Incipio Venari

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Incipio Venari
General Data
*SIM Type: USS Shogun Missions
*Production number: SHO-RP120
*Initiated: 110702
*Ended: 110705
*Year: 2386
*Forum Thread: Incipio Venari
*Previous Mission: Indagatio
*Next Mission: Catching Our Breath
*SIM Concept: Ulrich Bechir
*Historian: Teresa Firelight

The USS Shogun may be in eminent danger, and does her best to prepare for it...


Captain's Log

Stardate: 110629

Location: 208.62 LY Trailing Pinastri System, Sector 014E

Alert Status: RED

I am now certain that a signal was sent out from the apparatus we encountered several days ago in the Nautilus Sector. The distance it had to travel before reaching those who would use the information is unknown. We may never encounter them, it could happen in a matter of hours. As a result, we work towards readiness.

CMDR Teichmann is currently working to drill his teams and ensuring weapons and systems are at peak readiness. They continuously sweep the sector with the help of LTCMDR Kelberry in Sciences and LT Firelight in Operations.

LT Firelight continues to try to contact the Hirogen Ambassador to the Federation and has her staff ensuring power will be available when needed.

CAPT Baxton has damage control teams in place and continues to work towards peak condition, as much as is possible, for the ship.

Doctor Skytower has his people readying triage centres in various parts of the ship.

CMDR Heinkel has helped to keep things organized.

My hope is that we are getting the ship ready for nothing, but a certain 'sense' has me almost certain that something is coming and I want us to be ready for it.

Computer End Log


The USS Shogun had been running on heightened alert for days, preparing for a possible attack. When she spotted a Hirogen ship at the far end of sensor range, she decided to keep some distance between them, going to maximum warp (9.3). Just before it became necessary to drop out of maximum warp, she discovered she was being herded towards a pack of 4 other Hirogen hunting ships. Apparently she was being “hunted.” Tactical confirmed that all five Hirogen ships were in pursuit.

The Shogun flew evasive maneuvers and took some fire during that time, but her shields absorbed most of it. Captain Ulrich Bechir ordered her back to max warp the instant that another burst was feasible. However, due to damage during the firefight, they discovered that their new maximum warp was reduced to 9.2.

That should have been enough to put substantial distance between the Shogun and the Hirogens pursuing her. However the Hirogen ships also jumped to a burst of maximum warp, and at a higher speed of 9.5. They were gaining on the Shogun, so Captain Bechir ordered them to drop from maximum warp to impulse, in hopes that the Hirogens would overshoot them before they realized what was happening. His plan worked.

Captain Bechir ordered an intercept course with the lead Hirogen ship. Tactical opened fire as they approached it, and was able to destroy the ship.

The Shogun continued on the same course past the destroyed ship at warp 8, and the Hirogens once again began to pursue her. Engineering informed the captain that we could not maintain warp much longer. He ordered her to drop out of warp and come around. Tactical opened fire and a fierce firefight ensued. The Shogun took substantial damage, but was able to destroy two more of the Hirogen ships.

At one point, the Shogun was hit by a plasma torpedo. The ensuing explosion temporarily blinded the remaining two Hirogen ships, and the Shogun was able to limp away at impulse power to a nearby black hole. Distortions from the black hole masked her energy readings and allowed her to stay hidden so that she could begin to effect repairs. Captain Bechir ordered the Shogun to run “silent,” which included disabling her Transponder and shutting down her communication arrays. She held a spot close enough to the black hole to remain hidden but not close enough to be sucked into it.

The damage from the battle was very severe. Three lives were lost and several critical injuries. The Shogun lost several primary systems, including warp drive. She sustained hull breeches. Immediately after the battle, there were fires everywhere, and the environmental control systems were too damaged to automatically put out the fires. In fact, the damage was so extensive that most of the bridge crew had to leave their station to help manually put out the fires.

Once the emergency situations were handled, the Shogun had to remain hidden and begin effecting repairs. Many of the crew were pulled from their normal duties to assist engineering with damage assessment and repair.

The Shogun finally received a reply from the Hirogen ambassador and borrowed from old earth submarine technology to communicate without giving away their position. They were able to arrange a rendezvous with the ambassador, and once they get warp back, they will begin working their way towards the rendezvous position.


Crew Mainfest

Brief Communication burst to Starfleet

Reply from Starfleet