Intruder Alert

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General Data
*SIM Type: SS Tranquility Missions
*Production number: TRA-RP855
*Initiated: 110112
*Ended: 110113
*Year: 2386
*Forum Thread: Operations Log
*Previous Mission: Demon Class Egg
*Next Mission: Natural Flares
*SIM Concept: Kinney Randt
*Historian: Aryela Dagger

With the USS Talisman-A docked at the SS Tranquility, some of her senior officers are visiting when alarms start to run wild in the station. Together, they give chase to an intruder that has taken not only a dangerous weapon, but two senior officers as well.

Captain's Log


Arriving at Tranquility deck, Lt Commander Brent Darkwyr was attempting to lock down some apparent malfunctions in the security alert systems. At first, it seemed minor, but each alert escalated until the computer thought we were being invaded.

Security teams were dispatched to all key decks and before long it was discovered we had an intruder aboard, and main sickbay had been attacked. The CMO had been killed, two doctors injured and a supply of bio-memetic gel had been stolen.

Commander Jadia Triellis was informed of the theft and clearly she was not amused; ordering Commander Kinney Randt to report to the command asteroid to explain how the breech had occurred. Commander Randt, accompanied by Tallisman XO Brandi Meredith, set out in the shuttle El Tajin to meet with Commander Triellis.

XO Aryela Dagger, aided by Capt Jackson Jayaram and the crew of the Talisman continued the search while Ensigns Tess Tison and LoLeCo Lacourte scanned for the intruder and the gel they had stolen. They soon located 2 suspects and Lt Commander Darkwyr's teams closed in as they made a break for the shuttle bay. Once there, they boarded a shuttle and blasted the bay doors to escape.

The El Tajin reversed course back to Tranquility and gave chase as Lt Commander Shaun Dixon of the Talisman also gave chase. The thieves engaged the shuttle's main deflector, creating a small wormhole which they escaped in. The El Tajin was caught in the wake and was unable to escape the rift, which closed just after the El Tajin passed through it, taking Tranquility's CO and Talisman's XO with it.

With the CO and XO gone, the two crew quickly decided to work together. Leaving Chief Engineer Vulpina Howley in charge of repairs, Lt. Commander Aryela and some of the Tranquility staff joined Lt. Commander Jayaram and his crew aboard the Talisman to give chase.


Mission Reports