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Sovereign Class Starship.jpg
General Data
*Production number: 027
*Initiated: 080518
*Ended: 080519
*Year: 2383
*Previous Mission: Mysterious Operations
*Next Mission: Beyond the Horizon
*SIM Concept: Chase Quinnell
*Historian: MilesPrower Dagger


It has been only a few days since the Borg attacked Pinastri, and the Redeemer is still at warp factor 8 on a course from Sector001 to an uncharted area of space on the edge of the Federation.

A new ship, the Intrepid class USS Kilamanjaro arrived one day ago from the Alpha Quadrant. The ship was brought here to replace the USS Benton, which has left a major impact on the Delta Quadrant.. and the Redeemer.

Upon arriving at Sector B-278, the Redeemer drops out of warp and detects traces of Federation technology and building materials. They appear to be coming from an M-Class planet about 1 light-year further into the region of uncharted space. Federation ships have never been to this sector.. so it is an unusual find...

A stray nacelle, which appears to be part of an Intrepid class ship floats into range after the Redeemer drops out of warp at the location of the traces. A small registry number on the nacelle is read as: NCC-743--8...


Captain’s Log



Ship CO: Lt. Chase Quinnell
Ship XO: Lt. Jg Michaels Toshi
Tact Ofcr: Lt. Jg Vinnie Lei
Medical Ofcr: Lt. Nailer Dagger
Engineer: Ensign Jaket Benelli
Science Ofcr: Lt. Jg Orion Pastorelli
Operations Ofcr: Cadet Diemme Morane
Helm Ofcr: Ensign Racquel Darwin (Bajoran name: Talar J'riis)

Captain's log, SD 60714.4: The Redeemer has been ordered to explore an uncharted region of space within Federation territory. I am excited to finally get to explore after our problems with the RFR and the Terran Empire.

The Redeemer crew talks and jokes amongst themselves as they await arrival to their destination. Some people are a little uneasy because the Redeemer just left Pinastri one day before. The Redeemer was recalled to Pinastri to help stop an invasion from one of the hostile Borg tribes. Air and ground battles were fought.

Chase Quinnell: An uncharted sector of space.. the things we could discover.
Jaket Benelli: the things that could harm our ship
Chase Quinnell: Glass half full, Jaket. *smiles*

The arrive at their destination and science officer Lt. Jg Orion Pastorelli detects traces of Federation materials and technology. As they discuss the reason why traces of a Federation presence are located in an uncharted reason of space, a warp nacelle floats by the ship. It was identified as an Intrepid class warp nacelle. They identified a portion of the registry engraved on the nacelle, which matched a small number of ships.

Captain's log, supplemental: We have encountered a full Intrepid class warp nacelle in an area of space that should not have been previously visited by a Federation vessel. It intrigues me that the registry number that we partially identified could in-fact link this nacelle to the USS Benton which was destroyed in the Battle of Starbase 427 by the RFR.

((The USS Benton has made several appearances in past Redeemer roleplays, and the ship has saved the Redeemer twice in battle))

They decide to follow the traces of Federation tech to an M-Class planet deeper in the uncharted territory. What they find shocks everyone. A small settlement built from the remains of the USS Benton's hull occupied by the surviving crew. This was a rather emotional moment, as the Benton has previously saved the Redeemer from certain destruction and the ship's captain is a close friend of Lt. Quinnell.

Captain's log, supplemental: I am pleased to find that Captain Reynolds and much of his crew is still alive and well after officially been marked 'Lost in Battle' for 3 weeks. I'm afraid that about half of his crew was killed.

After a short talk with the Benton's executive officer, the Redeemer discovers that the explosion that was seen during the battle was not an explosion, but an artificial "fireball" of sorts that had propelled the Benton and its crew away from the battle. A phase cloak was used to conceal the ship from sensors until it reached the M-Class planet. The RFR had apparently set the whole thing up and had installed devices around the settlement to monitor and try to uncover secrets that may have been discussed by the surviving crew members.

After beaming the survivors up to the ship, the machines, which were phase-cloaked began to shoot at the Redeemer from the surface. When they weren't firing weapons, they remained phased, which made it impossible for conventional weapons to destroy them.

Captain's log, supplemental: We've got the survivors on-board, but the machines down there are shooting up my ship. We're working on a tetryon emitter to allow us to inhibit their cloaking abilities.

After emitting several pulses, the Redeemer was able to eliminate the machines on the surface. They decide to go back for the warp nacelle and tow it back to Starbase 427 as a "souvenir" of sorts.

