Lost and Found

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Lost and Found
General Data
*Production number: CNH-RP008
*Initiated: 120917
*Ended: 120917
*Year: 2387
*Forum Thread: [1]
*Previous Mission: The Search
*Next Mission: The Grid
*SIM Concept: Lan Nakajima
*Historian: MilesPrower Dagger


Current Location: Sector 003D (Midgar), Deshima Station, 12.3 LY from Pinastri

Executive Officer's Log,

After last week's shocking discovery of our abducted Captain and Security Chief, we've set course for Deshima Station following what we believe to be the warp trail of the abducting Gorn vessel. So far we've been holding position outside of the Nebula that holds the station itself while our Intelligence Specialist, Ens. Pavlov Winterwolf confers with his contacts onboard the station. So far we've received word of an arriving Gorn vessel, an "accident" and the Gorn ship passing a suspicious package off to another vessel. Ensign Winterwolf reports it might be best to send over a discreet away team to investigate. Hopefully we wont have to search too far to find our missing people.

Crew Participation

Commanding Officer Milesprower Dagger

Chief Operations Officer Melina Firehawk

Helmsman Brad Alexander (Resident)

Security Officer Otheno Floresby

Security Officer Brittany324 Burt

Security Officer Kristoff Jameson

Chief Engineer Yuzuki Ultsch

Vice Chief Engineer Voludo Porthos

Chief Medical Officer Meynara Leogala (Resident)

Medical Officer Rex Altham

Nurse Kit Leogala

Chief Science Officer Akara Dover

Science Officer Nora Gerhadsen

Intelligence Officer Pavlov Winterwolf

Marine OIC Jade Ella

Infantry Marine Aierwon Serrari