Klingon Incursion

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"A Parallel Universe"
Klingon Incursion
General Data
*SIM Type: Cross-Sim Roleplay
*Production number: AST-RP002
*Initiated: 110207
*Ended: 110207
*Year: 2386
*Aliens: Klingons
*Forum Thread: Klingon Incursion
*Previous Mission: N/A
*SIM Concept: Valerius Swansong
*Historian: BenjaminBastian Hermans

SS Astraios, which is still under construction is being attacked by a fleet of Klingons. Events on the Shogun manipulated the timeline, resulting in a now 100 years lasting war with the Klingon Empire.


SS Astraios Log, SD 110207. The Station is still under construction but all main systems are operational. Just some minutes ago sensors have detected a Klingon warfleet heading our way. We do not know yet how many ships, but this station is far from being ready for combat. I have ordered all available personnel to report for duty, including our Cadets. On the ground, the civilization has been warned and asked to seek protection in shelters. Only a few hours seperate us from a fight which may doom the whole Sector and whole Astraios. I am not willing to let this happen... we cannot afford to loose this colony or leave these people to the Klingons.

I hope that the Shogun will be able to fix the time line before the Klingons arrive but my inner self knows that this is not going to happen. All we can do now is prepare and hope.. hope it is not too many ships that are on their way.. hope that our shields will hold and hope that our defenses will work.. for once I hope we will not get any system failure, restart or bug. Everyone is alerted.. everyone is highly concentrated and I can feel the fear within some members of my crew. Especiall for the Cadets this is a difficult situation.


A fleet of some Klingon Bird of Prey and K'tinga cruisers entered the system. Despite our best attempts, they opened fire. While our shields held off the attack, our offenses are only limited operational. We only have 50% of our torpedo complement aboard and we do not know if the computer can handle the power needs and CPU demand. LtCmdr Axel, our Science Office came up with a good diea... since we cannot fight them properly and cannot win like this, we need to work our way around. LtCmdr Axel suggested to create a holo grid of ships we could use to distract the Klingons and split their firepower. Even though our computer did not create a fleet of Federation ships but a fleet of Aliens instead it still worked.

We made it look like the Aliens were supporting us, using old encryption keys the Klingons had cracked some time ago. In addition we allowed the Klingons to listen to sporadic comm chatter, telling them that our Self Destruct was enabled and due to a computer issue could not be deactivated. This made the Klingons stop their attack and hold position a bit away from us. Those ships in weapons range we destroyed with a controlled salvo of Torpedos and Phasers, reducing the Klingon forces to five ships.

Last but not least a modified Torpedo loaded with some antimatter, which was moved right into the center of the Klingon fleet brought us the victory.. with all Klingon ships heavily damaged or destroyed this fight was over. The station took damage to shields and some systems but we only had minor injuries along the crew with no fatalities.


The crew did a really great job during this spontanous mission that was set up just some minutes before it started. Especially our Cadets that joined did a great job. I would also like to thank the crew of the Astraios ground facilities (played by a 3RG Admin) and the inhabitants of the planet Astraios Prime (played by the whole 3RG community) for their support and assistance during the mission!