Invasion from Beyond

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Invasion from Beyond
General Data
*Production number: 38
*Initiated: 080818
*Ended: 080819
*Year: 2383
*Previous Mission: Surgery
*Next Mission: Black Nite
*SIM Concept: Chase Quinnell
*Historian: MilesPrower Dagger


The Redeemer has been patrolling along the Mendari borders for a day now, but nothing out of the ordinary has been detected. However, the strange anomalous distortion seems to be spitting out and taking in Mendari ships at an alarming rate. It's almost as if a fleet is building up a base. The distortion is suspected to be a wormhole to another location, but all attempts to determine its exit point have failed.

During the patrol, a Mendari cruiser decloaks in front of the Redeemer. Its firepower far surpasses the Redeemer's and its shields are equally strong. This vessel appears to be one of their larger cruisers..


Captain’s Log



Ship CO: Lt. Chase Quinnell
Engineering Officer: Ensign Elim Exonar
Tactical Officer: Ensign Gorden Parx
Science Officer: Lt. Jg Orion Pastorelli
Helm/Ops Officer: Lt. Jg Diemme Morane

The USS Redeemer was patroling along the Mendari/Federation borders when it was attacked by a squadron of 3 heavily armed Mendari cruisers. After being disabled, the ship was towed to the Mendari base in a system deep inside of Sector 351-Z.

The Redeemer seized the opportunity to scan the spacial anomaly which had been detected by sensor buoys over the past few weeks. It appeared to be some sort of portal, but the destination was still a mystery. To find out, the Redeemer's engineer and science officer collaborated to make and launch a multi-phasic probe which would be able to maintain contact.

It was covertly launched and sent through the portal. It sent back readings which indicated it was in the distant Windsor Galaxy.

Worst of all, a massive fleet was formed in the Mendari base in Sector 351-Z. More and more ships were coming through the portal to join formation. It was assumed to be an invasion force.

The order was given and the Redeemer managed to send a feedback charge through the tractorbeams and proceeded to warp out of the system just as the fleet opened fire.

