Lost In The Barrens

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Lost In The Barrens
General Data
*SIM Type: USS Shogun Missions
*Production number: SHO-RP144
*Initiated: 111217
*Ended: 111217
*Year: 2386
*Forum Thread: Lost In The Barrens
*Previous Mission: Missing Bullets
*Next Mission: Following Breadcrumbs
*SIM Concept: Ulrich Bechir
*Historian: Teresa Firelight

The USS Shogun crew's attempt to mine minerals on a planet turns out to be more dangerous than they anticipated.


Captain's Log

Stardate: 111214

Location: 67.12 LY Trailing Pinastri System, Sector 004F

Alert Status: GREEN

Recent events have made it necessary to begin mineral discovery and extraction to allow us to continue on our journey home. While the replicators do a great many things for us, there are still several ‘original’ minerals that cannot be replicated. To this end, we have moved into the vicinity of a fairly young and hot star. The mineral wealth should be easily extractable. We will be utilizing shuttlecraft to find and extract the mineral wealth and bring it back to Shogun.

Bechir out.

Computer End Log


The USS Shogun was low on certain minerals needed for their replicators, so they stopped at a planet to mine them. Captain Ulrich Bechir decided to lead the mining team, who went to the planet by shuttlecraft. XO Rosine Heinkel stayed in command of the bridge. Shortly after the shuttle entered the planet's upper atmosphere, it was “shot at” by some time of energy beam and had a “controlled” crash landing on the planet. About that same time, an energy field suddenly appeared around the planet, causing the Shogun to loose track of the shuttlecraft on their sensors. The communications to the shuttle was also lost.

The Shogun began trying to reestablish contact with the shuttle, but interference from the energy field seemed to thwart every strategy they tried. Meanwhile the away team tried to reestablish communications from their end, and were also unsuccessful. They left the shuttle crash to look for a better place to establish communications. They discovered that the planet was actually a “hub” for multiple alternate universes. They found a device similar to a warp core that seemed to be artificially generating the juncture of the multiple dimensions.

The away team was able to rig something to help punch a small hole through the energy field that this device generated. They also managed to get the damaged shuttle back into orbit and reestablish comms with the Shogun. About that same time, the Shogun detected an approaching Hirogen fleet. They retried the shuttlecraft and then departed the area with all haste.


Crew Manifest