Mind's Eye

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Mind's Eye
General Data
*SIM Type: USS Sheppard Missions
*Production number: SHEP-RP072
*Initiated: 110709
*Ended: 110709
*Year: 2386
*Forum Thread: Mind's Eye
*Previous Mission: Smuggled Goods
*Next Mission: Next >>
*SIM Concept: Rich Lombardia
*Historian: April Coswell

Drawn mysteriously to the Polenta sector, the Sheppard discovers the wreck of a ship, evidence of mutiny and massacre, and a mysterious alien held prisoner in a cryotank.


Captain's log, Stardate110709

Location: Polenta sector, parsec 71

Alert Status: Yellow Alert

Something odd is happening on the Sheppard. When I checked on our course and direction an hour ago I noticed we had veered off course and were headed towards an unknown system in the Polenta sector. When I enquired as to why we had changed course I was informed that I had ordered the course change last night in the middle of the graveyard shift. I made no such order, however upon further investigation it was confirmed that a communication from my quarters and that sounded like me did indeed occur. What's more, internal sensors detected no other lifesigns in my quarters bar my own.

If it was just one odd occurance I might think the stress had finally got to me. However, nightmares have plagued half the crew, and any telepaths have either gone catatonic or are half mad babbling about someone needing help or feeling trapped.

I do not believe in coincidences, and so instead of changing course I have decided to see where we are going, I have put the Sheppard on yellow alert and ordered science and medical to begin a full investigation, one way or another we will have answers to what is going on.

Computer, end log.


Arriving in the Polenta sector after the course change mysteriously ordered by the Captain, the sleep-deprived and nightmare-plagued crew picked up energy readings emanating from a moon, where they found the wreck of a crashed vessel still broadcasting a binary distress code. Two away teams beamed down to investigate and were immediately attacked by what seemed to be guard droids. They did, however, manage to unlock the wreck's entrance hatch by broadcasting the binary distress code back to it, and made their way onboard. There, the Captain's team found the ship's blood-streaked piloting center. They found that the computer logs had been erased, save one entry reporting that the ship had lost propulsion and was undertaking a crash-landing. A stray datachip they found under the pilot's seat, however, told another story altogether - in what seemed to be his final log, the captain of the lost ship reported that his crew had experienced nightmares and, in some cases, madness, since bringing aboard something - the log was too decayed for the Sheppard away team to find out what. What they did find out is that the crew killed each other.

Meanwhile, Team 2, under the command of Executive Officer Kaelin Odriscoll, were investigating a set of cryotanks at the back of the ship. In one of them, they found a female lifeform which seemed to be communicating telepathically with them. As some members of Team 2 recognized the cryotanks from their nightmares, it was surmised that this being was at the source of the Sheppard crew's recent psychological problems. More evidence of this soon manifested itself just as the Captain was negotiating with the alien - Chief of Security Jess Hamelin and Chief of Operations April Coswell had a disagreement and nearly came to blows.

Captain Dwi promised the being she would help her if she toned down her telepathic powers so that the crew could function. Quarters were prepared for the alien and she was beamed onboard.


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