Mission Logs

[13:17] Chase Quinnell: Any unusual sensor readings from within Mendari space?
[13:18] Diemme Morane checks sensors
[13:19] Diemme Morane: Captain, I'm getting some kind of distortion.
[13:20] Chase Quinnell: Distortion?
[13:20] Chase Quinnell: Is it similar our last encounter?
[13:20] Diemme Morane: It's similar but BIGGER...
[13:20] Chase Quinnell: Bigger?
[13:20] Chase Quinnell: Yellow alert.. shields up
[13:21] Diemme Morane: Could be another ship, cloaked...
[13:21] Chase Quinnell: Hail them.
[13:21] Diemme Morane: Anything on your Tactical readings Gorden?
[13:21] Gorden Parx: I am noticing, strong weapons readings, much Stronger than our ship can handle
[13:22] Diemme Morane: Hailing frequencies open, sir.
[13:22] Chase Quinnell: This is captain Quinnell of the Federation starship Redeemer, we mean you no harm.
[13:24] Diemme Morane: Sir, we're not getting any response to your hail.
[13:24] Chase Quinnell: Typical.
[13:24] Diemme Morane: Shall I move the ship closer to take a better look?
[13:25] Chase Quinnell: Welcome to the bridge Mr. Pastorelli.
[13:27] Chase Quinnell: No, Diemme, hold position.
[13:27] Diemme Morane holds position.
[13:28] Orion Pastorelli: thank you sir, and thank you for the extra time to finish up that experiment in science lab one
[13:28] Diemme Morane: Captain! A large Crusier WAS in that distortion, they're decloaking now!
[13:28] Chase Quinnell: Hail them again.
[13:28] Elim Exonar: sir, if I may suggest, maybe we could use the same anti-proton beam to see how many ships are in the distortion
[13:29] Diemme Morane opening hailing frequencies sir
[13:30] Chase Quinnell: This is captain Quinnell of the Federation starship Redeemer.. please respond.
[13:31] Diemme Morane: No response sir.
[13:31] Gorden Parx keeps an eye on the heavy looking Sign
[13:32] Chase Quinnell: darn.. they're not so talkative anymore.
[13:32] Chase Quinnell: Not even a polite "Move out of our way, please" ?
[13:32] Diemme Morane: The ship is turning towards us sir....
[13:33] Diemme Morane: there's another showing up...
[13:33] Gorden Parx: Sir, They are charging there Weapons
[13:33] Chase Quinnell: Another one? darn.
[13:33] Diemme Morane: the 2 ships are moving away, and a third is appearing...
[13:34] Chase Quinnell: What in the hell are they doing?
[13:34] Elim Exonar: sir, I'm reading warp core energies into their ships. They have definitely included our technology into theirs since our last meeting
[13:35] Chase Quinnell sighs.
[13:35] Gorden Parx: Sir, they're opening fire.
[13:35] Diemme Morane: 2 of the ships that had appeared have gone back into the distortion...
[13:35]  ::The Mendari ships hit the Redeemer with their weapons::
[13:35] Gorden Parx: Captain,Shields are at 78%
[13:35] Orion Pastorelli: detecting the same neutrino wavelenths as our last encounter, don't forget to implement a rotating modulation on the shields!
[13:35] Elim Exonar: hull breach in section 4, 5 and 6. Emergency crews are responding
[13:35] Elim Exonar: modulating our shields
[13:35] Diemme Morane attempts to swing Redeemer out of the way, but doing triple duty has slowed her down...
[13:36] Chase Quinnell: Return fire.. try to disable them.
[13:36] Diemme Morane engages evasive manoeuvers.
[13:37] Gorden Parx: Aye sir, firing phasers.
[13:37] Orion Pastorelli: Sir, recommend calibrating phaser to the following frequencies *uploads specs to tactical
[13:38] Chase Quinnell: Any effect?
[13:38] Gorden Parx: Minimal damage to their weapons captain
[13:38] Chase Quinnell: Keep firing. Target engines and shields.
[13:39] Gorden Parx: Aye Captain, firing another spread.
[13:39] Diemme Morane: this is a big one!!
[13:39]  ::The Mendari fire again on the Redeemer, causing severe damage::
[13:39] Gorden Parx: Firing Phasers Captain, Targeting Engines and shields
[13:39] Elim Exonar: sir, we have a plasma leak on deck 9
[13:39] Elim Exonar: recommend we evacuate the deck
[13:40] Chase Quinnell: Can you seal it off?
[13:40] Elim Exonar: it will take a moment
[13:40] Elim Exonar: shutting down plasma relay
[13:40] Elim Exonar: that section no longer has power
[13:40] Gorden Parx: Captain Minor damage was Taken to there Engine, however their Shields were weakened somewhat.
[13:40] Chase Quinnell: Evacuate the deck.
[13:40] Diemme Morane: Has the Modulation on the Phasers worked?
[13:40] Elim Exonar: Aye sir
