Inglourious Villians

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Inglourious Villians
General Data
*Production number: AST-RP076
*Initiated: 120722
*Year: 2387
*Forum Thread: [1]
*Previous Mission: In Search of Toocool
*Next Mission: Incognito
*SIM Concept: Poison Toocool
*Historian: Poison Toocool


Executive Officer Genny7 Markus - Log, Stardate 121012:

Our original mission was to rendezvous with USS Huitzilopochtli, on route from the Pinastri system, and escort her to Astraios Sector. We estimated 3 to 4 weeks travel time to meeting her. Signals were intermittent, but that was to be expected given the Astraios effect and the proximity of the Takaar Nebula. Unfortunately the Huit was drawn into our ongoing battle with the vicious pirates who have been operating in the Astraios Sector and beyond. She came to our aid when we were ambushed by 3 Klingon warships, took heavy damage and was destroyed on stardate 120908.1243; fortunately we were able to rescue the majority of the crew, but most of the bridge officers and Captain Libre are among the fallen.

I am faced with the following situation:

The USS Argonaut has been damaged during the battle with the Bird of Prey (although how badly damaged has yet to be determined).

Following the battle, we now have the Bird of Prey "Maj" in our possession.

The crew of the USS Huit are still on the planet ShoValla.

The planet’s defence shields require reconfiguring yet again.

There is no sign of Captain Toocool aboard the Maj.

Crew participation

LTcmdr David7 Bravin - 2nd Officer, Chief Science Officer, Mission Leader

Cmdr Karl Quar - Chief Engineer

LTcmdr Dolfke Barbosa - Cheif Security

LTjg Saraleah Sands - Tactical/Intel

Ensign Peter Python - Helm/Intel

LTcmdr Breydon Lane - Medical

Cmdr Konora Meth - 2nd Officer, Huit; Seconded to Argonaut (Cptn Poison Toocool)


Reporting: LT Commander David7 Bravin, Second Officer, USS Argonaut, Stardate 121014

Our XO being unwell and with the absence of the Captain, as 2nd Officer I took temporary command of the Argonaut.

My first task was to call a briefing meeting of senior officers in order that I could assess the situation. In addition to senior officers from the Argonaut, I had invited Cmdr Meth, the 2nd Officer of the Huit, to join us.

Cmdr Meth reported on the condition of the crew of the Huit, who were working with the ShoValla to strengthen the planet's shield grid. Reports from the Argonaut's senior officers gave some cause for concern. The Argonaut was in no fit condition to chase after the Captain, with a damaged warp drive. However the Maj (the former Pirate vessel) was now secure and data obtained from the ship's computer logs indicated that Captain Toocool may have been beamed off the ship before the battle. In addition, the computer logs showed that tests had been carried on the ShoValla in respect of their invisibility.

I decided that our best course of action was to take the Argonaut down to the surface of the planet and leave it in the capable hands of the remaining crew of the USS Huit to carry out the necessary repairs; whilst we take the Maj and go find Captain Toocool. Using the Maj in our quest, had the added advantage of possibly getting near to any pirate stronghold without raising suspicion. Also with Cmdr Meth being a Klingon, I requested that she join us on the mission, as her presence I felt would be of immense help under the circumstances.

We duly took the Argonaut down to the planet's surface and then beamed up to the Maj.

We laid in course we had obtained from the ship's computer logs and set off to find Captain Toocool.