Mission Logs

[13:08] Racquel Darwin: Steady at warp 8.
[13:08] Diemme Morane reviews her consoles... getting familiar with the layout...
[13:09] Chase Quinnell: An uncharted sector of space.. the things we could discover.
[13:09] Jaket Benelli: the things that could harm our ship
[13:09] Racquel Darwin nods
[13:09] Nailer Dagger pokes a few buttons and wonders if he left the iron on at home
[13:09] Orion Pastorelli is engrossed in photon displacement patterns on the readout...
[13:09] Chase Quinnell: Glass half full, Jaket. *smiles*
[13:09] Jaket Benelli: well its always me fixes the darn thing
[13:10] michaels Toshi: but think about if we found a new type of fuel? you'd get to test it
[13:10] Vinnie Lei: Treat it like a lady, and she'll always bring you home
[13:10] Jaket Benelli: there is that
[13:10] Jaket Benelli: id love to have a crack at a stable transwarp sometime
[13:10] Chase Quinnell: I doubt it'll happen any time soon.
[13:11] Jaket Benelli: no, but i can dream
[13:11] michaels Toshi: i dont like the idea of going so fast 1 move could tear your ship apart
[13:11] Chase Quinnell: The best we got is what links us to the Alpha Quadrant.
[13:11] Diemme Morane smiles fondly at the dream
[13:11] Jaket Benelli: now whos glass is half empty?
[13:11] michaels Toshi: mine
[13:11] michaels Toshi: *gets a refill*
[13:11] Diemme Morane giggles
[13:11] Chase Quinnell grins.
[13:11] Vinnie Lei: I don't even have a glass, so how can it be either half full, or empty?
[13:11] Racquel Darwin: I have a bottle for my glass.
[13:12] Racquel Darwin: Must be some kind of zen, Vinnie.
[13:12] Jaket Benelli wonders at times if mice understand old sayings
[13:12] Vinnie Lei: zen?
[13:12]  ::The ship drops out of warp at the destination::
[13:12] Orion Pastorelli agrees with the captain, "they been working on transwarp for over 80 years now and even with the borg tech we got we still can't make it happen..."
[13:12] Racquel Darwin: All stop sir.
[13:12] Chase Quinnell: Science, Ops, Tactical, what do you have?
[13:13] Diemme Morane runs scans...
[13:13] Vinnie Lei: Shields at 98.9%, Phasers and torpedoes function according to specs and.... YES! My Pac-man score just broke the record... ehhh, nevermind that. Ehm, nothing on sensors which would need telling.
[13:13] Jaket Benelli: setting up diagnostic loops
[13:13] Jaket Benelli: never know what you’ll run into in uncharted space
[13:13] Chase Quinnell sighs. "You are obsessed with those 20th century games a little too much, Vinnie. *smiles*
[13:13] Racquel Darwin nods.
[13:14] Racquel Darwin runs a level 3 diagnostic of helm.
[13:14] Chase Quinnell: Just make sure it doesn't interfere with your efficiency.
[13:14] Vinnie Lei: Of course not, cap'n.
[13:14] Jaket Benelli: i thought you blocked access to them michaels?
[13:14] Racquel Darwin: I just finished Doom III again.
[13:14] Chase Quinnell: Vinnie is a resourceful being.. obviously he broke through the lock outs
[13:14] michaels Toshi: i did, but then i tried one and thought it was kinda fun
[13:15] Chase Quinnell sighs
[13:15] Jaket Benelli: *ahem* him and all of
[13:15] Vinnie Lei snickers
[13:15] michaels Toshi continues space invaders
[13:15] Orion Pastorelli rolls his eyes, "so much for starfleet encryption..."
[13:15] Chase Quinnell: Science, what's on our scanners?
[13:15] Jaket Benelli: pong is so simple yet so addictive
[13:15] michaels Toshi: oh yes, forgot, report
[13:15] Vinnie Lei: Starfleet encryptions are easy, Cardassian encryption, and especially the ones from the Obsidian Order are a nice challenge.
[13:15] Orion Pastorelli: oh wait
[13:16] Orion Pastorelli: picking up some debris...
