Security: Secure inhabited decks and provide cover for repair teams.

Engineering: Assess the damage and begin repairs to structural integrity and thruster systems

Ops: First priority is to set up a distress beacon and then assist engineering in the assessment and repair of the Sheppard's systems.

Science: Provide what data we have on this world and investigate these worm creatures, we need a way to ensure the safety of the ship and crew.

Medical: Provide medical aide and assist science in their investigations into these worm creatures.

Computer, end log.


At 0900 hours on Stardate 111002, most of the Sheppard's senior officers congregated at the temporary command post set up on Deck 7 by Chief Engineer Merlin for a briefing by Science on their findings regarding the planet the ship had crashed-landed on. Before the briefing could begin, however, they were startled by a noise and some vibrations in the bulkhead. Lt. Commander Marabana and Commander Merlin went to investigate and soon came back with an exhausted-looking but otherwise-unharmed Lt. Commander Jess Hamelin, who had just blasted her way out of a bulkhead on deck 5 with an overloading phaser.

At the briefing, the senior officers learned from Science that the conditions on the ice planet were volatile and could quickly change from clear skies to blizzard. In addition, the ice worms which had invaded the ship were to be avoided, as they could ‘fire’ an acidic compound out of their mouth. Medical had reported that this substance could potentially completely destroy the tissue structure of the area hits and cauterise the area around it, hampering or completely stopping repair and regrowth.

Chief of Operations April Coswell reported that the distress beacon her department had been working on was ready to be deployed, and that after an initial inspection of the flight deck there was one shuttle left unscathed and useable. On the engineering front, Commander Merlin reported that the hull was decently sound, but that the thrusters were fouled with ice.

After Operations Lieutenant Tyler reported that she had just been attacked by a worm in the shuttlebay, Commander Hamelin was sent down with a team to secure the area. Meanwhile, the Captain assigned a team under Commander Merlin to de-ice the port thrusters, while another team under Commander Coswell was to deploy the distress beacon outside the ship.

Once in EVA suits, the distress beacon team beamed out using the cargo transporter and was immediately able to see the extent of the crew's predicament - Sheppard lay half buried in a thick, crusty layer of ice and snow. The team members formed a protective circle around Lt. Tyler as she deployed the beacon, but still had to fend off attacks by worms. Commander Coswell was badly injured when a worm blew acid onto her leg; however, the beacon was successfully activated.

Meanwhile, the Captain supervised a limited firing up of the thrusters while outside, two teams worked on de-icing the port and ventral thrusters. Those teams also had to contend with worm attacks, but luckily with little injury. Soon after, Engineering officer Zapatero reported that he had managed to get some of the thrusters moving. However, it also soon became clear that the worm attacks had taken a toll after all - Commander Merlin collapsed and had to be taken to sickbay.


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