[13:41] Diemme Morane swings redeemer so we have a prime angle to hit the engine again...
[13:41]  ::The Mendari open fire on the Redeemer again, this time causing one of the nacelles to vent plasma::
[13:41] Elim Exonar: Bridge to all personnel on deck 9, evacuate the deck, give priority to the emergency crews to pass
[13:41] Gorden Parx: Begining Fire on their Engines
[13:41] Chase Quinnell: Report!
[13:41]  ::Another barrage leaves phasers offline::
[13:41] Elim Exonar: we have plasma venting form the port nacelle sir
[13:41] Elim Exonar: attempting to compensate
[13:42] Gorden Parx: Captain, All phasers are now Offline
[13:42] Chase Quinnell holds onto his seat. "Helm..get us out of here."
[13:42] Diemme Morane: I can't, sir. Warp drive is offline.
[13:42] Gorden Parx grips to the consol
[13:43] Chase Quinnell: How long until warp engines brought back online?
[13:43] Chase Quinnell: Elim?
[13:43] Elim Exonar: working on it sir
[13:43] Orion Pastorelli quickly complies readouts on the distorions into a database.
[13:43] Elim Exonar: but the plasma leak on deck 9 is fixed
[13:44] Elim Exonar: setting up forcefields to redirect the plasma flow from the nacelle. I can give you warp 4
[13:45] Elim Exonar: crews are currently working on the warp engine sir
[13:45] Elim Exonar: ETA is 4 minutes to full power
[13:45] Orion Pastorelli: sir, detecting 2 new distorions...
[13:46] Elim Exonar: sir, if an anti-proton beam can penetrate their distortion, can we use an anti-proton burst to penetrate their shields?
[13:46] Chase Quinnell: You sure they arent the same ones that recloaked during the battle?
[13:46] Chase Quinnell: We need to save that power for other things, Mr. Exonar.
[13:52]  ::The 2 ships decloak and lock a tractor beam on the ship::
[13:52] Diemme Morane: Sir! We appear to be caught in a tractor beam from both ships that just decloaked
[13:52] Diemme Morane: I can't seem to be able to pull us away.
[13:53] Elim Exonar: I am rotating shield frequency to try to break free
[13:53] Chase Quinnell: Any idea where they may be taking us?
[13:53] Orion Pastorelli: these are new ships, same neutrino frequencies but differing harmonics.
[13:53] Gorden Parx: Captain,Phasers are still offline, but torpedoes are still online, maybe i could fire at both ships to try and break us free?
[13:54] Elim Exonar: wouldn't recommend that sir
[13:54] Elim Exonar: the blast would cause damage to our ship
[13:54] Chase Quinnell: Depends on if they neglected to keep their ships out of the firing archs, Gorden.
[13:54] Elim Exonar: phasers coils will be fixed soon
[13:54] Chase Quinnell: And Elim is right.
[13:55] Elim Exonar: we need another 6 minutes to full phaser power
[13:55] Orion Pastorelli: Ensign Exonar, analysis shows their tractor beam is gravaton based
like ours, what do you think about a feedback overload to disable them?
[13:55] Chase Quinnell: They've got us too close to their ships for us to risk it.
[13:55] Elim Exonar: I like the way you think sir
[13:55]  ::The Mendari cruisers begin moving into their territory and enter low warp::
[13:56] Elim Exonar: we could create a feedback loop in their tractor emitters
[13:56] Chase Quinnell: A feedback loop.. is that safe in warp speeds?
[13:56] Diemme Morane: They seem to be dragging us back toward their territory sir,
[13:57] Diemme Morane checks the readings
[13:57] Elim Exonar: I could create a warp bubble via the main deflector dish and add power to the internal dampeners
[13:57] Elim Exonar: that would keep us safe sir
[13:57] Diemme Morane: Sir, the helm is still functioning at 100%
[13:57] Diemme Morane: Including inertial dampeners.
[13:57] Chase Quinnell: Make it so.
[13:57] Diemme Morane just ran a diagnostic
[13:58] Elim Exonar: aye sir
[13:58] Orion Pastorelli: recommend enhancing structural integrity fields!
[13:58] Elim Exonar: rerouting power to intertial dampener and structural integrity field
[13:58] Chase Quinnell: Elim. (in acknowledgment)
[13:58] Gorden Parx: Captain, As we Reach their Teritory, I am Noticing, a Massive weapon collection within there Teritory, Somthing i didnt notice Beofore Sir
[13:58] Chase Quinnell: Hmm..
[13:58] Chase Quinnell: perhaps we should hold on trying to escape.
[13:58] Elim Exonar: warp bubble created, we can safely disrupt their tractor beam sir
[13:59] Chase Quinnell: We might be able to gather intel.