[13:17] Orion Pastorelli: sir... we are supposed to be the first federation ship in the sector, correct?
[13:17] michaels Toshi: that's what the data says, yes
[13:17] Orion Pastorelli: so then why am picking up federation technology
[13:19] Orion Pastorelli: I am detecting it from an M-Class planet about 1 light-year further into the region...
[13:19] Racquel Darwin scans sensors for other ships and phenomena ready to plot a course.
[13:19] Orion Pastorelli: I will transmit heading to helm
[13:19] Chase Quinnell: I don't know, Orion... perhaps-- *Stares at the screen as what appears to be an intrepid class warp nacelle floats by*
[13:19] Orion Pastorelli transmits the heading to helm....
[13:20] Jaket Benelli: oh my...
[13:20] Diemme Morane is startled by the sight
[13:20] Vinnie Lei: That's definitely Federation...
[13:20] Jaket Benelli: we should bring it in sir
[13:20] Chase Quinnell: Pause image!
[13:20] Chase Quinnell: Zoom in on that nacelle's registry number
[13:20] michaels Toshi looks at the screen shocked
[13:20] Jaket Benelli: i could get a few of my techies to go over it
[13:20] Diemme Morane preparing to transport nacelle on board
[13:20] Chase Quinnell: No, don't transport..
[13:21] Chase Quinnell: I said zoom in on it's registry number.
[13:21] Racquel Darwin: My navigation sensors read several small items in this area, Sir.
[13:21] Jaket Benelli gave you 3D Grid White Alpha.
[13:21] Orion Pastorelli: I can confirm the helms readings...
[13:21] Chase Quinnell: Ops?
[13:21] Vinnie Lei: It looks like someone had a nice play around with this.. ship. Sir, I recommend going to yellow alert to be on the safe side.
[13:21] Diemme Morane: zooming in sir...
[13:22] Chase Quinnell: Thank you.
[13:22] Nailer Dagger: Well it sure looks like a registry number to me
[13:22] Diemme Morane: I can see a small registry number
[13:22] Diemme Morane: NCC-743--8...
[13:22] Diemme Morane: It's not clear
[13:22] Chase Quinnell: Run a search through our database for compatible ships
[13:22] Jaket Benelli: does 743 ring a bell with anyone?
[13:22] Racquel Darwin: That fits a small number of ships.
[13:22] Diemme Morane scratches her head.....
[13:22] Nailer Dagger: checking library computer
[13:23] Jaket Benelli hopes its not an effect of local space that caused the destruction of that other ship
[13:23] Nailer Dagger: Sir there are three ships it may match
[13:23] Chase Quinnell: What ships match that number?
[13:23] Nailer Dagger: USS Kilamanjaro - Intrepid Class - NCC-743188 [ At Pinastri ] USS Benton - Intrepid Class - NCC-743108 [ Destroyed ] USS Vintage - Miranda Class - NCC-74398 [Under construction]
[13:23] Diemme Morane seems to remember having seen that on the Vintage which is under construction
[13:24] michaels Toshi: still possible
[13:24] Racquel Darwin nods but makes note of the Vintage.
[13:24] Chase Quinnell: Ok, the Kilamanjaro just arrived from the Alpha quadrant.. they're still at Sector001 and the Benton was destroyed. That definitely isn't a Miranda class nacelle, so it must be the Benton or the Kilamanjaro.
[13:24] Jaket Benelli hopes vinnie isnt STILL playing pacman
[13:24] michaels Toshi: We saw the Benton destroyed
[13:24] Racquel Darwin raises an eyebrow.
[13:24] Chase Quinnell: But no wreckage was found, Michaels
[13:24] michaels Toshi: but we watched as she....
[13:25] Jaket Benelli: what happened to the benton?
[13:25] Racquel Darwin wonders about the concussion from the exploding helm console.
[13:25] michaels Toshi: i'd bet it's the kilamanjaro
[13:26] Racquel Darwin: It is similar to Voyagers, I suggest that it is Intrepid.
