Message in a Bottle

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General Data
*SIM Type: USS Shogun Missions
*Production number: SHO-RP003
*Initiated: 090413
*Ended: 090418
*Year: 2384
*Aliens: The Duco
*Forum Thread: Message in a Bottle
*Previous Mission: Previous<<
*Next Mission: Next >>
*SIM Concept: Ulrich Bechir
*Historian: Damien Korolev

The Shogun responds to a distress call sent by an alien station. What the crew find leaves them with almost as many questions as answers.


Captain's Log - Stardate 090413

"We are well on our way again, currently 4.5LY from Amphora V and 6.7LY from Pinastri. We have received a transmission, a regular repeating transmission that the Universal Translator cannot seem to properly decipher. Communications is currently working on it, but they say the language is like nothing they have encountered before. We are not sure about what the signal is, but the repetative nature leads me to believe that it may be a distress signal. For this reason, I have diverted Shogun to check the signal out, however this is also an unknown area of space and I can't risk burning out our engines or encountering something unplanned at maximum warp. In the end, we couldn't sustain it long enough anyway, warp 8.5 seemed a prudent compromise.

We have increased to warp 8.5 from warp 7. This means the signal is still 18.7 LY away from our present position, that's five days. Calculating for vectoring, we'll still end up being 4 LY closer to our original target, but we will lose some time. In the meantime, we will continue to try and decipher the strange language that the signal is in.

Also, our computer expert, ENS Hax, will continue to work on the old computer we retrieved from Amphora V with the Engineering and Science departments. Hopefully it will yield some information for us that is useful.

All other projects continue."


The Shogun arrived to find an unimpressive and primitive looking outpost, apparently devoid of life. An away team transported over and immediately spotted patches of blood on the station's walls and floors. Further investigation led them to stumble upon the corpse of an orange skinned alien in the station's habitat area. Dismembered body parts of another orange skinned being were found nearby also. In the absence of any information, the Captain christened these beings "Duco".

The corpses were sent to the Shogun, where Dr. Skytower's preliminary examination concluded that the corpses had, in life, been genetically modified. Although the station's owners were not particularly advanced technologically, it seemed that they were exceptionally skilled in the fields of medicine and genetics.

Lt. Baxton, along with Ensign Hax and Cadet Ogleby, were ordered to look over the station's technology and computer systems. The ship's library computer was found to contain a troubling image of the Terran Empire's insignia. The Captain immediately ordered Ensign Teichmann to bring the ship to yellow alert, on the off chance that any Terran Empire vessels were nearby.

Meanwhile an autopsy on the Duco corpses, carried out by Dr. Questi, confirms Dr. Skytower's suspicions. The Duco are indeed genetically modified, heavily so. They posses enhanced abilities such as increased energy, strength and healing power, resistance to poisons and near immunity to varying forms of radiation.

Although he had a bad feeling about the situation Captain Bechir decided to hold position until a more thorough investigation could be completed.


Crew Manifest