[13:59] Diemme Morane checks the scans...
[13:59] Diemme Morane: A LOT of ships sir..
[13:59] Gorden Parx: Phasers will be back online in 4 minutes Sir
[13:59] Chase Quinnell: I'd like some warp drive.
[13:59] Chase Quinnell: Incase we need to hightail it out of there
[14:00] Diemme Morane: Looks to me, from our sensor readings that they seem to be building up some sort of fleet....
[14:00] Chase Quinnell: Any idea where that wormhole goes?
[14:00] Elim Exonar: sir, I just got confirmation from Alpha Engineering crew that our port nacelle will be fully operational in 15 minutes
[14:00] Chase Quinnell: all probes we have sent through lose contact.
[14:01] Gorden Parx: Captain Phasers are Fully Functional and are back Online
[14:01] Diemme Morane can't penetrate the distortion with the sensors
[14:02] Elim Exonar: sir, a multi-phasic probe could probably do the trick
[14:02] Elim Exonar: a re-engineered class 5 probe could probably give us the readings we want
[14:03] Chase Quinnell: Make it so!
[14:03] Elim Exonar: aye sir
[14:03] Elim Exonar: I will need some time to do it sir
[14:04]  ::The ship drops out of warp in the Mendari base::
[14:04] Diemme Morane checks our position, we'll be in range in 1 minute, sir
[14:05] Elim Exonar: sir, our newly designed probe is ready. I hope it works
[14:06] Elim Exonar: I added another shield generator to the class 5 probe so it will stronger
[14:06] Chase Quinnell: Send it in.
[14:06] Elim Exonar: probe is on its way
[14:07] Diemme Morane: Sir, we're in range now.
[14:07] Gorden Parx glance at his consol and reads a readout on the Mendari ships
[14:07] Orion Pastorelli: Ensign Exonar, adapt a backup sheild generator to the rotatiing modulations to simulate mulit-phasic properties.
[14:07] Elim Exonar: sir, while I was busy with the probe, we got our phasers back
[14:08]  ::The Mendari ships detect the probe and try to shoot it down::
[14:08] Elim Exonar: 7 minutes to warp power
[14:08] Diemme Morane: By the way sir, we're in range now.
[14:08] Elim Exonar: we are getting readings from the probe sir
[14:08] Elim Exonar: transferring them to ops
[14:09] Diemme Morane uploads the readings...
[14:09] Orion Pastorelli: Elim, got any power to spare? I need to boost sensors?
[14:09] Elim Exonar: deck 9 is still evacuated. I can shut down the power to that deck and give it to you
[14:10]  ::The Mendari ships hold position and appear to be waiting for something before proceeding further into the fleet::
[14:10] Diemme Morane: Sir, the readings appear to be showing that the distortions are actually some sort of wormhole....
[14:10] Orion Pastorelli: thank you, sir
[14:10] Diemme Morane: I'm trying to detect it's location...
[14:11] Diemme Morane: It seems to lead into the Windsor Galaxy.
[14:11] Gorden Parx: Captain! the Mendari ships are charging their Weapons for Fire! Shall I return the favor?
[14:12] Orion Pastorelli begins scanning the primary distorion adjusting to for the strange neutrino frequencies.
[14:13] Chase Quinnell: Open fire
[14:13] Elim Exonar: 2 minutes to warp power sir
[14:13] Gorden Parx: aye opening fire sir
[14:13] Diemme Morane prepares for evasive maneuvers.
[14:14] Chase Quinnell: ETA for warp power Mr. Exonar?
[14:14] Diemme Morane: There appears to be more ships coming through the wormhole from the Windsor Galaxy sir....
[14:14] Chase Quinnell: That fleet of ships doesn't look too friendly.
[14:14] Elim Exonar: 30 seconds sir
[14:14] Chase Quinnell: It's an invasion force.
[14:14] Chase Quinnell gasps.
[14:14] Diemme Morane: That's what it looks like to me...
[14:14] Elim Exonar: sir, maybe we could close that wormhole with our torpedoes
[14:14] Gorden Parx taps his consol to execute a photon torpedo to hit there weapons
[14:14] Diemme Morane sends sensor readings to Tactical...
[14:15] Chase Quinnell: As soon as warp comes online, get us the hell outta here at warp 9..
[14:15] Elim Exonar: sir, we have warp power
[14:15] Chase Quinnell: Engage, Warp nine!
[14:15] Diemme Morane: Warp engaged,
[14:16] Diemme Morane inputs coordinates and gets us the heck outta here..
[14:16]  ::The Redeemer warps out just as a fleet of Mendari cruisers fire on its former position::
[14:18] Chase Quinnell: The Mendari apparently hone a level of technology far superior to anything we've encountered before.
[14:20] Orion Pastorelli: thats an understatement sir