[13:26] Nailer Dagger: suggest sending subspace message to 001 to see if the ship is birthed Sir...
[13:26] Chase Quinnell: I think we should drop a buoy to hold that thing in place with a tractor beam and take a trip to find out what's at that M-Class planet.
[13:26] Jaket Benelli: sir, if we bring in that nacelle for a closer look, wouldn’t that help us know the ship?
[13:26] Diemme Morane: Aye sir, launching buoy
[13:26] Chase Quinnell: It would be hard to do that Jaket, as that thing is too large to fit in our cargobays.
[13:26] michaels Toshi: Even a intrepid class is rather large
[13:27] Chase Quinnell: Set course for the location of the detected M-Class planet and standby warp 8.
[13:28] Racquel Darwin: Aye Sir.
[13:28] Chase Quinnell: Shouldn't be too long of a trip.
[13:28] Racquel Darwin: Course laid in.
[13:28] Chase Quinnell: Ms. Talar, engage warp engines!
[13:28] Racquel Darwin: 12 seconds by my readings sir.
[13:28] Racquel Darwin: Engaged!
[13:29]  ::The ship arrives at the planetary system::
[13:29] michaels Toshi: Science, can you get a clear scan of the M class planet?
[13:29] Racquel Darwin: Wea re there, Sir.
[13:29] Racquel Darwin: Should I enter a standard orbit?
[13:29] Orion Pastorelli: on it sir
[13:30] Chase Quinnell: Aye, standard orbit.
[13:30] Racquel Darwin: Aye aye, Sir.
[13:30] Racquel Darwin taps a few buttons.
[13:30] Chase Quinnell: Science, scan the planet's surface. What's down there?
[13:31] Orion Pastorelli: I got some lifeforms sir
[13:31] Orion Pastorelli: scanning to Identify
[13:31] michaels Toshi: can you tell their species?
[13:31] Orion Pastorelli blinks...
[13:31] Chase Quinnell: Well, Orion, I'm curious.. what's up?
[13:32] Orion Pastorelli: humans and a few vulcans
[13:32] Diemme Morane peeks over at Orion's console
[13:32] michaels Toshi: then it must be the crew....
[13:32] Racquel Darwin is on tenterhooks.
[13:32] Nailer Dagger: I'm detecting other races all federation sir
[13:32] Chase Quinnell: Hmm.. so this ship's crew survived.
[13:32] michaels Toshi: how many? she's intrepid so held 160 on average
[13:32] Orion Pastorelli: sir the records are obviously wrong, the federation has been here... perhaps another covert operation....
[13:32] Chase Quinnell: Cadet Morane, standby for hailing frequencies.
[13:33] Diemme Morane: Standing by
[13:33] Jaket Benelli: maybe they got lost out here?
[13:33] Chase Quinnell smiles at Orion, "You always think the worst. "
[13:33] Chase Quinnell: Hail the surface, Cadet.
[13:33] Diemme Morane: =^= Hailing Frequencies open, Captain.
[13:33] Orion Pastorelli grumbles under his breath, "yet I'm almost always right..."
[13:34] Chase Quinnell: This is the captain of the Federation vessel, USS Redeemer. Please respond.
[13:35] Unknown person: =A= USS Redeemer..? We thought you were destroyed.. =A=
[13:35] Chase Quinnell: May I ask who I'm speaking to?
[13:35] Orion Pastorelli: sir, they may require medical attention, suggest offer to send medical personnel
[13:35] Racquel Darwin: Heehee!
[13:36] Bentak: =A= Oh, sorry, I'm Commander Bentak of the Federation. Our ship was suddenly caught in some kind of fireball and next thing we knew.. we were on a collision course with this planet. =A=
[13:36] Racquel Darwin widens her eyes.
[13:36] Chase Quinnell: What was your ship's name?
[13:36] Chase Quinnell: Bentak.. sounds familiar..
[13:36] Racquel Darwin watches sennsors for approaching fireballs.
[13:37] Bentak: =A= USS Benton. I believe Captain Reynolds helped you out a few times in the past. =A=
[13:37] Chase Quinnell: Standby, Michaels.
[13:37] Orion Pastorelli is glad Ensign Talar (darwin) is good at her job...
[13:38] Racquel Darwin: Just keep up to date with motion sickness tablets.
