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General Data
*Production number: AST-RP051
*Initiated: 120122
*Ended: 120325
*Year: 2387
*Forum Thread: [1]
*Previous Mission: Cops and Robbers
*Next Mission: An Unexpected Journey
*SIM Concept: Poison Toocool, David7 Bravin


Commanding Officer Poison Toocool - Log, Stardate 120323: USS Mak'ala has escorted the repaired cargo ship, The Starfish, from Treman to Astraios. The Starfish crew were transferred to the brig on SS Astraios and will remain there for questioning until this situation is resolved.

I transported aboard 24 hours ago and we set course for our rendezvous with the remainder of the fleet, which will gather at the coordinates chosen months ago in the event of Defstat 2. At current speed we are two days away from rendezvous and the crew is being permitted some time for R&R in between battle drills.

LT Bravin did an excellent job in his recent mission and will receive a commendation from me with regard to his leadership in my report to Starfleet Command.

As senior officer aboard, I am taking the big chair for this mission. Upon our arrival we will debrief and plan a strategy for curtailing the pirate activity on our patch.

Science has reported an interesting oddity in our readings. it seems the Takaar Nebula has unexpectedly expanded further into the Sector and we will pass through the "tail" of it if we stay on this heading. Although my main focus must be on the safety of the Sector and stopping the pirate activity, I am curious to see what we may discover on our way to the rendezvous.

Crew participation

Captain - Captain Poison Toocool

Chief Engineering/Helm - Cmdr Karl Quar

Chief Science - LT David7 Bravin

Chief Medical/Acting XO - LT Genny7 Markus

Chief Security/OPs - LT Cmdr Dolfke Barbosa


Reporting: LT (Genny7 Markus), Acting XO/Asst Chief Medical Officer, USS Mak'ala:

We are aboard the USS Mak'ala leaving Astraios space to meet the fleet in two days. Our heading of 550 mark 3 will take us very near the expanding nebula of Taakar, the question is will we have any time to study it before meeting the fleet. As we head towards it the Captain asks each department for an update on their readiness for the mission ahead. All are very good, the ship is ready for anything, however we do not have enough time to go around the tail of the nebula and after checking with the science and engineering department the Captain made the decision to cut through the tail. We were four minutes to the tail when we lost warp drive and the ship began to shake, with this the Captain ordered helm to 342 mark 2. It was shortly after this that we lost life support on deck 10, medical teams helped to treat any injuries and get the crew to another deck. This had just taken place when the ship rocked again and we had a hull breach on deck 15, we had hit some kind of barrier.

The Captain then ordered the evacuation of the lower decks and the transfer of that power to OPS to help with the ship's shields. Shortly thereafter the Captain ordered all hands to battle stations and brace for impact. It was at this time we also noticed a sudden rise in the temperature, I of course had not noticed this until it was pointed out to me and it was then that I began to feel very comfortable and thanked my vulcan blood. I had to send a medical team down to ten forward as it had been reported to me that there were crew members fainting with the heat. As if we could stand to take much more, we then had a hull breach on decks seven and eight, but force fields were erected quickly as there were no crew present on these decks.

Suddenly from no where a ship appeared and informed us that they were Folsch and that we were in their space. They intended to make us their prisoners and after they had fired at the ship once the Captain ordered OPS to load photon torpedo's one and three and target their weapons and shields. The torpedo's were fired and helm had engaged our now returned warp drive. As we warped away a subspace vortex was detected at 200 mark 2 and we were headed right for it.