If You Wrong Us

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General Data
*SIM Type: USS Shogun Missions
*Production number: SHO-RP027
*Initiated: 091003
*Ended: 091007
*Year: 2384
*Aliens: Unidentified
*Forum Thread: If You Wrong Us
*Previous Mission: << Previous
*Next Mission: Next >>
*SIM Concept: Ulrich Bechir
*Historian: T'Rennek Yuitza, Damien Korolev

The Shogun answers a distress call from telepathic refugees, apparently fleeing Devore persecution.


Captain's Log - Stardate 090930

"We continue our path quietly through Devore Space, doing our best to avoid all contact along our way. Recently, sickbay has been extremely busy as the instance of headaches has increased steadily as of late. I, for one, am plagued with strange dreams. I cannot make out the players or the specifics, but it has been bad enough that I've had to visit Doctor Skytower repeatedly for analgesics and sedatives.

It seems our telepathic members are even worse off. A few have called it a 'backlash' but they can offer few other bits of information. Currently we are 213.29 LY Rimward from Pinastri.

We continue to be vigilant, but have picked up nothing on sensors at all. Medical continues to investigate, in fear that it could be a new permeation of a virus."


Dr.Skytower continued to report increasing instances of headache among the crew, particularly among members of telepathic species. At the same time a Devore vessel was detected on an intercept course. The Captain ordered the ship to yellow alert.

As the ship drew closer, scans revealed that it was not Devore, or at least not in the hands of the Devore. It appeared to be modified with the technologies of several species, including Kazon, Borg and even Federation. Sensors also showed that the ship was malfunctioning heavily and if nothing was done it's life support systems would fail within hours, killing the four crew members aboard.

Hailing frequencies were opened and, after a preliminary talk, the captain of the alien vessel, Tren, was invited aboard the Shogun. They met in the conference room, where the alien captain explained that he and his crew were telepathic refugees, fleeing Devore persecution. Their ship, with it's haphazard use of several, sometimes conflicting, technologies, had malfunctioned however. He asked Captain Bechir for any assistance he could give.

The Captain agreed to send an away team to assist in repairing the vessel. Upon arriving at the alien craft, both Lieutenant Teichmann and Ensign Mirabeau were ordered to relinquish their phasers, which they did.

Whlie Lieutenant Baxton set about assisting in the repairs the rest of the team took the opportunity to explore other sections of the ship. Dr.Skytower found and entered the sickbay, noticing several strange, seemingly non-medical, devices there. A member of the ship's crew caught up and ejected him from the area, with a stern warning not to re-enter.

Lieutenants Seriman and Ogleby found their way to a cargo bay. The containers were shielded against their tricorder scans. This being suspicious, the two Lieutenants physically searched the crates. Inside were phaser rifles and plasma grenades. They alerted Lieutenant Teichmann, who checked the ship's navigational records. It was not, as they had been told, fleeing Devore territory but instead on the way to the Devore's core planets. From what Dr.Skytower had been able to gather, the devices in the sickbay were telepathic enhancers of some sort, and they were most likely behind the recent spate of headaches aboard the Shogun. All the evidence pointed to the aliens' intent to stage a terrorist attack of some kind.

The vessel's crew were by now aware of the away team's investigations and confronted them. During the ensuing argument the aliens collapsed into unconsciousness, later speculated to have been caused by telepathic exhaustion. The team injected the aliens with sedatives to keep them out cold and went back to the sickbay. An investigation of the equipment proved that they were indeed telepathic enhancers, designed to cause harm to telepaths and non-telepaths alike.

Working quickly, the away team destroyed the devices. They returned to the Shogun, which beamed over supplies and necessary repair equipment before resuming her course.


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