[13:38] Chase Quinnell: The Benton? I thought it was destroyed in the Battle of Starbase 427 with the RFR.
[13:38] Bentak: =A= We were.. technically.. but like I said.. big fireball. =A=
[13:38] michaels Toshi stands up, intrigued by the paradox
[13:39] Chase Quinnell: Standby, Commander, we'll be beaming down medical supplies.
[13:39] Chase Quinnell motions for the channel to be muted.
[13:39] Racquel Darwin wonders about temporal instabilities.
[13:39] Diemme Morane: Channel muted sir
[13:39] Nailer Dagger prepares transport
[13:39] Racquel Darwin nods 'Aye'
[13:39] Chase Quinnell: Bentak.. he was a Vulcan commander assigned to the Benton the day before the battle of starbase 427.
[13:39] Orion Pastorelli: sir are sending a team as well to the surface
[13:40] michaels Toshi: only problem is, how did a ship we saw vaporized get in pieces on an M clas planet in an unexplored area?
[13:40] Orion Pastorelli: recommend sending medical personal and I would like to go along as well to do a high resolutions survey of the planet for the records
[13:40] Racquel Darwin: A transwarp anomaly?
[13:40] Jaket Benelli: yes, dont want to deprive our dear old doc of the only thing he's capable of
[13:41] Chase Quinnell nods. "Dismissed, Orion".
[13:41] Nailer Dagger: Dagger to sickbay prepare a support team meet it Transporter room 2
[13:41] Chase Quinnell: Nailer, coordinate with the away team efforts.
[13:41] Nailer Dagger: as always
[13:41] Racquel Darwin: Would you think that extra medical personnel is needed since I'm here?
[13:41] Orion Pastorelli clicks comm "pastorelli to dagger, I will be joining the team"
[13:42] Chase Quinnell: We need you here, for the moment, J'riis
[13:42] michaels Toshi: we need you here, in case that fireball pops up
[13:42] Racquel Darwin: Aye aye, Sir.
[13:42] Chase Quinnell: Hmm... the Benton shows up here after weeks of being thought destroyed.
[13:42] Racquel Darwin: Just so long as you know that I am also a qualified UFS medical officer if it goes all runny.
[13:42] Orion Pastorelli leaves for the transport room to meet up with the medical team
[13:43] Chase Quinnell: Hmm.. unmute the frequency.
[13:44] Diemme Morane: Channel open sir
[13:44] Chase Quinnell: Commander, supplies and relief teams are en route.
[13:44] Chase Quinnell: Quinnell out.
[13:44] Diemme Morane: Channel closed.
[13:45] Nailer Dagger =^= Dagger to Redeemer we have reached the surface. =^=
[13:45] Chase Quinnell: =A= Acknowledged, Lt. Keep me informed =A=
[13:47] Jaket Benelli: romulans(RFR) ARE after all our allies now
[13:48] Nailer Dagger: =^= These people appear relatively healthy the structures here seem to be parts of their ship =^=
[13:48] michaels Toshi: well, the RFR isn't our allies
[13:49] Chase Quinnell: =A= Acknowledged, Lt Dagger =A=
[13:51] Orion Pastorelli: =^= sir, I have confirmed with the CMO, he have about 50 people down here, also finishing up my geological and meteorological surveys, will be uploading to Ops =^=
[13:52] Nailer Dagger: =^= Captain these people seem confused and somewhat disoriented with their actual location =^=
[13:52] Chase Quinnell: =A= How so? =A=
[13:54] Nailer Dagger: =^= They seem to have no idea what time it is day or how they all got to this exact location =^=
[13:54] Vinnie Lei gets nervous with the CO and XO around him, not being able to play any games
[13:54] michaels Toshi: odd
[13:54] Chase Quinnell: =A= The time issue is probably due to them not having chronometers =A=
[13:54] michaels Toshi looks at the console and sees pacman, he then glares at Vinnie
[13:55] Diemme Morane giggles behind her hand..
