Inner Will

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"Second Chances are not always best"
General Data
*SIM Type: Cross-Sim Roleplay
*Production number: ALE-RP005
*Initiated: 110103
*Ended: 110103
*Year: 2386
*Aliens: Etherium Monarchy, Argussian Federation
*Forum Thread: [1]
*Previous Mission: Inner Fire
*SIM Concept: Verbum Willowind
*Historian: Verbum Willowind

The mission to retrieve the comprimised Commander leads the crew into the very heart of Darkness and the discovery of a new threat to not just Alexandria but the entire of UFS.


Station Log

Stardate: 110103

What a fantastic end to the last year. Commander Verbum Willowind has left Alexandria in a dangerous state and has commandeered the USS Thames, taking the runabout to his homeworld of Argus.

We managed to get long range sensors back but the damage to Alexandria's EPS systems has been extreme. We are having to consider an entirely new EPS grid for the station due to the damage from the Orion attack.

These pieces are starting to fall into place. Thanks to the Argussian database, we have been able to identify that the "Etherium" are an ancient microscopic sentient parasitic race that takes control of their hosts like a virus would cause disease. They head to the brain where they "meld" with their hosts becoming part of the brain and near impossible to remove.

Vice Chief Medical Officer, Doctor Morath Landfall has been working around the clock on a way to remove the parasite from the Commander's brain.

We have a pretty good idea what happened the Argussian race. Long range scans show that the planet of Argus was deserted and that was confirmed when our warp probe reached the planet. All 8 million inhabitants are missing, the Commander's homeworld has been ravanged, possibly by the Etherium.

We are going to send a team to investigate.

Lt Kyote Yakuza Engineer (NPC) SS Alexandria

End Station Log.


A stike team led by Chief of Security Ensign Christian Forsythe entered orbit around Argus and attempted to track down Commander Willowind. His bio-sign was detected in a building located out in the countryside by Ensign Tprai Helix. Christian ordered that the crew prepare for the worst and beam down to the planet to find the Commander but also to determine what had happened to the 80 Billion inhabitants of Argus.

After an intense firefight with members of different Delta Quadrant races. The team discovered that the Commander was being held by the Etherium Matriarch that was using her drones to attack the away team while extracting tactical information from the weakening Commander Willowind. The team, led a small force of Marines into the building and stormed the lower level however during an act of bravery to retrieve the Commander, Private JoeinNorthCarolina Akroyd was captured.

The team were forced to take a stab at diplomacy with the Etherium. The Matriarch agreed to let herself come down with Commander Willowind, who, after almost a week of resisting the Etherium parasite had seccumbed to her will and give away the positions of ships in the Forth Fleet and the Command Codes to Alexandria. She had previously stated that she wished to absorb United Federation Starfleet as it had a "rich diversity of hosts" for her Children.

She stated that she would let Commander Willowind go if they agreed to hand over the USS Thames to them. The team were about to agree however a firefight broke out and both the Commander and Queen were hit. The Queen then retreated back with her drones caring for her, allowing for enough time for the crew to escape. Commander Willowind was given medical attention on a runabout back to the staiton, however the Argussain Federation is no more.