Judgement Day (Sheppard)

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Judgement Day
General Data
*SIM Type: USS Sheppard Missions
*Production number: SHEP-RP100
*Initiated: 120204
*Ended: 120204
*Year: 2387
*Forum Thread: Judgement Day
*Previous Mission: Back to the Future, Part 2
*Next Mission: Next >>
*SIM Concept: Mulgrave Dwi
*Historian: April Coswell

Captain Dwi and her crew are on trial for acts of terrorism; later, the Sheppard receives help from an unlikely quarter in its bid to get back home.


Stardate: 120202. 1000 hours Location: Chenae Battleship

--The captain phases into a hanger bay and three tracking turrets swivel around and target her--

--Standing stock still she scans the area and notices a robotic avatar step forward--

S-16: Welcome aboard, Captain Dwi. I am S-16, AI construct for this vessel. While onboard you will follow all instructions given to you by myself and members of my crew or face severe consequences, is that clear?

Captain Dwi: Quite clear, thankyou. Well this is... different.

S-16: Your previous experience of Chenae vessels has been of the science or civilian kind. I am a military vessel. I am different. If you will follow me, I will take you to your cell. Your tribunal will start in section 3 beta in approximatly 1 hour.

--The captain follows the metal avatar through a corridor and into a lift. As the lift begins its ascent she asks:--

Captain Dwi: You said I was having my tribunal in section 3 beta... do you mean onboard this vessel?

S-16: Yes. It has been decided that due to your status as an honourable Chenae you will be held accountable under our military law. --Pause-- Some would consider it a fairer system but with harsher penalties.

Captain Dwi: What kind of penalties are we talking about?

S-16: In a case as serious as this one, the maximum penalty is death.

--They arrive at their destination and walk down a corridor into a small room with two cells. The door opens to one cell and the Captain walks in and watches as she is locked in--

Stardate: 120202, 1113 hours Location: Chenae Battleship, Section 3 beta, Judge Prosepexa Echeleron presiding

Judge Prosepexa Echeleron: Captain Dwi, you have been charged with an act of terrorism within the Chenae republic. This act was the destruction of star system C9 beta, which will result in the destabilisation of the entire surrounding sector endangering the lives of millions.

How do you plead?

--The Captain loos around the quiet room with only her and the judge--

Captain Dwi: Not guilty

Stardate: 120203, 1100 hours

Captain Dwi: (calmly repeating) I have already answered this question multiple times, no I do not know how the Ascension device came to be on that planet and I have no idea as to the effects it had on my crew... perhaps you could shed some light on that, seeing as it was your Ascension device that you quite obviously at some point will lose? While you're at it, perhaps you would like to explain the relevance of this line of questioning?

Stardate: 120203, 1210 hours

Captain Dwi: (Slightly annoyed) I have no idea why Lt Ravenheart was in that section. I imagine it was his insatiable appetite for looking behind closed doors, however he was suitably reprimanded for his actions by one of my senior officers.

Stardate: 120203, 1400 hours

Captain Dwi: No, the Sheppard did not intentionally interfere in the ftl transition.


No, I cannot explain how we managed to jump through time a hundred years.


No, Commander Hamelin's stealthy approach to the star system prior to the supernova is not suspicious but prudent given the circumstances. The Sheppard was in an unknown region of space, facing an adversary with unknown abilities, going in guns blazing. Walking all over the timeline may have made things worse, I stand by my Executive Officer's command decisions as the right thing to do under the circumstances.

Stardate: 120204, 1130 hours

Captain Dwi: I cannot explain why none of your ships picked up T66 near the sun or its interference untill the last moment, neither is it a convienent story, it is a simple truth backed up by the Sheppard's records and logs which can be checked for continuity and evidence of tampering.

Stardate: 120204, 1700 hours

Judge Prosepexa Echeleron: Captain Dwi, thank you for answering our questions. We have taken evidence from your crew. As well, I might add they have added several of their own testimonies and accounts. We will provide you with a judgement at approximatly 1000 hours tomorrow after our deliberations. Members of your crew will be allowed to witness the final summary and judgement of this tribunal... you are dismissed.

--The captain turns around and is for the last time escorted back to her cell by the metal avatar S-16. Sitting down on the bunk, she lays back and breathes a sigh of relief--


On the Chenae ship where Captain Dwi awaits in her cell, the crew is greeted by the S19 Artificial Intelligence and led to the courtroom, where their commanding officer is soon brought in to hear the judge's decision. In a lengthy ruling, Judge Prosepexa Echeleron dismisses the charges of conspiracy and acts of terrorism but, admitting the Sheppard's presence did "disturb the peace", she revokes the Captain's honourable warrior status. To the Captain's questions as to whether the Chenae have a means to send the Sheppard back to her own timeline, the judge replies that this issue is not her problem.

Leaving the courtroom, the crew transports back to the Sheppard, where the Captain heads for her quarters after instructing Executive Officer Jess Hamelin to prepare the ship for its own, homegrown time jump. After changing into a new uniform, the Captain walks out of her bedroom... to find Judge Echeleron and the S19 AI standing in her quarters. The magistrate explains that the AI has found that the Seekers' modifications to the Sheppard could cause the ship's destruction if the crew goes ahead with the timp jump; the pair provide data to the Captain on how to modify the main deflector in order to avoid this.

On the bridge, the crew is working on pooling as much data as they can on the time jump project - including parsing through some transtemporal snippets of data recovered from the timeline in which the ship was destroyed. The Captain walks in and hands the padd with the modifications suggested by Judge Etheleron and S19 to Chief Engineer Zapatero.

Once the modifications carried out, the Sheppard gets under way, heading for the sun. Picking up speed, it hurtles towards the sun's corona as the deflector begins emitting chronitons...

... and the ship drops out of warp, right on top of a star and within range of the rogue Chenae station. The Sheppard launches a series of pre-programmed decoy probes to confuse the station - which Captain Dwi orders Ops to hail. The voice which answers the hail introduces itself as the prophet Meklar, AKA Priestess Lehana.

While the prophet "thanks" the Sheppard for playing its role in the Seeker Ascension and rants about the ship's impending doom, the crew simultaneously unleashes a field of anti-chronitons in a bid to disable the station's systems, while at the same time launching solar-particle charged torpedoes. The ship inflicts damage on the station, but not without suffering damage itself. In the end, Commander Merlin suggests that the ship move in closer and expand its shields until they contact the stations, shorting both out. Once that's done, Security Chief Cordova Marabana fires another spread of torpedoes - but one of them doesn't launch and instead explodes inside the ship, sending it into a spin. When the crew manages to steady the Sheppard and take readings, they find that the station has been destroyed.