[13:55] Vinnie Lei whistles innocently
[13:55] Jaket Benelli: well you were playing space invaders earlier
[13:56] michaels Toshi: that was before we found a ship in distress
[13:56] Chase Quinnell pulls up the data from the away team
[13:56] Chase Quinnell: Hmm Interesting.
[13:56] Chase Quinnell: =A= Nailer, have you noticed those focused neutrino emissions throughout the settlement? =A=
[13:56] Nailer Dagger: =^= we are sending you updated info at this time sir via tricorder link =^=
[13:57] michaels Toshi: doesnt neutrinos generally mean something cloaked?
[13:57] Nailer Dagger: =^= Yes sir just sent you the scan =^=
[13:57] Orion Pastorelli: =/\= pastorelli to ops, please confirm successful data upload=/\=
[13:57] Diemme Morane: Receiving sir...
[13:58] Chase Quinnell: These emissions are highly focused. They appear to be posted at even intervals around the camp
[13:58] Diemme Morane: Uploaded
[13:58] Diemme Morane: Transferring data to your console
[13:58] Chase Quinnell: I think we've got a problem
[13:59] Chase Quinnell: I've just compared the data from the moment the Benton was "destroyed" to the data from the surface.. the neutrino emissions carry a similar pattern.
[14:00] Chase Quinnell: There was a surge of neutrinos at the moment the Benton was caught in the fireball
[14:00] Racquel Darwin: Also, don't elevated neutrino levels indicate wormholes?
[14:00] Chase Quinnell: Or cloaked ships
[14:00] Jaket Benelli: only if also linked with elevated tachyon readings
[14:00] Vinnie Lei: They do indeed *nod*
[14:01] Chase Quinnell: My theory is that somehow, the Benton was 'phase cloaked' and suddenly propelled towards this planet. They were unphased in the moments before the crash.
[14:02] Chase Quinnell: The romulans were attempting to make phase cloaking technology.
[14:02] Chase Quinnell: Perhaps the RFR perfected it
[14:02] michaels Toshi: why would the Benton Carry it?
[14:02] Chase Quinnell: They didn’t
[14:02] Chase Quinnell: I think the RFR set the whole thing up
[14:02] Chase Quinnell: For what reason, I don't know
[14:03] Chase Quinnell: And they've got things down around that camp that are cloaked
[14:03] michaels Toshi: any way we can expose whatever is cloaked?
[14:03] Chase Quinnell: Not just cloaked, but phase cloaked.
[14:03] Jaket Benelli: we could try an intense tetryon bombardment sir
[14:03] Vinnie Lei: Like the USS Pegasus, sir?
[14:04] Chase Quinnell: Hmm... what was it Ensign Ro and Lt Cmdr La Forge did to reverse the effects of the cloak..
[14:04] Jaket Benelli: tetryon bombardment sir
[14:04] Racquel Darwin: They flooded the area with some kind of particle.
[14:04] Chase Quinnell: =A= Lt Dagger, beam up survivors =A=
[14:04] Nailer Dagger: =^= Sir we are ready to transport the survivors =^=
[14:05] Chase Quinnell: Take us to yellow alert
[14:05] Vinnie Lei: Yes, sir.
[14:05] Nailer Dagger: =^= Dagger to Redeemer 52 to transport =^=
[14:05] Chase Quinnell: Engineering, can you rig a tetryon emitter that can unphase those
[14:05] Chase Quinnell: =A= Standby. =A=
[14:05] Jaket Benelli likes this new *quiet* alert system
[14:05] Chase Quinnell: Ops, get the transporters ready for those mass-beamups
[14:05] Diemme Morane: All stations reporting in... all good to go
[14:05] michaels Toshi likes the mood lighting
[14:06] Chase Quinnell: Yellow alert is always quiet
[14:06] Jaket Benelli: you like lighting that makes you look pasty?
[14:06] michaels Toshi: you may look pasty but i dont
[14:06] Jaket Benelli: im darker then you
[14:06] Nailer Dagger: =^= recommend using cargo transporter you could take 20 at a time =^=
[14:07] michaels Toshi looks a his skintone and disagrees

[14:07] Chase Quinnell: =A= Acknowledged =A=

[14:07] Jaket Benelli: id need to reconfigure it first
[14:07] Chase Quinnell: Ops, energize
[14:07] Diemme Morane: Preparing to energize,
[14:07] Jaket Benelli: as its not technically rated for organic use
[14:07] Diemme Morane: Configuring for group transport
[14:07] Diemme Morane: Energizing...
[14:07] Jaket Benelli taps some buttons
[14:08]  ::6 were beamed up, using the standard transporters. The rest still on the surface::
[14:08] Jaket Benelli: ok, it should be safe to beam up organics on the cargo transporter in bay 2 now
[14:08] Chase Quinnell: Beam them up using the cargo transporters, Cadet.
[14:08] Diemme Morane: Transporting
[14:08] Diemme Morane: sir, if I can make a suggestion.
[14:09] michaels Toshi: should we get commander Baltek up here when he's onboard?
[14:09] Chase Quinnell: Yes?
[14:09] Diemme Morane: We've already had a saboteur, perhaps added security in the cargo bay is a good idea?
[14:09] Nailer Dagger: =^= Cargo bay 2 to bridge we have them =^=
[14:09] Chase Quinnell: =A= Acknowledged =A=
[14:09] Racquel Darwin: Ops, can you see an increased tachyon and neutrino reading from bearing 030 mark 015?
[14:10] Chase Quinnell: How's the tetryon emitter?
[14:10] Diemme Morane: Scanning...
[14:10] Racquel Darwin: My sensor reading is showing something a little odd.
[14:11] Diemme Morane: scans are showing *some* distortions, but they're difficult to analyze
[14:11] Orion Pastorelli: =/\= Lt dagger and I are transporting directly to bridge, sir =/\=
[14:11] Racquel Darwin: It looks similar to a wormhole.
[14:11] Chase Quinnell: Welcome back to the bridge.
[14:11] Jaket Benelli: welcome back doc
[14:11] Orion Pastorelli takes his seat.
[14:12] Nailer Dagger: thank you nice place to visit but I wouldn't want to live there
[14:12] Racquel Darwin blinks.
[14:12] Racquel Darwin: It seems to have disappeared.
[14:12] michaels Toshi: Orion, can you give me a rough assessment of how long they've been stranded there?
[14:12] Diemme Morane: Gone from my sensors as well...
[14:12] Chase Quinnell: Strange.
[14:12] Diemme Morane: must have been just a blip
[14:12] Racquel Darwin: Space is odd.
[14:12] Chase Quinnell: Engineering.. how's the tetryon emitter coming?
[14:13] Chase Quinnell: Keep monitoring it, in case it returns.
[14:13] Orion Pastorelli: impossible to tell sir, but I would say roughly a few weeks by
appearences, then had an effective if not primitive base set up
[14:13] Racquel Darwin runs a small analysis subroutine
[14:14] Jaket Benelli: tetryon emitter is almost ready sir
[14:14] Jaket Benelli: just sending someone out to bolt it to a sensor pallet
[14:14] michaels Toshi: i wouldn’t want that job
[14:14] Jaket Benelli: you get spacewalk sickness?
[14:14] Racquel Darwin: Does that require self sealing bolt?
[14:15] Nailer Dagger: Cargo bay 2 reports our guests are resting and refreshments are being served
[14:15] michaels Toshi: i dont like the idea of being alone in space
[14:15] Racquel Darwin: I think I just sol some for yamak sauce.
[14:15]  ::Something hits the ship and it rocks violently::
[14:15] michaels Toshi: Report!
[14:15] Orion Pastorelli: as I said, impossible to tell
[14:15] Nailer Dagger: Woe!
[14:15] Diemme Morane thinks... being alone in space is better than SOME alternatives..
[14:15] Racquel Darwin punches the helm console.
[14:15] Chase Quinnell picks himself up off the chair.
[14:16] Racquel Darwin: Ops! Where did that come from?
[14:16] Jaket Benelli: =A= benelli to engineering team, i want you all back in NOW! =A=
[14:16] Chase Quinnell: What the hell was that, Vinnie?
[14:16] Chase Quinnell: Shields up!
[14:16] Orion Pastorelli is thrown to the ground and knocked unconscious!
[14:16] Diemme Morane: We have reports coming in from all over, minor damage
[14:16] Racquel Darwin: Medic to bridge!
[14:16] michaels Toshi: why'd we get shook about?
[14:16] Nailer Dagger: I will attend to him
[14:16] Vinnie Lei: Cap'n, we were shot from the surface, somewhere from the area of the settlement.
[14:16] Racquel Darwin looks with concern at Orion.
[14:17] Racquel Darwin: I'm at helm, Sir.
[14:17] Chase Quinnell: The surface?
[14:17] Vinnie Lei: Aye, sir.
[14:17] Diemme Morane hopes he'll be okay.
[14:17] Jaket Benelli: bringing tetryon emitter
[14:17] Chase Quinnell: Will he be alright, Nailer?
[14:17] Racquel Darwin watches the sensor display like a hawk.
[14:17] Jaket Benelli: sir, some conduits blew
[14:17] Jaket Benelli: sickbay have their hands full now
[14:18] Orion Pastorelli moans, coming in and out of consciousness...
[14:18] michaels Toshi tries not to be distracted by the fact a friend is injured and focuses on the task at hand
[14:18] Hypospray injects Orion Pastorelli with 10CC of Chloraxine
[14:18] Chase Quinnell: Vinnie, standby to fire that tetryon pulse
[14:18] Chase Quinnell: Hmm.. I think whatever is down there came to life
[14:18] Nailer Dagger: He'll be alright sir just a bump on the head
[14:18] Orion Pastorelli eyes flutter open... "what was that?"
[14:18] Orion Pastorelli: thank you sir
[14:18] Racquel Darwin: Engineering, how are the thrusters?
[14:19] Chase Quinnell: They couldn't have shot us if they were phased cloaked. Somehow it must have uncloaked long enough to shoot
[14:19] Jaket Benelli: portside will be sluggish
[14:19] Racquel Darwin pokes at the console.
[14:19] Jaket Benelli: ive got someone working on it
[14:19] Racquel Darwin: Acknowledged.
[14:20] Chase Quinnell: Vinnie, fire a tetryon pulse at the settlement
[14:20] Jaket Benelli: unless they figured how to fire through a cloak
[14:20] Chase Quinnell: Tell me if we managed to uncloak those things
[14:20] Vinnie Lei: Firing Tetryon pulse... now.
[14:20] Jaket Benelli: i know the romulans were working on that
[14:20] Chase Quinnell: The Romulans or the RFR?
[14:20] Jaket Benelli: romulans sir
[14:20] Jaket Benelli: before the treaty
[14:21] Chase Quinnell: I see.
[14:21] Chase Quinnell: Hmm.. did we get them?
[14:22] Chase Quinnell: Are they uncloaked?
[14:22] Chase Quinnell: They have to be unphased for us to be able to destroy them
[14:22] Orion Pastorelli holds on to the counsel, wondering if the Inertial dampeners need to be configured...
[14:23] Racquel Darwin: If...such a small word.
[14:23] Orion Pastorelli: working sir!
[14:23] Racquel Darwin: Worked against the cardassians 20 years ago.
[14:23] Orion Pastorelli: yes they are unphased, fire now, sir!
[14:24] Chase Quinnell: Vinnie, fire phasers!
[14:24] Vinnie Lei: Firing phasers.
[14:24] Chase Quinnell: We hit the settlement, but what about those machines?
[14:25] Chase Quinnell: Are they gone?
[14:25] Orion Pastorelli furrows his brow, " looks like they are going in and out of phase randomly, the tetryons were a good idea, another burst should stabilize them into normal space/time
[14:25] Vinnie Lei: Yes cap'n. They're gone as snow from the sahara desert.
[14:26] Chase Quinnell: Fire a tetryon spread to be sure they didnt just phase
[14:26] Vinnie Lei: Firing Tetryon spread.
[14:26] Chase Quinnell: Can't be too careful..
[14:26]  ::3 of the 6 machines unphase, the other 3 appear to have been destroyed::
[14:27]  ::The 3 machines open fire on the Redeemer from the surface::
[14:27]  ::The ship shudders::
[14:27] Nailer Dagger: Ahhh!
[14:27] Vinnie Lei: Shields are holding at 78.3%
[14:27] Chase Quinnell: Destroy those things
[14:27] Orion Pastorelli manages to stay in his seat this time..
[14:27] Vinnie Lei: Yes sir, firing phasers.
[14:27] Racquel Darwin enters some defensive postures
[14:27] Racquel Darwin: Alpha, Beta, Gamma.
[14:28]  ::the 3 machines fall from sensors. It appears they've been destroyed::
[14:28] michaels Toshi puts a Note on his PADD for Jaket to install seatbelts
[14:28] Chase Quinnell seconds that.
[14:28] Jaket Benelli rolls his eyes, dont you look?
[14:28] Orion Pastorelli glares at both of them...
[14:28] Vinnie Lei imitates this Clint Eastwood character "Do ya feel lucky eh?"
[14:28] Jaket Benelli: i put them in weeks ago
[14:28] Chase Quinnell: Really?
[14:28] Jaket Benelli: just reach under your seat
[14:28] Diemme Morane has hers on
[14:29] Jaket Benelli: theres a little cylinder
[14:29] Chase Quinnell reaches down.
[14:29] Jaket Benelli: pull it
[14:29] Nailer Dagger: Ouch!
[14:29] michaels Toshi looks under, and pulls
[14:29] Racquel Darwin: I'm the driver so I know what's going to happen.
[14:29] Jaket Benelli: and the belt automatically goes over your lap
[14:29] Nailer Dagger: that wasn't a belt
[14:29] Diemme Morane giggles at Nailer...
[14:29] Chase Quinnell: Well gee, next time put it into your report instead of just saying, "upgraded the chairs"
[14:29] Orion Pastorelli slaps his forehead...
[14:29] Chase Quinnell smiles
[14:29] Jaket Benelli: i did!
[14:29] michaels Toshi: *facepalm*
[14:29] Jaket Benelli grumbles, bloody computer bugs...
[14:29] Chase Quinnell: all I got was a generic, "Updated the bridge chairs"
[14:30] Chase Quinnell sighs
[14:30] Chase Quinnell: How's the Benton crew?
[14:30] Chase Quinnell: They ok?
[14:30] Jaket Benelli: well you could of looked sir
[14:30] Racquel Darwin shivers.
[14:30] Nailer Dagger: There fine
[14:30] michaels Toshi: suggest we get out of here?
[14:30] Nailer Dagger: Medical teams are seeing to them now
[14:30] Chase Quinnell: Great. Helm, set course for the buoy we left out and engage warp 5.
[14:30] Racquel Darwin: Aye aye, Warp 5 engaged.
[14:31] Chase Quinnell: I think we should take that nacelle back to Starbase 427 as a tribute to a good ship.